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Fans will Never quite!

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park, swining, fighting (not that much)

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"Do you think leaving Gerard and Mika in the hotel room was such a great idea?" Frank asked.

"Probably not."Steph said.

"You saw what they were doing before we left, who knows if it will turn
into something else or not." Mikey said.

"Well they will do what they want how they want it I guess they will know if it is to much or not."

"Yeah they will."

(They are now at the park)

"Lets go on the swings!" Frank said.

"There are only four swings though." Mikey said smiling.

"Steph is sitting on Mikey's lap." Bob said.

"Okay fine with me." They all go onto the swings and noticed that there was
a group of preppy girls staring at Steph with some dirty looks on their face and whispering things.

"Hey Steph, don't let them get to you." Mikey said.

"I won't."

"Good." Mikey said as he started to swing and it slowly got higher and Steph would would start to get scared as the preps walked over and Frank noticed that and watched them. Mikey started to slow down then come to a stop.

"Hey can we have your guy's autograph?"

"Sure." Frank said in an unsure tone as they gave him a pen and paper.

They started to glare at Steoh as she looked away.

"Dude stop glaring at her." Mikey said as Steph looked over at them.

"Sorry, but she is whatever."

"No she isn't she is a lot more then whatever." Mikey said.

"I can't Belive you are sticking up for her."

"You know what, Why don't you shut the fuck up." Steph said getting up as Mikey tried to get her as she walked.

"Well, he shouldn't stick up for you, you are whatever."

"Well you know what you are, a bitch that is going to have a black eye."

"I'm so scared you piece of shit."

"You should be." Steph said as she punched her in the eye then the other girl went and punched Steph in the stomache. After a few seconds this started to become an actual fight and everyone was trying to stop it when somebody hit Frank in the stomace and he was having a few problems trying to catchs his breath.

"Okay this isn't funny." He goes into the middle of this fight and pulls Steph off of the other girl. " We are leaving!" He said as they all started to walk away and back to the hotel.

They walked into the hotel and went to their rooms then went to Greard's.

"Oh my god!"

(Okay for whoever is reading this i need some help. What should happen next? Please help me!)
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