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Its Beach Time

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Walk on the beach!

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“What are you doing Gerard?” Frank asked knowing he would be able to fool the guys and Steph.

“Well what do you think? I am in a hotel room and I have Jade.” Gerard said going along with Frank.

“Don’t you think you should put up the ‘don’t disturb’ sign?” Franks teased as Steph and the guys stopped and looked at each other.

“That would have been a good idea!” Gee said.

“Yeah, it would have been!”

“Frank are they really doing what I think they are?” Mikey asked.

“Depends on what you are thinking but probably!”

“Oh God we shouldn’t have let them stay alone!” Ray said as they reached the door and looked in side. “You lair!!!”

“I was only kidding! You think I was for real? I wouldn’t stand here if they were doing that!”

“Yeah that’s true.” Bob said.

“SO where is Jade?” Steph asked.

“In the shower.”

“Oh okay. So what are we doing tonight?” Frank asked.

“We should go and walk on the beach!!!” Gerard said excitedly as Jade came out of the shower.

“Good idea!” Steph said.

“What’s a good idea?” Jade asked.

“Going for a walk on the beach.” Gerard said.

“That is a good idea.” Jade said.

“Well then that’s what we will do.” Frank said.

Everyone got ready then walked to the Beach. The weather was perfect and the sun was setting. Once they got there, they were in a group but they spilt. It was Mikey and Steph in the front. Then Ray, Frank, and Bob were in the middle. Gerard and Jade were in the Back. Then Frank went psycho. About Mangos!

“I LOVE MANGOS!!!!!!” Frank yelled.

“Shut up! Can you get any louder?” Ray asked.

“Yeah I can what to hear it?”

“NO!” Everyone yelled.

“But they are really good!!!!”

“Yeah but don’t yell about them!” Mikey said.

“Okay I won’t.”

“Good!” Gerard said.


We all rolled our eyes.

They stayed at the beach for about three more hours. They walked along the water and eventually played in the water until they were frozen. After that, they went back to the hotel and fell asleep. They all managed to fit in that room and it was a small room. They knew that they had to go to sleep earlier because they would have to wake up early and get back on the bus. They had a show tomorrow!

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