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Prologue: Seto Uchiha

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The Story of Seto Uchiha begins!

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Seto Uchiha

Now, he knew that he was being chased. Just as Seto Uchiha turned his head to see whom his chaser was, four shurikens went passed his head, almost hitting his head protector. Then he made a handseal, forming almost a cross like shape. Using little of his chakra and he muttered to himself, “Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! Shadow clone technique!”

Then four puffs of smoke circled around him. Without telling them, all four of his clones went into different directions. Then he stopped, hoping that his chaser didn’t follow him. From a pouch below his left knee, he withdrew two kunai. Then he closed his eyes. Listening for any signs of faint movement. When he opened his eyes, he activated his sharingan. Everything around him seemed to slow down.

“Damn it! I should have activated it sooner! I think I should summon him.” Said Seto, now biting his right thumb until it started to bleed, then started making handseals. “Boar, Dog, Rooster, Monkey, Ram! Kyuichose no Jutsu! Summoning Technique!”

When he placed his right hand on the ground he summoned, Draidon the Lord of the Hell Dogs.

“Why have you summon me here?” Snarled the Lord of the Hell Dogs.

“I think that someone is following me.” Said Seto. Then a sound, it sounded as though it was coming where he and Draidon were standing. Draidon heard it too, turning his massive head.

“Can we turn into the six tailed dog demon, so we can scare him off? Or do you want to kill him?”

“We only practice it once so that we both combine into that dog demon. We can try, but you want to make a handseal.” Said the Hell Dog. While Draidon was building his chakra, Seto put his hands together to make the ram handseal. Then something black came by, whizzing right passed Seto’s head and hitting the dog from hell. And Draidon howled in great agony. Then there was a great puff of smoke, and when it lifted, Draidon the Leader of the Hell Dogs, was gone.

Seto turned around and threw his two kunies. Shit, thought Seto, I thought that he wouldn’t follow me. Then a cold voice rang out, “You can’t hide from me!”
“Name yourself! I want to know who my chaser is.” Yelled Seto.

“The one-tailed demon, Shukaku no Ichibi, was taken away from me. When I turned fifteen I became Kazekage! In the Village Hidden in the Sand, I am called Godaime Kazekage! I am also called Sabaku no Gaara!” said the voice.

“G-Ga-Gaara! B-but if you are Gaara show yourself!” Said Seto. And from a distant tree, the chaser showed himself, Gaara! He looked bored, almost as if the chase was like an annoying fly buzzing around his head.

“I’m not here for games, Seto! You shouldn’t have ran from me.” Said Gaara. “I’m here to give you these. One of these is a mission.”

And then Gaara gave Seto the packages, not knowing what they where, Seto said thanks. Then he moved slightly and he vanished.

Gaara looked around, wandering what the noise was coming from when Seto and Seto’s summoning was standing at. But, there was nothing there. Then with the slightest step, he vanished.

((Jutsu Used: Kyuichose no Jutsu, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu))
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