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Chapter 6

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Andria and Gerard talk some more, the first elimination and new friends are made.

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I actually posted the new chapter last night, but then the order of the chapters was mixed up. So, I thought deleting chapter 6, which was in chapter five’s place, would work. Surprisingly, it didn’t, instead some weird thing said that feature was currently unavailable, and I, like, over dosed on wtf. Anyway, even after all that, I’m in a very happy mood. Considering my friend Ayden was singing ‘Sweet About Me’ all day, which is incredibly funny coming from him. Not to mention my friend Danny flipped a stool over in science…Then sat on it…And rode it like bull(: You had to be there. Any who, on with the story!

DISCLAIMER: Don’t own, don’t know, not to mention that it NEVER happened, so please don’t sue.

Chapter 6-
The Obvious Emotion;

Andria’s P.O.V

“What?” I whispered, which was happening a lot tonight.

“I really like you.” He said again. How could he really like me? We only just met tonight.

“But-“ I started.

“I like you Andria.” He smiled. I was speechless; I had no idea what to say!

“Thank you.” I mumbled. Crap. Shit. Fuck. Damn. I nearly went through every cuss word in the dictionary when I said ‘thank you’. Gerard raised an eyebrow, possibly because he was expecting me to say the same thing back. I gave him an awkward smile, hoping that someone would come along and destroy this awkward silence.

“Don’t let the other girls scare you.” He told me, trying himself to give me some faith.

“I can’t help it.” Really, I couldn’t. They were intimidating to a certain point, and I couldn’t handle. The women in that house were the people I could only handle in small doses.

“Why do they scare you? I mean come on, they can’t hurt you.”

His question was planted in my brain. “They just do…” I mumbled, wondering how I could describe that situation in my point of view to him. “They’re like…That tall kid at school everyone is afraid of, you know, you don’t walk near him, ‘cause your scared of what he’ll do.”

Gerard let out a small laugh. “I remember that kid.” He said. Obviously, he was referring to high school.

Suddenly, a sound behind us was made, the door opened with a man from the crew standing there. “Gerard! We’re filming soon, come on.” He said, walking out of the doorway.

“Oh, yeah, sorry.” He blushed, not looking in my direction.

“Come on Miss, you need to get inside too.” He smiled politely. I nodded, standing up and walking into the house with Gerard in front of me.

We all walked into the living room, everybody turned their attention to Gerard as they smiled. Soon more crew was visible with cameras and sound equipment with them. Alex soon came into view, a friendly smile plastered on his face.

“Ladies!” He yelled, grabbing everyone’s attention. I was now with the rest of the contestant here, standing by their sides. “Filming will start now. So, carry on like you would, just pretend we’re not here. By the end of the night, 4 of you will be sent home.” After more instructions were given, the crew ere behind their cameras and were ready to film.

In all honesty, I was a nervous wreck. I still wasn’t prepared to go on film, you never know what mistakes could be made. This was going to be broadcasted fort EVERYONE to see, and my fears was probably visible for them to witness.

Everyone was either chatting with Gerard, or drinking whatever was provided. Alcohol was limited, but Gerard still didn’t drink any. I couldn’t help but notice that Gerard was eyeing me every now and then, making me embarrassed.

Soon the night came to an end, and I was worried I was going to be sent home. Nobody knew that Gerard and me had been talking outside, so if I were to stay, people would get suspicious.

We were instructed to go into another room, which had a row of cushioned seats, with space provided behind them for people to stand. I took a seat, my hands fumbling with each other because of how nervous I was.

Gerard stood in front of us, looking more nervous than me. By his side, there was a table. It was layered with black and red silk, sting the house. There were a bunch of roses on the table, so I assumed the people continuing this show would each get one. I sighed nervously, waiting for Gerard to talk.

“Unfortunately, four of you will have to leave to tonight.” He told us, and few people shifted nervously in their seats. “When I call out your names, please come and get a rose.”

The first name was called out:

“Andria.” I let out a scream that most likely sounded like it came from a fan girl. I stood up quickly, giggling as I went, and in front of Gerard. He reached over and grabbed the rose on the table, and handed it to me. He then opened his arms in a warm embrace, and I gladly accepted as we hugged.

“You’re my favorite already,” He whispered in my ear, making me shiver all over. I smiled one more time before steeping to the side as directed, for the other girls to get their roses.

Gerard called out the next name, which was Jessica. Jessica jumped out of her seat with her long black hair in a ponytail. She took the rose, and gave Gerard a small peck on the cheek. He blushed as he fumbled with his tie, obviously embarrassed by her small sign of affection. I felt jealous, it was the obvious emotion.

Gerard called out the rest of the names, but leaving four out. These girls weren’t coming back here, considering w3hy they cried and cried…And cried. They were escorted into a separate room to get interviews and their feedback about the previous eliminations.

We all crowded around Gerard, as he was going to give us news about the following weeks that we’d be here.

“Ladies,” He began. ”The longer you stay here, the stronger the competition. So, get some rest, the bedrooms are upstairs.” He told us some things about the house, where the bathroom and kitchen was, and then we said our goodbyes.

Everyone went upstairs, laughing away. As I entered one of the four bedrooms, I saw four beds. Three other girls joined me, who looked nice, and my instincts were right. They were very cheery and excited about the whole thing. I found out their names, which were Sandra, Aimee and Renee.

After finding a comfortable position on the bed, I drifted of to sleep.


I woke up and heard giggling from downstairs. Renee was the only one left sleeping, so I decided to leave her be. I went downstairs and found a letter on the coffee table, with a few people around it as they had just read it.

I picked it up, and read it happily:

Good morning. Let the games begin./


I had to eave it there, as I must study for my half yearly exams, which I mustn’t fail. I really need some good marks(: Anyway, I hope you liked it. The next chapter will have the little competitions and so on. A new change in the plot will also be added, which, by the way, has some gory/scary scenes. Thanks for all the reviews, and all the pretty green rates. iLY guys. Add ‘cause I love new friends (:
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