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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Love of Royal

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The next day!

“The youthfulness has granted me my wish”,Lee exclaimed.
“I don’t want to marry him”,Sakura shouted.
“Sakura my cherry blossom the country of leaf is one of our powerful allies, we need to create a permanent bond so we need to make a marriage arrangement”,
explained Toshu.
“The let Becky or Vicky marry him I want to marry for love.”
“And who? Prince Sasuke, look I'm your mother so you need to listen to me you are going to marry him”,Vanessa stated with a smirk.
“You are not the queen or my mother YOU WILL NEVER BE MY MOTHER MY MOTHER IS QUEEN SAYLOR”, Sakura shouted.
“What did you say you are just like Saylor too… annoying.”
The King and stayed quiet. While the princes had angry looks
“Never disrespect my mother!” Sakura shouted as she got ready to punch her. No one is allowed to talk about my mother in that way.
“My little Sakura be strong you are the next queen. Never let anyone disrespect you, but do not let anger control you either. You are the light of this country.”
Queen Saylor told her little daughter, Sakura.
“I promise mom I will be the best queen I can be, and also follow my heart just like you.”
End of Flashback…
Sakura stopped before she could punch her.
“I’m not going to hurt you because I promised my mother that I won’t let anger control me. Instead I’m gonna listen to my heart”,Sakura said before she left the room.
“Sakura you are just like mom that is why I love you dearly”,Prince Dark whispered to himself.
“Mom”, The younger boys whispered.
Sakura was waiting at the border then a figure ran to her and grabbed her.
“Sakura. Let's go!” Sasuke said with unusual excitement.
The entered a carnival. Bright green, red, orange, and pink lights decorated everywhere.
“Let's go on that ride!” Sakura told him pointing to the stormrunner.
“Fine” with that they left to go in. The ride went 2 miles per 30 secs. By the time they were done Sakura's hair was sticking up and Sasuke had an afro.
They laughed all the way to the small cute dinner called Coluches.
“Sasuke-kun?” Sakura asked.
“Hn” Sasuke looked up on to find that Sakura pressed her lips against his.
He kissed back, when they parted Sakura pantly said, “This is fun”
Sasuke can only nod.
“Sasuke-san would you like anything to drink?” Hinata asked politely even though she was boiling with anger inside. (She doesn't know about the date)
Sasuke shook his head as a no.
“Sasuke-teme!” Naruto shouted.
Sasuke gave him a scary glare (translation): I’ll-give-you-5-seconds-to-tell-me-what-you-want-before-I’ll-kill-you
“It’s about Sakura-chan”, Naruto fidgeted, something he never did before.
“What about her?” Sasuke asked
“She’s getting married to Lee of the leaf country!” Neji popped up, slamming the doors.
“WHAT?” Sasuke roared while activation the Sharingan.
“I’m going to look for her”,Sasuke said as he ran out the door.
I ran through the forest named: One shall enter none shall come (Ironic right?)
How can she do this to me? Why... why… we had such a good time we even kissed! We’re not going to lose her..why am I feeling this way?come on legs, run faster!!!
“Where is she!?” Sasuke shouted as he barged in the main room where the king was.
“Prince Sasuke why are you here?!You are not welcome!” King Toshu shouted with anger.
“I don’t care! Where is he?!” Sasuke shouted back.
“Who she & he?” Becky asked.
“Sakura! And that eyebrow freak Lee!” Sasuke replied, his sharingan swirling dangerously.
“What do you want with my daughter and her soon to be husband?!” Vanessa asked, narrowing her eyes.
“Sasuke?” Sakura said a little surprised, she just walked in to find Sasuke screaming.
“Sakura...Why... The date?” Sasuke quietly said with a glare: (translation) Why-must-you-break-my-heart-with-a-bushy-eyebrow-freak?
“Huh?” How can our little Sakura be so innocently dens- I mean clueless?
“Uchiha get out of my country!”Toshu screamed (in a manly way)
“Yes! Leave!” Drake & Jake shouted as they pulled out their swords. (I had to put them in XD)
“Not until I get what I came for!” Sasuke stated.
The boys started to charge at him.
“Wait! Let me first speak to him privately!” Sakura commanded.
“But Saku-” the boy whined, but was interrupted by Sakura
“As Princess and next queen I command you to stop!” Sakura stated That is so cool I love being the next Queen that was so fun!
“Hai”,the boys pouted.
“Father, may I speak to him?” Sakura asked her father
“Yes”,Her father said with a weird look in his eyes toward
Sakura then lead Sasuke to her room and onto the balcony
“What are you doing here?” Sakura asked.
“For you”,Sasuke answered in a husky voice. As he leaned down. She slowly wrapped he arms around his neck.
Their faces were only centimeters apart but...
“SASUKE-Kunnn!?” Vicky and Becky shouted his name. Their purple hair, and brown eyes scanning.
“RUN!!!” Sakura shouted at him.
Sasuke ran as fast as a cheetah. It was like Naruto running for ramen.
“You conniving little bitch!” Vicky screamed at me. Dammit it was already nearly a month, why can't they leave me alone?
“Just cause you dragged him out here to have him for yourself-!” Becky screamed.
“That he clearly didn’t want you!” Vicky interrupted.
“SHUT UP!- Like I was saying. Doesn’t mean you can force him to go away!”
“That is it! I’m tired of you both. Ever since you became part of the royal family all what you have been is trouble. I’m tired of you and your mother pushing me
around cause you have the upper hand. Now it is my turn cause I’m not that little seven year old who never speaks up and get’s beating by her step- mother and
step-sisters”,Sakura screamed at them, furious.
Vicky and Becky coward in fear.
Just then the elders, Vanessa, her father, and her brothers came to view.
“YOU have been abusing my daughter!” King Toshu turned to Vanessa and her daughters and screamed.
“Um… she is lying I never touched a hair on her. R---uh--To-sh-u-kun” Vanessa explained will saying his name in syllables.(cough-whore-cough Who said that?)
“Really I’m lying. I don’t think so I would never lie something this important”,Sakura hissed.
“Ok then, then show us that my daughters and I laid a hand on you”,Vanessa said venomously.
“Fine” Sakura harshly whispered.( it’s those whispers that are not whispers?)
Sakura then turned her back towards them and lift her…
“What is wrong with Sasuke?He hasn’t been seen around the palace for a long time,” Mikoto asked her husband.
“Maybe we should ask our eldest son, Itachi”,Fugaku suggested. Mikoto nodded her head.
“Guards! Tell Itachi that he is requested!” Fugaku ordered.
“Hai”,the guard responded.
“Come in”,I commanded, very annoyed.
The guard bowed down to me and said, “Prince Itachi your mother and father has requested for you to see them.”
“Hn. You may leave”, I commanded.
I walked through the hall ways and went through a pair of double doors that were gold.
Then I respectively bowed down to my parents.
“Itachi... I…I mean we wanted to ask what was up with Sasuke?” Mother asked me.
I can see Dad smirk and couldn’t help but smirk myself, too. When mom was near us him she would act like an ordinary villager.
“What do you mean?” I asked. What is going on?
“I mean he hasn’t been around for the past month.”
“Oh but why should I know”,I said.
“You know something”,Dad said plainly.
“I don’t know what you mean I won’t be lying to you.” Shit.
“Itachi tell us now!” Dad now commanded
“Well you see-”
Sakura then turned her back towards them and lift her…
Shirt. There was a big scar on her back that looked very fresh.
The elders had to look away. The brothers took all their might not to behead the girls and mother.
Toshu was emotionless.
“He’s been what Itachi?” said Fugaku
“He has been in the princess' marriage.” said Kakashi slammed the door open while screaming
“OMG Kakashi what do you mean?” asked Mikoto
“I mean…is that Sasuke made Princess Sakura love him and is ruining the marriage to prince Rock Lee of Kohona!”
“Well my sons tend to do that” Fugaku replied while smirking.(Now we know who started the smirking trend!)
“Damn it I’m going insane. 3 weeks without those lips on mine!Ahrrr!” Sasuke shouted, which was unusual of him.
“Teme calm down we’ll get her!” Naruto reassured.
“We’ll?!” Neji said, “ hell no last time we did that for Itachi and almost got us killed! Ain’t gonna relive that!”
Everyone looked at him strangely for no one heard him scream for this kind of reason.
“Hn”, Neji spoke again.
“troublesome”, Shikamaru muttered.
“Teme how about this we go to the church with spray paint, knock out the guards, steal Sakura-chan, stab the spray paint and light it on fire!” Naruto suggested.
“How the hell did I become friends with you, again?” Sasuke asked.
“Lets call Hinata, Ino, and Tenten first”, Neji told them.
As Neji walked to the phone (yes a phone) he dialed their numbers.
“Hello…good afternoon…can you help…thanks…sure…you can bring wolves…yeah…bye.”
“Tenten said she’ll tell Hinata and Ino”, Neji bluntly said.
No song this time...but for the heck of it
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