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Chapter six

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Alicia and Gerard are girlfriends; they have been ever since Mikey introduced them. They go shopping, do each other’s hair and nails (Alicia’s beauty school diploma coming in quite handy,) and giggle about Frank and Mikey behind their backs, but in spite of this, when Mikey and Alicia meet Gerard and Frank outside their apartment so they could go out for lunch, there was little “That outfit is so cute!” kind of commentary. It was obvious that the girls were uncomfortable and the boys couldn’t really blame them because so were they. The reason for the tension between them was mostly because, in an effort to practice and get into character, Gerard had squeezed himself into one of Frank’s t-shirts and a pair of his rattiest jeans, which he had to button while lying on the bed and sucking in his stomach. At first Gerard was kind of apprehensive because well…Gerard’s not fat, he hasn’t been since high school, but he is a medium to Frank’s small (maybe a large if you catch him at the right time of the year.) Therefore, Frank’s clothes are kind of a tight fit, and to Gerard’s dismay, show off the slight pudginess that clings stubbornly to his waist and hips.

Alicia was speechless when she first saw Gerard, her jaw falling slack and eye widening as she watched him and Frank emerge from the apartment building. She tried to find the right words as they walked to a nearby café in an awkward silence, but she just could not find them. Mikey’s well aimed elbow to her ribs, as they took their seats on the café’s patio, was what brought her to her senses.

“Gerard, I know that putting on an act for my parents is a huge inconvenience for you, but I want you to know that Mikey and I really do appreciate it.”

Gerard smiled and began to fiddle with his silverware. “Yeah it is kind of annoying, however all the annoying is trumped by the happiness of my family.”

“Baby, that is so sweet,” Frank said as he kissed Gerard’s hairline.

‘Awww,’ was all Alicia could think about as she watched the kiss. Her thoughts on what Gerard had to do at dinner the next night were quite similar to Frank’s. She had felt terrible when she agreed with Mikey’s suggestion that Gee should try to act straight and fool her parents, and the fact that he had gotten so upset when Mikey told him about it kind of killed her, but now he seems confident about it and it didn’t really seem to bother him too much. Or at least that was the impression Alicia got while they ordered their food and Gerard practiced his new skills on the waiter, who was kind of freaked out because Frank and Gerard were regular customers at that place and he was so used to Gee’s effeminate ways.

“So,” Frank said as he leaned back in his chair and took a gulp of iced tea through his straw, “When do you want us to show up tomorrow?”

“Well we told Mom and Dad that we’ll be eating at six o’clock, so maybe five or five thirty.”

Gerard, who was copying Frank’s posture, nearly lost his balance as he tried to pay attention to Alicia and make sure that he was in the right position all at the same time. “Mind if I come over early. I want to help cook.”

“Go ahead,” Mikey answered, “Maybe I’ll finally learn how to make Mom’s lasagna correctly.”

Gerard couldn’t help but smirk. “Now Mikeyface you know that I can’t show you. I promised Mom on her death bed that I would only teach my first child.”

“You didn’t promise her on her death bed!”


“Will you guys stop your bickering? Mikey can toss the salad.”

Mikey scowled. “Toss the salad? We’re having salad?”

“I don’t eat meat remember.” Frank said as he added more sweet-n-low to his tea.

“Well I don’t want to toss the salad, that’s too easy.”

Alicia giggled.

“What’s so funny?!”

“You’re getting mad over practically nothing.” She snorted and covered her mouth. “You’re face is so red.”

“I’m not mad, I’m just nervous.”

“That’s a good thing,” Frank said as he tucked his napkin into his collar and accepted his food from the waiter, “If you’re nervous then the parents know that you’re afraid of them. They’ll think you’re a nice, young, and innocent then.”

“Oh fuck off,” Mikey growled as he violently stabbed his sandwich with a fork.


“Are you going to wear my clothes all day?”

Gerard smiled and tugged at the hem of his t-shirt. “Maybe not.”

Frank groaned as he circled his arms around Gerard’s waist. “Don’t be a tease.”

“But it’s fun to tease,” Gerard said against Frank’s lips and began to lead him towards the bedroom. “Come on we can play dress up.”

They stumbled into the bedroom, laughing and planting random kisses on each other’s cheeks, lips, and neck. Playing dress up has got to be one of Gerard’s favorite forms of foreplay. He’ll leave Frank waiting on the bed, disappear into the walk-in closet, and come out later clad in the sexiest outfit that he can throw together in ten minutes. It’s different every time, but Frank’s reaction is almost always the same, and sometimes, on the really rare occasion (or on anniversaries) Frank will let Gerard dress him as well.

A smile is permanently affixed to Frank’s face, and it widens to almost impossible proportions when Gerard shoves him onto the bed. “I’ll be right back,” Gerard whispers as he edges away and slinks into the closet.

He stares at the colorful array at his disposal for a few moments before he chooses a red corset with black lace and a built-in garter belt, followed by frilly red panties and a brand new pair of fishnets. Gerard takes his time to dress, knowing that Frank was waiting for him impatiently, probably touching himself and trying to imagine what Gerard has chosen to wear.

Gerard slowly rolled the fishnets up his legs and secured them with the garter belt, then turned on the his stool and used the full length mirror hung onto the closet’s back wall to apply thick lines of eyeliner, mascara, and smoky red eye shadow. With a smirk he kissed his reflection. “Beautiful,” he mouthed as he stood up and made the final adjustments.
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