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Don't keep me in the dark.....

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I'm trying to squeeze just a little something in. My schedule this week is packed but I can't leave you guys with nothing.

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Brendon's Pov

We left early from the party and I ended up walking her home. I stayed with her for awhile until she feel asleep, but I didn't spend that night; I figured that'd be too suspicious if i was out two nights in a row. I woke up early this morning to Pete calling my phone. He wanted to meet me for breakfast to talk and that's where i was headed now. I opened the door to the tiny New York cafe in some quieter part of town. I spotted Pete in the back and made my way to the seat across from him.

"What's up?" I greeted him.

"Nothing really," he replied in a bit of a daze. I sat down hoping that this breakfast wouldn't be as uncomfortable as it had started. The waitress came and took our orders. I waited there for my drink in silence with neither Pete or I saying anything.

"You alright, man?" I asked hoping to get some answers from him.

"Yea, I'm fine. Is there anything you want to tell me?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, hoping to god that he hadn't found out.

"Brendon," he looked at me skeptically, but i remained silent. If he had found out than he would have to say it. I wasn't about to be the one to let shit hit the fan. I felt his eyes burn holes in mine. "I know about you and Maddy."

"Shit," was all that i could mutter. I knew it, too. I could tell something was up when he called me. "How did you possibly find out? It's only been two days."

"Well, for starters you two kept making eye contact at the bar last night. You obviously aren't as sneaky as you think. I saw you two hugging by the bathrooms, and yesterday morning when i went to Maddy's your jacket was hanging up."

"Fuck. Does anyone else know?"

"As far as i'm concerned i'm the only one who caught on."

"You didn't tell anyone did you?"

"Just Ashlee."

"Pete, you can't tell anyone."

"You mean I can't tell Ryan."

"No, that's not what i mean. she is under alot of stress right now and i don't want her put under anymore pressure."

"I understand." He smiled.

"You mad?" I asked.

"No, just surprised I suppose." He stated simply.

"You can't tell Maddy you know. I'll tell her when i think the time is right."

"I won't tell her."

"Good," I let out a breath.

"But don't you dare think about doing what you did to her before. I'm serious. Band or no band, I'll kick the shit out of you."

"I won't Pete, I couldn't" I smiled," I realize how much she means to me. I'll never do anything to hurt her again."

"amen to that," he laughed.
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