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just a little note.

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authors note

Category: Panic! At The Disco - Rating: G - Genres:  - Published: 2008-04-20 - Updated: 2008-04-21 - 126 words

okay so obviously i've started to really write this story again. sorry i didn't update for so long. i really had no idea where to go with it. Now i do lol. However i dont foresee an end anytime soon. I also don't really know where it's gonna end up further down the road, but nonetheless it will continue. A special thanks goes out to glindapsawyer for all of her awesome reviews. Of course all reviews are greatly appreciated. If you have an ideas lemme know them and i can try to work them into the story. I may not be able to put a chapter up until thrusday, but ill try sooner, at the least ill try to give you guys a filler.

Happy reading!
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