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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Love of Royal They fell in love, went through hell and back, but can they handle this?

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“Teme how about this we go to the church with spray paint, knock out the guards, steal Sakura-chan, stab the spray paint and light it on fire!” Naruto suggested.
“How the hell did I become friends with you, again?” Sasuke asked
“Lets call Hinata, Ino, and Tenten first”,Neji told them.
As Neji walked to the phone (yes a phone) he dialed their numbers.
“Hello…good afternoon…can you help…thanks…sure…you can bring wolves…yeah…bye.”
“Tenten said she’ll tell Hinata and Ino.”

End of flashback…


“Hn…let’s make a plan” Sasuke ordered.


“Take them in them away now I don’t want to see their faces!” Dark shouted(thought it was gonna be Toshu-wrong!).
“Hai. King Dark!” The guards shouted as they took them away.
“Sakura why don’t we all get inside before we get sick?” A kind elder suggested called…Angelique.
“Yes my princess we must go inside”,Another elder named Giancarlos said.
“Cherry Blossom, I have news from Kakashi”, Nikki said once they were all inside.
“What news have he brought?” Shit they know!
“That you and Sasuke have been seeing each other!” She growled out but had a look of happiness in her eyes.
“He must have had the wrong information!” She tried to cover up
“Who else knew about this?” King Toshu demanded/asked
“Yea me” “innocent” “sorry” “forced” “me too” 5 of the Harunos responded except Bullet.
They all glared at Bullet when he didn’t confess.
“Alright I knew too!” He finally confessed.
“Sakura may I speak to you in private in the throne room”,Toshu asked.
“Hai daddy”,Sakura told him, as they walked to the room with golden door he was very quiet.
As they were both seated he began, “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t tell you because you wouldn’t believe me!” Sakura said, as she looked away.
“I would have if you told me!” He shouted.
“Ever since Mom died it was like you never cared about me anymore”, Sakura cried.
“I’m sorry I let my selfish depression affect all of you”, As he hugged her, a little top tightly in her mind.
“I just miss her so much especially since now with all this confusion with Sasuke”, Sakura confessed.
“How about this I’ll cancel the marriage if you can convince me with how this all happened”, Toshu negotiated.
“Okay this is how it began…” ( It’s too troublesome to write it all)
“Alright let’s make a plan!” Ino shouted as she knocked down the door.
“We’ll fix that later”,Tenten told them.
“Alright shall we begin”,Hinata suggested.
“yeah bunny-chan!” Naruto shouted.
Hinata almost fainted if Neji wasn’t behind her holding her shoulders. (Not that way pervs)
“Okay here’s the plan”
“Alright I understand. You know me and your mother was the same except they-we were married for our kingdoms which turned into love,I will find a way to get out of this”,he reassured his daughter but seemed like he was saying it from a third view.
“Why don’t we let cousin Sahara take my place? She always had a crush on Rock Lee. And she looks like me”,Sakura suggested as she shuddered.
“Hmmmmm that’s sounds like a good idea but let’s sleep on it”,Her father suggested.

“Damn I’m confused”,Naruto blurted out.
“That’s not the first time”,Sasuke replied. Everyone sweat dropped when they started to glare at each other.
“Okay from what I know the wedding is on December 17”,Neji stated.
“So we have 1, 2, 3, 4,- 7 days which equals a week!” Naruto shouted.
“A week for what?” A two new soft voices asked. As they turned slowly the saw none other than…
“I love you thank you” Sakura told him as she walked to her bedroom…
“Yea me too honey I really hope that your father could hear this”, He cynically whispered.
“Tosssshuuuu-sama”, a weird voice hissed.
“A week for what?” Two new voices were heard. As they turn they come face to face with none other that Kushina and Minato.
“Hey Mom. Dad”,Naruto greeted as he scratched his head.
“What are you up to now?” Kushina glared.
“We are here to capture Sakura so she can marry her true love Sasuke”,Hinata answered her.
They all looked at her like saying who’s-side-are-you-on-ours-or-theirs-?
“She will be broken, not physically, or mentally, but by the heart. So please help us”,Hinata asked ignoring them. (Is that mentally? or physically?)
“Hhmm this could be a new script for Jiyara's newest book Forbidden Bedridden!” Minato told them not noticing all the sweat drops.
“Daddy? Are you there?” Sakura asked looking for Toshu.
“Sakura come here”,he answered from the inside of the ball room.
“Daddy what’s going on? Why are there men in black here?” Sakura asked, still half a sleep.
“Ssss-ssssakkkkuuurraaa”,One of the men said.
“W-who are you?” She asked.
“I am Orochimaru”,He answered as he step toward the light to reveal two yellow like snake eyes, long black hair, and a pale face.
“I’m sorry Sakura. You just can’t marry Sasuke. He will be the next body for Orochimaru”, Toshu explained.
“Why?! Aren’t I your daughter to be doing this?” Sakura asked.
“No Sakura your not. You and your brothers are not my children. I'm actually Roshu”, Roshu laughed.
“What?”Sakura asked.
“Your real father he…he…he was my younger brother! He had everything. Six Sons. A beautiful daughter. And twins on the way!” Roshu had an evil gleam in his eyes.
“Yeah don’t you ever notice that he never paid attention to the bruises?” Vanessa said as she came out of the shadows with Vicky and Becky.
“You got out! But you said that my dad had twins on the way where are they?” Sakura changed the subject.
“There dead kid. There dead”, Vanessa laughed.
“No but I..I… Where are my brothers?”Sakura cried.
“They're in the jail cells”, Becky smirked.
“And your nexxsstt”, Orochimaru hissed. (Oreo cook--- I mean Orochimaru coughTemecough)
All the sound Nins charged at her. (This is where I suck at fighting scenes so please be nice)
A ninja lunged at her and she caught his fist in her hand and punched his stomach.
Another one tried to leg sweep her but she jumped and kicked him in the face.
Another grabbed her waist, but she threw her leg back and kicked him in the ass. (Literally)
He got distracted momentarily until she elbowed him in the face. (Oww)
She soon started to run in the only direction she new.
What do we do now? We’re going to run away for now. Yes I know that you idiot but where? We’re going to Dark Country.Inner Sakura stayed quiet after that.
As Sakura jumped from tree to tree she begins to see the castle. She uses her inhuman speed to run past the guard. The guards only saw a pink blur pass by.
When she comes to the King & Queen throne she quickly goes in ,a little tipsy from exhausted, and says, “Can you please help me!?”
Prince Sasuke, who was also in the room, quickly goes to her aid.
“Sakura! What happened?” He asked.
“Father…fake….parents….murdered…brothers…jail…” ,she replied as she slowly drifts into the darkness.
“Tsunade help her! Guards check the perimeter!” Queen Uchiha demanded.
As Tsunade comes to Sakura aid she says, “She will be fine but she needs rest.”
“Naruto-baka take Sakura to the guest room”, Tsunade ordered her nephew.
“No take her to my room”, Sasuke demanded. No one said anything.
“You! Yea you with the long hair take Sakura-chan to Sasuke-teme’s room!” Naruto demanded a guard.
“Hai! Naruto-sama!” The guard replied as he carried Sakura bridle style.
“Sasuke-chan, why do you want Princess Sakura in your room?” Mikoto asked.
“Yes my son, why?” Fugaku asked.
“Because I said so and I don’t trust anyone else’s room”, he coldly replied.
“Hey! What about me!?” Naruto shouted at him.
“Especially you”, he replied. Naruto did not say anything.
The look Sasuke gave him was a look to tell him that he was in pain already.
“I'll see how Sakura is doing”, Sasuke said before he left.
“What will we do?” The queen asked.
“Nothing we will leave things be. He’s in love. She loves him. There is nothing we can do”, the King replied.
As I enter my room I see an angel sleeping on my bed. I go toward her. I sit on the edge and softly stroke her cheek as if I press to hard she will break and vanish.
Oh Sakura, you’re the only person who can make me lose my control. I acted like a love sick fool.
I wonder what happened to the emo we were
I guess
I just wish that there was a way to make everything back to normal. To be together. Jeez I feel like Romeo how long have we known each other a month??
27 days; 5 hours; 17 min; 12 sec.
“Can’t we make a way?” A soft voice asked him. As he looks down he sees two beautiful, teary eyes looking up to him.
My eyes widen as I see her awake.
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXSakura’s point of view…XXXXX
I see Sasuke spacing out. I know he is thinking the same thing. Is there a way to make everything to normal and be together?
“Can’t we make a way?” I say as he looks down. Jeez I guess we're soul mates. We only known each other for about a month.
“Yes. I’ll find a way to some how for us to be together”,Sasuke replied to me.
“Thank you”,I said before I leaned up and kissed him. He pressed his lips harder on mine and gently but very fast pushed me down and he was now above me.
Sasuke broke the kiss and said, “I love you.”
“I love you too”, I replied.

Sasuke kissed her harder as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Slowly his hand started to unbutton her shirt until it was completely off. She started to take off
his pant until he stopped her. He got up and and took everything off. He stripped her off her clothes and penetrated her.

Sakura, I love you and will always protect you.
Sasuke, I love you and I will make sure you’re never lonely again. Hell Yea!
As the sun rise, jade eyes open slowly. Once Sakura adjusts to the light she scans the room.
When she finds what she was looking for she wraps the red silk sheets around her body.
She quietly walks over to Sasuke. He was asleep in a chair with only pants on.
She softly strokes his cheek until dark eyes open.
He yawned a bit and asked, “ How did you sleep last night?” “Comfortable”, she responded while blushing.
He smirked. (A/N die evil smirk die! -stabs sasuke's smirk- )
“You have a dictionary yet you don't use the words?”
“whatever lets get you a dress”
“My mother thought I was going to be a girl...So she bought all girl clothes until grown up” Sasuke unemotionally said but in the inside he was shaking in fear.
“Oh. Okay!” She cheekily answered like nothing happened.
When Sasuke left the room her face turn into a scowl.
Hi! Good morning sunshine!
Don't Hi Sakura me! What the hell was that about!
I was just wondering!
Couldn't you say it in a nice way?
Na didn't feel like it
Go away? I'm mad at you!
You listened? Hello? Hello? Don't die on me! I need you!
Potato...I forgive you just hurry Sasuke will come back soon.
When Sasuke came back out he handed the dress to Sakura. Once Sakura put on the dress she looked at the mirror and gasped.
She had on the most beautiful dress ever seen! The dress was pure black.
The top was a halter design that had crimson red beads going across(ends right below the breast).
The bottom part was a skirt that ended 2 inches below her knees. They also had crimson red beads going across. The skirt had slits on the sides starting mid thigh till the end.
She had black high heel straps that ended at her knees, and since it showed her stomach everyone will be able to see the small Emerald jewel that is pierced on her belly button and the tattoo near her lower back that had a cherry blossom on either side of her name. (Sexy...I know)
“Lets go meet everyone”
“Y-you mean your family?” Sakura asked.
“Aa. Lets go” Sasuke said/commanded as he started to walk away. Sakura quickly followed.
She was slightly nervous because of the stories she heard of the Uchiha family.
They were suppose to me heartless,cold, unmerciful, and sometimes to be said demons.
I can see Sakura fidgeting
I would to if I was going to meet the nicknamed family called Demons...
Damn it. Didn't I get rid of you?
Nope. Hey Sakura looks sexy! (He totally changes the subject)
I see the door. I'm suppose to knock but I don't give a damn it's my kingdom so I just waltz in.
I see both families of the Hyuuga clan, then Yakamara clan, Nara clan, Uzamaki adoptive clan, Kunai Clan (Tenten), and the Uchiha clan.
“SAKURA-CHAN!!!” Tenten, Ino, Hinata, AND Naruto yelled as they tackled her into a hug.
“Are you okay?” “Did they hurt you?” “I'll kick their ass!” “I'll rasengan them to hell!” ( you know who said that)
“Girls and Naruto calm down I'm fine!” She replied.
“Oh Okay”,they said together.
After Sakura greeted the royal families (including the Uchihas) they all sat down around a very very long table.
“Even though-” King Uchiha started, “we do not like the Harunos-” everyone looked at Sakura, “ we must save them.
We can create an alliance that will connect all 6 of our clans. To stop this rivalry.
Since our heirs have seem to gotten attached and even fallen in love.” Everyone looked at Sasuke.
He just glared at all of them except Sakura.
“cough-Sasuke teme-cough” Naruto supposedly coughed. Until Tsunade hit him over his head.
“shut up” Tsuanade hissed at him. Naruto just whimpered.
As he went to hug Hinata. She turned crimson red until she fainted.
“NO HINATA-CHAN DON'T DIE ON ME! I NEED YOU!!” Naruto shouted. Hanabi took Hinata away from Naruto.
“Alright sweety do you know where they put your brothers.?” Queen Uchiha asked Sakura. Sakura nodded and choked back a sob.
“yes in the dungeons” she replied, “But I don't know where it is.”
“Hn. That is alright. Dungeons are dark. And I have a reliable resource that includes that Dark is afraid of the dark. And when he is afraid of something he tends to
scream. Especially girly screams that can last until days. Am I right?” Itachi asked.
Sakura nodded her head. (I think Itachi is too obsessed with making Dark miserable. Lol.)
“Well then that is alright. Now we must-”
“Dammit Lee!” Naruto screamed.
“My youthful Blossom what are you doing with my eternal rival!???” Rock Lee shouted.
“Eternal rival?” Sakura asked with an eyebrow raised.
“Yes my Gai-sensei is Kakashi-sans rival and since Sasuke is Kakashi-san's student and I am to Gai-sensei WE ARE RIVALS!” Lee explained/ screamed.
“How the hell did my uncle get into this!??” she asked.
“Later. I need to go have a violent talk with Rock Lee.” Sasuke stated with his Sharigan activated.
“You and your coolness! We shall talk!” Lee screamed.
“Are you coming or what?” Sasuke asked already with the door open.
Lee jetted out the door. Sasuke cracked his knuckles then walking out himself.
Everyone sighed.
Sasuke walked back in and sat down next to Sakura.
“Now as I was about to say before I was interrupted. Now we must go make a plan and put it into action!” Itachi said.

Since I'm to lazy...THE MISSION: RESCUE THE JACKASSES! (I didn't forget!)
It was early morning. Almost everyone was dead. Naruto died...My brother is still alive... dammit.

Okay to the real script... also 2 weeks later (people on mission: team 1 Sasu, Naru, Hina, Ino// team 2 Saku, Ten,Neji, Shika// Then Akatsuki)
“Teme where is your location?”
“Baka Fox I'm right behind you”
“Alright idiots are everyone in their teams?” (Itachi)
“Hai Weasel!” (Team 1 & 2)
“-sigh-” (Itachi)
“Okay Team 2 will attack first and Team 1 will be their back up, We'll find the princesses that are stuck in the tower -snicker-” (Itachi)
“Hai” (Team 1& 2)
“Hey!” (Sakura)
Sakura punched the door crumbling it into pieces and lunged. Neji started the 64 palms. Tenten and Shikamaru also fought.
“-snicker-Well,Well, Well If it isn't Sakura-ugly” Sakura turned around to see Vicky, Becky and an unknown girl.
“I would say the same but unfortunately your looks can't be fit into that category either” Sakura said back. (BURNNNN!)
“Who's ugly?” the unknown girl asked.
“Oh you never met. Ugly meet Karin. Karin meet Ugly. Thats who stole Sasuke-kun.” Vicky said. (I HATE KARIN! ROOAAARR!)
“Oh. She looks like a slut.” Karin told her as she looked her up and down. Sakura was wearing white cargo pants that ended at her knees.
And a red strapless tank top with the Haruno sign (white circle)on the back with a white net shirt over it.
With Red Ninja sandles and her red kunai pouch and two katana making an X on her back.
“All talk and no action. Let's get this over with!” Sakura shouted while getting into a fighting stance. They also go into one.
Karin lunged first. (idk much about Karin) Sakura did roundhouse kicked but missed. Vicky took a hold of her arm and and threw her. She hit the wall but
punched Becky when she was running toward her. Karin and Becky caught her arms and held he down as another new girl ,Amy, came with Vicky and there arms
back ready to punch her. As soon as their fist came near the were suddenly thrown aside.
“DO.NOT.EVER.TRY.TO.HURT.OUR.SAKURA.AGAIN.!” A mad Ino came with her fist extended. Sakura felt her arms loosened. Hinata came with a very
dangerous look in her eyes. (no not Byakugan) So did Tenten, but she looked like if you said go she would kill.
“Ino-pig?” Sakura whispered.
“Yea Saku we're here for you forever” Ino started a whole drama scene.
“Yea. You were there when I almost died in the cliff. You never judged us if we did something wrong.” Hinata said.
“Even when we got into fights you never fought back. You let us push you around.” Tenten continued.
“Even though in the end we would be ashamed” Ino muttered.
All of the sudden Sakura's eyes narrowed and her eyes turned silver while the white part turned black.
He hair changed from pink to silver with black highlights.
She just unlocked the Haruno power. (you don't know how much I'm laughing)
( Sakura vs. Karin/ Ino vs. Vicky/ Tenten vs. Amy/ Hinata vs. Becky)
Sasori, Kisame, Deidara, Tobi, Gaara, and Hidan fought the Sound Ninjas outside while Itachi, Sasuke, Naruto, Shikamaru, and Neji ran to the dungeons.
“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” they heard a scream. They ran faster.
“SHUT UP DARK!!!” they heard a shout.
When Naruto turned he flicked up the switch. They found all six of the brothers tied up. Dark looked kind of pale.
“Itachi??? YOU WERE PART OF THIS! I never thought an Uchiha would stoop this low. And to think you had dignity to cover up you ego!” Dark accused
Itachi. Itachi twitched.
“We should leave them there”,Itachi suggested.
“No we can't. Sakura will kill me if we did”, Sasuke told him. They found the keys and unlocked them but then heard foot steps.
“Stop right there”,A guard said.
“Your stupid we never run”,Naruto told him.
“At least you still have your spunk Naruto”,The guard told him as he removed hid mask to reveal Kakashi.
“Kakashi!” Kurenai whispered.
“It's alright” he told her. She was holding their 2 year old son, Kurashi, and their infant daughter ,Kakura.
“I need to take the children somewhere safe”,Kurenai said as she kissed Kakashi and poofed away with the children.
“Sure leave us why don't you?” Bullet told to the left over clouds.
“Shut up”,Sin told him in an calm voice.
They again heard foot steps.
“Dammit who else are on our side?” Naruto screamed.
When they turned around the found themselves facing over 100 sound ninjas.
“Stop right there!” the leader said. They all just ran.
“We need to get to the top floor which is?” Itachi asked Dark.
“14th floor” he replied.
“Alright” Sasuke replied for his brother.
“1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14” Sasuke counted off the floors. When they got to the 14th floor they locked the door behind them.
“Wait why did we skip the 13th floor?” Naruto asked.
“There is no 13 floor. It skips straight to 14th. Since 13 is a bad number”,Jake told him.
“But you do know this is technically the 13th floor, right?, and 13 isn't a bad number” Sasuke asked. They were being stubborn so they shook their heads.
Even Naruto believed the 6 brothers being the idiot he was.
“Nope”,Krad replied.
“I can prove it”,Itachi told them.
“Then prove it”,Dark challenged him.
“Jump out the die faster...also B looks like a scrunched up 13”,Itachi replied.
“GET THE FUCK AWAY!” Naruto shouted while pointing at Bullet.
“what a pleasssssure to meet youuu” An eerie voice spoke. They all turned around to see Orochimaru and the -suppose to be- Haruno father.
That's when Dark walked to the front.
“Everyone stay back this is my fight. I'll take their lives.” Dark warned them when his hair turned an Fiery Orange and his eyes turned orange while the white part
turned electric blue. His body started to light fire around the 3 of them like a ring. (hint)
First it was Roshu (the actual king's brother & traitor).
They both lunged at each other. Dark kicked his side breaking 3 ribs.
Roshu coughed up a little bit blood.
Roshu punched Dark and grabbed his hair while banging Dark's head at the wall.
When Dark elbowed him the the ribs breaking another rib at the other side he let go of Dark's hair.
Dark got up and did a couple of signs, and a white light blinded them (2nd stage).
Dark had black wings with orange tips that were on fire.
His eyes were emotionless but looked ready to kill.
With one swipe of his orange long nails he cut Roshu's throat. Blood was squirting everywhere.
He then turned to Orochimaru. He looked with mild interest.
He did a couple of seals and said, “ Sealer of pendant”.
Suddenly Orochimaru turned into a cursed wooden pendant snake. All of the Sound retreated.
When Dark walked toward Sakura who currently found them he collapsed into her arms.

Flash back Sakura's battle...
All of the sudden Sakura's eyes narrowed and her eyes turned silver while the white part turned black.
Her hair changed from pink to silver with black highlights.
She just unlocked the Haruno power.
Karin lunged at her but then suddenly froze. She looked into Sakura eyes and screamed.
She collapsed and started to cringe. She was exploding inside. Blood came out of everywhere eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.
She stayed still.(I wonder what would happen if she went to the 2nd stage?)
Vicky was unconscious with Ino over her. It looked like she'll need more then make-up.
Amy had millions of weapons embedded in her but somehow still breathing. Tenten looking satisfied.
Becky was paralyzed. While Hinata had her Byakugan activated.
End of Flashback
After 3 weeks everything seemed to go back to normal. They connected all the countries with their heirs' lovers.
“Everyone?” Sakura asked while her brothers, friends, Sasuke, his brother, his parents, and Sasuke's friends were sitting after eating dinner.
They all nodded their heads to indicate they heard her.
“Well...I'm...I'm pregnant”, She told them. None of them were really surprised. They did it everyday.
Her girl friends stood up squealing with her mother in law saying how they're going to be aunts and a grandmother.
Sasuke ran up to her and hugged her to death.
“How long have you known?” Neji asked once everyone said congrats even her brothers and more surprising Itachi HUGGED her!
“Um about a month and 1 week”,She said nervously.
“You went to war when you were pregnant!” Kurenai shouted.
“Yup”,she replied cheekily. Kakashi winked and smiled (not that we'd notice) at her.
“Sasuke I give you my blessing messing with Haruno women while their pregnant are very dangerous.”
Kakashi told him while looking at Kurenai in the corner of his eye. (that rhymed!)

Sasuke didn't even make it for the the next 6 months...
Sakura now 7 months along was VERY annoying!
“Ugh I don't know how much I can take any longer?! Sasuke do this. Sasuke shut up. Sasuke why don't you talk to me do you hate me? I want a sundae, I don't
care if its 1:30 your the prince!” Sasuke imitated her.
He was sitting with his friends, sensei, dad, his girlfriend's brothers and his own brother.
“I feel sorry for you Sasuke-teme”,Naruto told him trying to hold his laughter in.
“Shut up Naruto”,he replied.
“I guess Sakura is really annoying you. You didn't even hurt or call Naruto a dobe”,Bullet thought out loud.
“yea I thi-SASUKE!” Sakura shouted barging in the room.
“uh...yes Sakura?” He answered.
“I told you to meet me in an hour. 5 HOURS AGO!” Sakura screamed.
“what is it? Do you not like me anymore? Is it because I'm fat? Is it I-” Everyone looked at the scene unfold. Even Tenten,Hinata,Ino except King Uchiha and
Kakashi cause they left.
Everyone seemed very quiet. Sakura had a shocked expression.
Sasuke who was still blinded by anger said, “ I DON'T CARE ANYMORE! IF ONLY YOU WEREN'T PREGNANT!” He stormed out.
No one could say anything. Sakura had silent tears running down her face. Itachi went up to her and tried to touch her arm but she jerked it away.
“I'm fine”,she said in a low whisper as she walked out the other way.
It's been an been an hour since he shouted at me and he didn't even say sorry.
Maybe we should say sorry? Inner Sakura suggested.
Yea Outer Sakura answered.
As I walked down the hall I stopped in my tracks.
There he was. My love of my life. My other half. My soul mate. My husband fucking a maid.
He..he said If only I wasn't pregnant He doesn't love me anymore. Maybe we should get rid of it Inner Sakura suggested sadly as she looked down at her
stomach. Yeah.
Sakura quickly walked out .
She got out of the Royal Kingdom and went straight toward the nearest village.
When she saw the hospital she signed in but disguised her hair.
The doctor came in.
“Are you sure you want to do this? Queen Sakura?” Sasori asked. (shut up >:
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