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my Bed is More Comfier!

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Mikey and Steph

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(Mikey’s POV)

“Wake up Steph, Mikey!” Frank yelled and jumped on us as we tried to push him off.

“No. Its to early.” I said

“No it isn’t, its only eleven o’clock.” Frank said jumping up and down and yelling.”

“Yes it is, go wake up Bob and Ray.”

“Okay!” Frank shot up and ran to their room that they were sharing.

Steph and I looked into each others eyes. I loved her eyes. They were like different. Hers were blue with green and gray in them. They were really pretty. Anyway, we are laying down next to each other smiling.

“Does Frank do that all the time?”

“Sadly to say, yeah.”


“Yeah, he tried to do that earlier to you and Jade but we stopped him.”

“Was it that day like on the beginning of week?”


“Yeah, I heard you telling him not to wake us. Then I fell back asleep.”

“You were up? I thought you were, because you were moving around.”

“Yeah, I was trying to get comfortable again.”

“Those beds are hard to sleep on and get comfy on.”

“Yeah I have noticed that but mine can be comfy at times.”

“Yeah, yours may be, but mine is much more comfy.”

“No mine is!”

“No way!”

“Yes way!”

“No its not!”

“Yes it is!”

“We will just have to see about that.” Pins Steph down and French’s her. Seconds later, its deeper. Steph was moaning and making adorable sounds. They were so cute, but they were hot all at the same time. I let her go but our lips were still touching. Her arms went around my neck and my arms around her waist. She was so warm and it felt so good. I was so happy that we meet each other. I had a big feeling that Steph was the same way.

I was the one to pull away because we were both out of breath. I went for it again. I kissed her deeply waiting for her to let my tongue enter. She let it. She was a good kisser. A VERY good kisser. She did something with her tongue. I don’t know what it was, but I wanted more.

Went got into the showers, and after got dressed. When we were finished, we both went to meet Gerard, Jade, Frank, Ray and Bob down in the lobby of the hotel.

“Dudes is anybody hungry?” Ray asked.

“I am!” Everyone said in unison.

“Well where are we going to go?”

“Let’s go get doughnuts!” Frank yelled.

Now we are going to some doughnut store. We go there in less then five minutes because we were like right across the street from on. The cars passing by was what took for ever. They wouldn’t stop. So by the time we got across the street, Frank was already in the building.

There was like a total of three boxes bought. They looked so good. We also had coffee which was also looked really good. The whole breakfast was looking really good. Now we final get to eat them. Hopefully we can get some before Frank eats the majority of them like he did last time.
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