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When the Moon Fell in Love With the Sun

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I promised Seccs, endorphines and Sisky...whell, here it is...although it is slightly Sisky-less

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We made it back to the hotel in record time, and started kissing even quicker upon entering and locking our room door. William backed me against the door and deepened the kisses, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I moaned into the kiss, bringing my hands into his hair. Soon I broke away from breathlessness, gasping for air as he moved onto kissing my neck, occasionally licking and biting it.

"Bed," I said, my voice husky from lust. William pulled away and led me over to the bed, where we remained standing at the foot of, kissing wholeheartedly once more. I led my hand down to the hem of his shirt, inching it up slowly. He removed it completely, tossing it to the floor, and I ran my hands over his taught stomach, pulling my mouth away from his and dipping it down, pressing butterfly kisses over his chest and stomach. He pulled me back up and brushed his lips with mine briefly, before removing my shirt, revealing my bra-less torso.

"I love it when you go natural," he growled out, kissing down my neck and taking my breasts into his mouth. I moaned in appreciation, kicking my flats off my feet and William's hands worked on the zipper of my mini-skirt. I pulled his face back up to mine, stepping out of my skirt and forcefully kissing him, my hands snaking down to his jeans and beginning to undo them. He pushed me back onto the bed before kicking off his shoes and jeans and joining me. I pulled a foil packed from the back pocket of his discarded jeans before straddling his hips, pulling down his boxers, displaying his semi-erect cock. I rolled on the condom, whoich seemed to make it spring to life, before slipping of my now wet panties. I braced my hands on his chest, about to lower myself onto him, when he paused me.

"I want to make you scream tonight; louder than you normally do," he said before pulling my hips down and pushing his up, entering me and driving me into sheer ecsatsy. I moaned in pleasure before bouncing slightly on him, rolling my hips and riding him hard. He rolled us over and drove into me, making me see stars and making my orgasm build. Soon I was climaxing hard, dragging him over the edge with me. We lay panting together for a while, before he withdrew and removed the condom, tossing it into the bin.

"That was.." he started.

"Amazing. Fan-fucking-tastic!" I finished for him. He nodded before rolling over me and kissing me deeply. Before long, I had pushed him inside me once more, and we made hot, passionate lvoe, him spilling his seed into me, before we fell asleep together.

Now, I know I said it would be up at the weekend, but I was working front-of-house for my friends Theatre production, The Temple. Sunday I had meetings all day, and Monday, although having a day off, I was being dragged around the local shopping centre with my Mom. Okay, I got something out of it - I finally got my navel pierced.

Yesterday the internet was screwed over, so this was the first time I could actually post.

In reply to reviews:

PanicFOBAcademy26 - BINSWOY is screwed up - I lost the back up and need to re-type it. I'm glad you're reading this one, and incase you didn't get my last warm wish, Happy (VERY) Belated Birthday!

danfan99 - It's always nice to hear people wanting to read something that was started well over a year ago, and that they like it.

MCRLover08 - I lvoe having new readers, and I hiope you like the further updates!

Now, I'm not sure how often I'll be able to update now - May is a stressful month for me. I'm so busy with school, extra-curriculars, my Theatre production, Moving, preparing for Exams, cleaning and sorry if I make you wait too long!
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