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Chapter 4

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The first show and Gerard meets the contestants.

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Thanks to Andria aka AshamedToRiseAndBe for helping me. (:

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Chapter 4-
Under these conditions;

Andria's P.O.V

I went to the meeting yesterday and gave them my contract. They talked about the times and how the wanted to get high ratings and that kind of stuff. It was actually pretty boring, considering it went for about an hour. I’m pretty sure it was the director who was talking.

There were about 14 other women there, including the blonde one who thought Gerard was Jared. I couldn’t understand how someone could be so stupid and not know his name. And then still manage to make it on the show.

Well anyway, we were all told to go home and pack. I’m sure most of these girls weren’t going to dress ‘appropriately’ and use their physical attraction to win Gerard.

So now I was back at my place shoving as much clothes as possible into two suitcases. Would two suitcases even be enough? This was probably the toughest decision I had to make this week. I grabbed more clothes and continued to shove them in the black suitcase. I closed the suitcase but I knew I would have trouble actually locking it.

As I attempted to zip it up I knew it would get me nowhere. So, as a solution I pressed my body weight onto the top of it, hoping it would close. I quickly garbed the zipper and pulled.

“Close damn it.” I grunted out loud.

It took me about 5 minutes for the whole entire thing to be zipped securely. It shut, and I smiled with triumph.

"Now I gotta close the other one." I said, annoyed as I looked over at the other opened suitcase.


Gerard's P.O.V

I was at the house where the whole show would be taking place. Everybody who was working on the show was running around frantically, quickly getting everything done. I didn't see why they were in such a hurry. I mean all I needed was a camera, and I'd be ready.

"Gerard!" I heard someone call from behind me. I turned around to see the lady who was meant to be doing my hair and make-up. Honestly, I didn’t really think it was necessary. But, I wasn't in the mood to fight with her. What was her name again? Rachel, that was it.

"Yeah?" I replied.

"Make-up and hair!" She yelled as she grabbed my arm and led me to another room with all the make-up and hair supplies. She shoved me into a chair and grabbed a brush. My hair was perfectly neat before, or so I thought, but she still brushing my hair fiercely.

"Ow, stop being so rough." I said grabbing her one of her wrists trying to stop her from hurting me.

She let out a frustrated sigh. "I'm trying to help you here." She said as she ran a hand through her blonde hair.

"I don't need your help."

She gasped. "Excuse me." Rachel said shocked. "Are you saying you can do your hair by yourself?"

"Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying."

She rolled her eyes at me. "I'm going to end up losing my job if you don't let me help you." She said narrowing her eyes at me.

As much as I hated her right now, I didn't want to be responsible for losing her job. "Fine, keep going." I huffed, crossing my arms. Soon she was once again violently brushing my hair. She stopped and put a hell of a lot of hair spray in, and I couldn't help but let out multiple coughs.

"How...Much...Are...You...Using?" I asked, coughing between words.

"Is it my fault your hair has a mind of it's own?" She asked, irritation clearly in her voice. Now it was my turn to roll my eyes. She was getting on my last nerve, but I held in my anger.

"Are we nearly done here? I have better things to do."

"I gotta do your make-up." She said putting the bottle of hair spray down and picking up some eyeliner and for some strange reason she was staring at it. I pushed my head back a bit so she could apply it better. I didn't really trust this girl with a pencil that was close to my eye. You never know, she could blind me.

I looked back up at her and she was still staring at the pencil. "Um, what are you doing?" I asked her. She didn't answer; instead she threw the pencil on the ground and stepped on it angrily with her shoe.

"What are you doing?!" I asked, scared. Seriously, this woman was beginning to scare me now. "Why did you do that?"

"It was used." Rachel said shuddering.

Used? What is she talking about? "I'm sorry, what?"

"It was used!" She yelled as she waved her arms crazily above her head.

"And?" I asked, confused beyond belief. It was a used eyeliner pencil and she was making it a big deal.

"Like ew! I can't work under this conditions!" She squealed. You should of heard how high pitched this girl's voice was.

"Are you gonna quit? I'd be happy to fill out your resignation forms!" I asked her happily.

"No, I will not quit. You'd enjoy that." She said walking away.

"Where are you going?" I asked her bewildered, before she left the room.

"To get a new eyeliner pencil." Rachel said, in a voice that it seems obvious why she was heading out.

"Note to self: fire her." I said aloud. I sat there bored before remembering I was going to call Frank. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my cell phone. I punched in his number and soon he picked up.

"Hello?" I heard him from the other end of the line.

"Hey, Frankie it's Gerard." I told him biting my bottom lip.

"Oh, hey man. Shouldn’t' you be filming right now?"

"No I'm getting ready." I said spinning around on the chair.

" 'Kay. So, why ya calling?" He asked.

“I wanted to know how the interviews went the other day.” I told him. I really did want to know. Seeing as he was the one who was choosing the girls that came on the show.

“It went great.” He said bluntly. Great? That’s all I get.

“And what else happened…?” I egged him on as I played with my red tie.

“Um…I also ate pizza that day…” He said joking.

“Whatever.” We made some small talk for a while before I had to get my make-up done, properly this time. Rachel had a new black eyeliner pencil in her hand.

“This is what I need.” She said waving it around a little.

“Uh huh, so can you put it on now?” I asked, aggravated.

“Alright alright, hold your horses.” She said taking the lid off. She put the eyeliner on, and thankfully she wasn’t rough with it. My eye was beginning to get itchy, and I had to scratch it.

“Uh, stop, I’m itchy.” I grunted trying to swat her hand away.

“Don’t! I’m almost done anyway.”

“No, I need to scratch!” I said again, my teeth clenched.

“In a second!” She yelled trying to finish her job.

“No, I can’t wait.” I complained trying to move her hand away with mine, only to have her stab my in the eye with the pencil. Okay, stabbed is over exaggerated but it still hurt.

“You shanked me!” I screamed rubbing my eye.

“Is it my fault you have huge eyes?” She asked rolling here eyes. Before long she had left and I had done my make-up. I walked out to see the director of the show, Alex, and he called me over.

“Okay, Gerard, you’re on in about 10 minutes.” He said placing his hand on my shoulder while his other hand was occupied with a clipboard.

“10 minutes?” I asked, nervous even more now.

Alex gave me a small smile. “Don’t’ be nervous man.” He told me running my shoulder a bit.

“I know, it’s just kinda weird how they’re all here to see /me/.” I told him honestly. I didn’t really understand why they were here to see a guy who still read comic books. It was flattering, really.

“Go to the entrance, Gerard.” I heard someone say. I followed their instructions and took nervous steps there.


Andria’s P.O.V

I had been waiting with a group of other girls on a small platform outside the house where the show would continue. I had arrived here a few hours ago, gone into hair and make-up and I was now totally nervous. There was chatter going on behind me as I turned to look and the other ‘competition’.

I was more nervous about meeting Gerard more the anything. I knew I’d say something stupid, or fall over, or stutter. The list of things that could potentially go wrong was endless.

I saw what I thought was a stagehand walking out. All the talking stopped and attention was now on him.

“Hello all. I’m Alex.” He began. “Girls, it’s nice to see you all here tonight.” He said smiling widely. “You all look very nice too.” He said winking, which was kind of weird.

“Alright, now Gerard –“

“Whoo, Gerard!” A screaming girl with black hair behind me yelled.

“Uh, yeah. Well Gerard –“

“GERARD!” She yelled again. Talk about annoying.

“Um, okay. Well Ger…He will be arriving in a few minutes. So, just all relax, and we’ll have a good time.” He said smiling and leaving us there.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!” A red head squealed as she clapped her hands together. Soon, the most breathtaking man was standing just a few feet in front of me. He gave everyone a slight wave and I was shocked when we made eye contact for a few seconds.

More clapping and cheering emerged from everyone except me. I was too overwhelmed by everything and I didn’t know how to handle a situation like this. I saw Gerard blush a bit and I let out a small giggle. I’m guessing he still wasn’t used to this much attention.

He cleared his throat before talking. “Um, hi everyone.” He said nervously playing with his tie. “Uh, well this is a first for me, so I’m no too sure how to feel all of this.” He said giving us a smile. “So, let’s not stay out here in the cold too much longer.” He said looking up at the night sky.

“Too the house.” He said motioning with head to indicate the direction of the house I’ll be staying at. Everyone behind took off quickly laughing away with Gerard closely behind them.

I felt like I was paralyzed from the waist down. My legs felt like I couldn’t move. I soon saw that Alex guy come up to me. “The house is that way.” He said pointing to it.

“Oh, yeah, right.” I said blushing and taking a few steps towards it.

You know that dumb one that was always on a show like this? Yeah, I felt like her, I thought as I walked to my new fate.

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