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Lets Go!

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We ate everything. And damn it was good. Well we are sitting here trying to figure out what we were going to do next. Either go shopping, or go back to the hotel. SHOPPING! So we got ready and left the doughnut store. We went to one of the biggest Hot Topics in the world. I was awesome! We bought Black skinny jeans, MCR shirts and everything. Now that I think about it, we have every MCR shirt ever made.

After Hot topic, the Jade and I went to Claire's to get a few things then we meet the guys by the fountain. It was around noon when we were finished, and we went to eat at the food court. We all got cheese pizza. after all the shopping we did, we went to the hotel. And the guys started talking about making a new album. Gerard was thinking of ideas to draw because he was bored. They also maybe used for the cover of their new album. Jade sat on the bed that he was on watching him draw.

"Thats really good." She said.

"Thanks." Gerard said back.

"You are welcome."

Everyone was now involved with trying to find the name of a new album. There was already one new song for it. "Stay Awake." Jade and I heard that song before and it was really good. So there was one song! Well there were no names for the album, but we were al still thinking.

After a few hours, we fell asleep. It was only 5 in the evening. Weird. It was around 7 when we woke up. Mikey and I were the first ones up. We were looking into each others eyes and kissed...pretty hard. The next one up was frank.


Thats when everyone else woke up.

"What?" they all said at the same time looking at us. "EW!"

Mikey pulled away laughing. Then I started.

"Now you guys know how I feel when there is Frerard."

"Dude thats hot though." Jade said.

"Yeah it is." I said.

"For you! And besides, you are girls!"

"Yeah that is true." Jade said while Gerard whispered something into Jade's ear and she nodded.

Gerard got up and walked over to Frank and Kissed him hardly and had some "moments."

"EW EW EW EW EW EW EW and EW!" Mikey said squealing.

Everyone started to laugh as Mikey looked away. After about a minutes he went to Jade and Kissed her the sam way but even harder.


"Nope." Gerard said as he went back to kissing Jade. Mikey looked away.

"Okay you to, you can stop like any time now!" Ray said.

They ignored him.

"Like any time now!"

Still ignored him.

"Dude they aren't! Lets just go somewhere else." Steph said.

"Like where?" Bob asked.

"How about that park down the street from here." Frank said.

"Good enough for me." Frank said.

So we all got up and went to the park. Leaving Gerard and Jade in a hotel room, by themselves. That probably wasn't such a great idea.
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