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Chapter 1:Mission at the Village Hidden in the Grass! And Who In The Heck Is This Guy?

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Naruto, Kakashi, and Sakura come to the County of the Hidden Grass!

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SetoUchiha: Still do not own Naruto, but I still wish I do.

Chapter 1
Mission at the Village Hidden in the Grass! And Who In The Heck Is This Guy?

“Kakashi-sensei why are we doing this again?” Said Sakura, stretching her arms.

“We are going to the Village Hidden in the Grass. Lady Tsunade’s orders, I’ll tell you the rest when we get there.” Said Kakashi, looking back at his book called “Itcha Itcha Paradise.”

“I hope that there is lots of ramen there!” said Naruto, eating a bowl of ramen.

“As much ramen that you eat, you just can call yourself ‘the Ramen King!’” said Sakura sarcastically

“Huh? Good idea Sakura! Yea that is what I’m going to call myself now. ‘Naruto the Ramen King!’” said Naruto, punching the air.

“BAKA!” Said Sakura, hitting Naruto’s head. “You Baka! I was being sarcastic!”

“Ow ow ow ow ow! That hurt! What are you trying to do? Give me brain damage?” Said Naruto, with his hands on his head.

“Oh! You want me to.” Said Sakura, hitting his head one more time. “You asked for it!”

“Stop messing around you two. We’re almost at the Grass Country,” says Kakashi looking over his
book. “And Sakura, don’t give him brain damage. We don’t want a stupid Hokage.”

“Who says he was going to be Hokage? Anyways he is already stupid.” Said Sakura.

“I’m not stupid! And why do we always talk about me?” said Naruto.

“Because you are the only one that has to open your mouth and have to talk to you so you can shut up, you baka!” said Sakura.

“My brain hurts. To much information going into my brain.” Whines Naruto, grabbing his head.

“Stop whining Naruto. That village up there is the first village in the Grass Country.” Says Kakashi, with his book put away because of Naruto and Sakura. “Lets get something to eat up at the village.”

“Good thinking Kakashi-sensei.” Says Naruto punching the air again.

“Baka.” Said Sakura in disappointment. As they was walking a person dressed in black with a green jacket walked passed.

“Excuse me.” Said the stranger, who kept walking. And the figured turned into the Ramen Shop. Just as the trio walked in the stranger was eating his ramen, all by himself. As they order, they agreed to sit beside the person in black.

“Hi,” says Sakura being polite and sat down. “I’m Sakura Haruna.”

“Hi, I’m Kakashi Hatake.” Said Kakashi stretching out his hand and the stranger shook it.

“And I’m Naruto Uzumaki and I’m going to become Hokage!” said Naruto.

“Yea good luck on that.” Said the stranger. “I’m Seto, Seto Uchiha.”

“Wait there is more Uchiha around?” says Naruto, amazed. And then everyone started to stare at Seto.

“What?“ said Seto looking at everyone.

“How can you be a Uchiha? I thought that they all was killed by Itachi, except for Sasuke, sensei?” Asks Sakura.

“Well I thought that too, Sakura.” Says Kakashi, eating his ramen

“Kakashi-sensei can I have more ramen?” asks Naruto.

“Go ahead.” Said Kakashi.

“Yay!” says Naruto running up to get another bowl of ramen. Sakura looked up at Seto and realized that he was wearing a head protector. She looked a little harder and realized that the symbol is the Leaf Village symbol.

“Your from Konoha, right?” Asked Sakura as Naruto sat down.

“Yea, you can say that.” Said Seto, then he pointed east. “But, actually I’m from a far country over seas.”

“Have you mastered the sharingan?” Asked Kakashi.

“Yea and I made my own Mangekyou Sharingan.” Said Seto. Seto looked up at Kakashi, which was in glee, and then said, “You want to fight me don’t you? Mangekyou verses Mangekyou. Am I right, Copy Ninja Kakashi?”

“You got the words right out of my fucking mouth! Are you also psychic?” Joked Kakashi.

“Meet me at the other side of the village when you’re done.” Said Seto. When Seto stood up he looked back at Kakashi with a smile on his face and left.
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