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Chapter 7

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The first challenge for the contestants.

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DISCLAIMER: I own NOTHING mentioned in this story. It’s all fiction, It’s fake, it never happened.

Chapter 7-
Revengeful Bullets;

“Scared?” I was asked as we all walked outside. I turned to see Renee by my side, smiling as if trying to comfort me.

“A bit.” He admitted. I really was nervous, considering the games wee beginning, and I was never too good at sports.

“Don’t worry, I bet we all are.” She said trying to ease to growing burden of fear.

“Yeah.” I mumbled as the sun hit my eyes, causing me to shied them with my and. We walked to where directed, finding Gerard standing there, the camera crew all around. I heard some claps and cheers for behind me, meaning happiness that a certain rock star was a few meters away from us.

“Morning all.” Gerard said, smiling shyly. He still seemed uneasy about everything. Hell, I would be too.

“Morning.” Everyone said in unison, making him giggle. “Now, there will/be a challenge today, and there /will be a prize.” A bunch of excited sounds came out of everyone’s mouths, as they were happy about the prize.

Gerard continued. “There are two prizes, actually, if you consider dinner with me, alone, a prize.” He said winking. I heard giggles all around me, some coming from me too. “The first prize is a secret.”

After a bit more of Gerard talking about prizes and surprises, Gerard began to tell us about the upcoming challenge by providing us with instructions.

“This challenge is all about brains.” He said.

“Were not eating brains are we?” Came a soft voice, and honestly, I was thinking the same thing.

Gerard burst on laughing. “No, sweetheart, no eating brains on this show.” He smiled. “I wanna know what’s up here.” He said, pointing to his forehead, signalling he wanted to know about what knowledge was contained in out brain.

“Oh.” Came many voices. I assumed everyone thought we were eating brains too.

“Okay, follow me.” He began walking down a path that lead into another building. It was small from my view, but I was wrong when I walked in. it was decorated in bright colours, hurting my eyes a bit. Inside were tables covered in cloth. Looking to the left, I noticed a lot of stuff covered in sheets, and some doors, supposedly to block of some other environment that was used for upcoming challenges.

He walked a bit more to the tables. “You’ll be split up into two teams.” He told us.

They tabes came into a better view, and I saw that shirts were placed on two tables. One table had five black shirts, and the other had five red shirts.

“Two teams will be against each other to test your knowledge…On My Chemical Romance.” I smiled, knowing I could ace this. I heard a few gasps, and a few people nervously biting their lip. I’m sure the question wouldn’t be too hard. I thought they’d just be one’s like what album ‘Cubicles’ was from, stuff like that.

“The two tams are called Bullets And Revenge.” Gerard said smiling proudly. “Bullets consists of: Samantha, Melissa, Aimee and Cassidy.” He told us. The four girls walked up to Gerard as he handed them their black shirts. They were told to go into the bathroom located a few doors away to put them on.

“And, you guys are Revenge.” We got our shirts, and then changed into them as directed.

Soon, a few of the crew had given us two chairs, one for a member of both teams who was currently competing. On the other team, Aimee volunteered to go first, then Cassidy second, Melissa second and the Samantha last. On our team, I said I would go first, and then Renee would go next, followed by Kelsey and then Alice.

I sat down on the chair on the left, and Aimee on the right. The space between Aimee and I was a wide length, so it was impossible for any of us to copy of each other.

“Thinking caps on ladies.” Gerard told us, smiling as he held a few pieces of paper in his hands. Obviously, they were listed with questions he was going to ask us. Later, we were handed for pieces of paper, which was actually card cut into four pieces. We were given pens to write our answers down with.

“First question,” I heard Gerard say. I took the lid of the pen, placing it on the end of the utensil used for writing; it was a force of habit, usually when I was nervous.

“When we were starting out, a very nice band provided us with food and clothing, what band was it?”

Easy, I thought. It was Underoath. I wrote it down with my messy writing. I gave the pen to Renee as the other team wrote their answers down, and handing the pen to the next person who was answering.

“Next question. Frankie was in another band before this, which was called, what?” Easy, Pencey Prep. After all the questions were asked, it was a tiebreaker.

“Well, well. You girls are very smart, aren’t you?” Gerard said as we all looked up at him curiously. We all wanted to know what was happening, who was going to win and what was happening with the tiebreaker.

“It’s a draw,” He told us. “Well, what we should we do about this?” He smirked, obviously a cunning plan evolving in his mind. “I know.” He smiled brightly.

“What is it?” Aimee asked, excitement in her voice.

“Secret.” He smirked.

“Aw, no! Please tell us!” I heard someone say.

“Pretty please!” I whined. Soon everyone erupted into saying please over and over gain, hoping to make Gerard crack and to get him to fill us I n on his secret.

“Alright, alright,” He gave in. “I was never too good at keeping secrets anyway.” He rubbed his hands together. “In the leats perverted way possible, I will like to see you ladies have a water fight.” He smiled.

“A water fight?” Kelsey questioned, a small grin appearing on Gerard’s face.

“Yup!” He jumped, happy. “Let’s get ready then. Did you all bring your bikinis?” Gerard questioned.

“No.” Everyone said in unison.

“Oh.” Gerard said, sadly, hanging his head, which was soon lifted. “I’m sure I can find some somewhere around here.” He grinned. “Wait here.” He soon ran out of the room, possibly looking for someone who could provide us with the ‘appropriate’ wardrobe for this challenge.

The crew left, half of them actually, possibly on their way to set up the new challenge. Through the glass windows, you could see them running around with water balloons and water guns. Buckets soon appeared on the outside, and Gerard soon came in with a box.

“Yay! Bikinis!” He said, throwing them up in the air. I laughed; it was adorable to see how happy he was because of…Bathing suits. Conveniently enough, there was a sufficient to go around, fitting everyone’s size. Everyone seemed much more comfortable, perhaps because of the fun time were going to have, especially Gerard.

We were directed to go outside, onto the grass where all the water balloons and whatnot were. Someone from the crew came up to us as we stood in a group.

“Now, simple rules of this game. The person to get hit with the most balloons is eliminated. The videos will be watched multiple times to see who got hit the most. Then the winner will be announced. It won’t take very long to watch all videos, we have enough for each crew member, so hopefully in 15 minutes, we’ll know who the winner is.” He continued. “When Gerard blows his whistle, you can start.”

Water fights were my specialty, considering the part of town I grew up in, where heat was a normal part of the day. Also with brothers in your family, you always had to be prepared. While I was younger I had many water fights, but I’m sure everyone here had their fair share of experience.

I looked over to see Gerard sitting comfortably on the grass. His knees were crossed, with a smile plastered on his face. He had the whistle in his hand and was moving it closer to his mouth. Soon, the soon of the whistle hit my ears and I grabbed and threw as many balloons as humanly possible.

Teamwork was a big role in this, as I felt Renee had my back. Whenever someone was about to take a shot at me, Renee would help, and I would help her if she were in that situation. I picked up a green balloon, looking around to see who it could be thrown at. Saw Samantha squealing her head if, trying to duck and cover from…Water. I knew that would make wonderful television. I aimed at her, and hit her square on her shoulder.

“OW!” She yelled. She looked in my direction; she obviously knew it was me who threw it. I laughed, trying my hardest not to show her though.

“Whoops.” I said, not really caring.

“Whoops?! You hit me and all you can say is ‘whoops’?!” She screamed. She stormed over to me, making me laugh even more.

“It was an accident Sam.” I said brushing off her shoulder. “It’s not big deal.” I smiled sweetly. “There’s no need to get jealous of me. You know I’m going to dinner with Gerard tonight.”

“Liar.” She mumbled. “I’m surprised you didn’t get eliminated last night.”

“I’m surprised you know what liar means.” I said smartly, stepping away far enough so I could throw another balloon at her. She growled, her eyes narrowing at me at her fists balling up. She reached down and grabbed a pink water balloon, holding it above her head ready to throw when-

“TIMES UP!” Gerard yelled, blowing his whistle after. She yelled loudly, still throwing the balloon at me. It hit me softly, showing that she didn’t work out.

We all huddled up into another group as Gerard walked over to us. “Wow.” He started. “That was…Wet” He smiled. I think everyone knew he liked what he saw, considering the smile on his face.

“I told you all earlier, one of the prizes was dinner with me.” He ran a hand through his hair before continuing on. “The other prize is immunity!” He said happily. “So, whoever wins the watertight, wins dinner, and will not get eliminated this week.” He smiled happily.

“When do we find out the winner?” Cassidy asked.

“Very soon, according to the crew.” He told us. “Why don’t you go to the house and get changed into some more comfortable clothes.” He said heading back to the little house where the first challenge took place, but he turned around to say something else. ”Although I love you ladies in bikinis.” He said, grinning widely.

I laughed, walking back to the house with Renee by my side. “That was fun.” She laughed.

“I agreed. “I was although Samantha’s scrams hurt my ears.” I told her.

“I heard that!” I heard Samantha yelling behind us.

“Sorry, Sam.” I pouted, pretending to be sorry.

“I said don’t call me Sam!” She cried out as we entered the house. We all went upstairs to get change into more comfortable clothes, as Gerard said too. I put on some black skinny jeans and a white shirt with random patterns on it. I walked downstairs, Kelsey and Cassidy already down there. We greeted each other and soon everyone else came downstairs.

After some chitchat, mainly about the water fight, Gerard entered the house. He had an envelope in his hand and smile on his face. “And the lucky lady then gets to have dinner with me is…”

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