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We are on the Road Again!

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a concert

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We all woke up the next morning and the boys were trying to work the coffee machine.

“Why isn't it working?” Gerard asked.

“Did you plug it in then flip the switch?” I asked.


“Well then, do it.” I said.


Gerard plugged it in and turned the switch and in about five minuets there was coffee making. Everyone had a cup or two they we checked out of the hotel and we went on the bus.

“We’re back on the rode!” Frank yelled in a sleepy voice, then went into a bunk and fell asleep.

Gerard started to smirk.

“Why are you smirking?” I asked.


“About what?”

“You will see later!” He said as he got up, took my hand and we went to one of the bunks and sat down. Soon after that, everyone else fell asleep.

“Perfect!” Gerard yelled in a quite whisper.

“What's perfect?”

“This.” He said as he pinned me down and franched me. Im not going into full detail because you know what happened...hopefully. It ended soon and we went to watch tv and eventually feel asleep on the couch.

~A few hours later~

Everybody woke up we were at the arena and we all helped put up the stage. It was one really big stage and in the back was their ‘My Chemical Romance’ sign. Once it was finished, the boys went to get there make up on. Once they were there, they noticed that there wasn’t a stylist so they asked us to. We said yes and did all the make up within a half hour. Gerard had the black strip across his eyes along with everyone else except for Frank. He did the black crosses on his eyes.

They were finished and they had to do the sound checking. Once that was done, they came back backstage.

“Only a few more minutes till you are up.” Brian said as he smiled at us.

“Okay” All the guys sad.

Gerard came up to me and we were only an inch away. “Don’t I get a good luck kiss?”

“Depends. Do you want one?”

“Yes i do!”

“Well then fine.” I kissed him really hard.


I just smirked.

Brian came up and said that they needed to go. It ruined Mikeys , Cari’s, gerard’, and my moment. We all were doing the same thing. The guys left and we watched them from behind. Gerard and Mikey would look back at either Cari or me and smile.

The guys sun all of the song that they needed to sing and the concert was over. It went by so quickly! And they were awesome!

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