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she's the best thing that's ever happened to you

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Eventually everyone was going to find out.

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So here's the next chapter. So, last weekend when I started writing these last two chapters, my mom made me do yard work (bleh) and I got a wicked sunburn. So that was the inspiration for Izzie's pain. I didn't have any cute boys to put ice on it though :(

Yeah, and I went home from school for the weekend b/c my parents are having an engagement party for my cousin at our house and she said she'd pay me if I helped clean up the yard, (i have yet to see any money btw). When I got there she told me that she'd done some redecorating in the living room and upstairs. You have to understand that my room was the perfect balance of blue walls, and lime green, pink and orange bedding and curtains and everything. I had been creating the most fabulous technicolor nightmare since I was 12. I walked into my room on Friday, and every surface in the room is white and beige. I had an identity crisis. I'm still freaking out about it!

So that was my rant, on with the story:

“I’m walking in the door right now.” Izzie giggled into her cell phone as she swung open the door to the Wentz house and strolled in. “Hello?” she called stepping into the kitchen. Pete’s sister, Hilary, sat at the counter while Mrs. Wentz was working at the stove. Hilary and Izzie both snapped their phones shut as Izzie took a seat next to her.
“So, anyway. Like I was saying, I was walking out of my Art History final, and this guy out of nowhere is all like ‘hey, you’re pretty cute. You want to get coffee sometime?’ So do you think I should?” Hilary said really fast, scrunching up her nose.
“I guess so. But just coffee, don’t do anything else. That way if he’s weird, you’ll be out of there in like half an hour.” Izzie nodded.
“Izzie would you like some waffles?” Mrs. Wentz smiled kindly, holding out a plate.
“Oh, thank you.”
“I would have thought you’d be spending the day with your brothers, I saw them all leave a few minutes ago.”
“Yeah. They all went into the city to do tourist crap.” She shrugged.
“But you love tourist crap.” Hilary pointed out.
“I know. They ditched me! I went to grab my shoes, and when I came back they were gone.”
“Aww. They’re all douche bags.”
“I know, all of them! I even woke up early.” She glanced over at the clock. “I don’t even remember the last time I was awake, let alone dressed and functional before 10, when I didn’t have to be.” Izzie laughed. Pete shuffled in the kitchen, rubbing sleep out of his eyes in his boxers, with his hair sticking up everywhere. He stopped and stared directly at Izzie, who gave him a look as if to say, ‘shut up and play it cool.’
“Waffles?” Mrs. Wentz handed him a plate.
“Huh?...Oh, right. I’m going to eat them in here.” He spun around and went into the living room. The TV turned on as Hilary broke the awkward silence.
“Do you want to go to the mall?”
“Yes. I need shoes.” Izzie hopped off her chair.
“Let me get changed and I’ll meet you in front of your house in, like, an hour.”
“Awesome.” Hilary bounded up the stairs as Izzie made her way to the door. Pete skidded into the hallway from the living room just as she reached the door.
“I thought WE were going to do something today.” He pouted, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her close.
“You never said anything definite, so I made plans with your sister. We can do something later, we won’t be at the mall all day.” She smiled.
“I want to take you out tonight.”
“Like a date?”
“Yeah. I’ll pick you up at 7.”
“Ok.” She opened the door, pulling herself away from Pete.
“At least let me walk you home.”
“I live, like 10 feet away. And you’re not wearing any pants.” She looked him up and down.
“I don’t hear you complaining.” He smirked, kissing her deeply.

Pete jumped as a green flip-flop flew through his open window as he was watching TV in the middle of the night. He cautiously got up and peeked out and down the three floors to the ground. “Hi!” a figure waved enthusiastically in the dark. He sighed and headed downstairs. He opened the door as Izzie whispered “Hellooooo?!” up at the window.
“Are you drunk?” he pulled her in the house.
“Yes. And I lost my shoe.”
“Well you threw it in my window.”
“Oh, I was wondering where it got off to. I’ve never been drunk before. It’s fun.”
“Well, why are you drunk? And why aren’t you at YOUR house?” He guided her quietly up the stairs to avoid waking his parents.

“Do you want any more?” Mrs. Wentz asked, as Pete placed his empty dish in the sink.
“No. I’m going to go upstairs and catch up on some stuff.”
“I’ll put the leftovers in the fridge if you’re hungry later. How long have you and Isabella been going out?” she asked casually.
“You know she hates when people call her that.”
“You didn’t answer the question.”
“Just a couple days, we’re going on our first date tonight. How did you know?”
“I’m your mother, I know everything. Just, whatever you did last time to drive her away, don’t do it again. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you.”
“Ok, mom.” He rolled his eyes.
“I’m serious.”
“If you know everything, then wouldn’t you know, theoretically, what happened between us?”
“I have a very good idea, and you never should have let it happen. You don’t always think about how your actions can affect those around you.”
“Don’t start. I get enough of that from Patrick. And don’t tell everyone about us. Iz wants to keep it quiet for the time being.” He jogged up the two flights to his room to plan for tonight.

Izzie dug though her closet looking for an outfit to wear, she needed something that was nice enough if he took her someplace fancy, but also casual enough that she wouldn’t look out of place if he took her somewhere dressed down. And by ‘closet’, it was really a couple Ikea closet organizers set up in the corner with a curtain pulled in front of them. Izzie’s grandparent’s basement rec room had always been the band’s practice space. But when they got signed, they all moved in to her house during the writing and recording process and never left. On times like this, when they were only in town for a couple days, Izzie’s grandmother insisted that the guys all go to their own families, so their parents knew they still existed. The Page’s had turned the rec room into a makeshift dorm. On one side of the room, was all their practice equipment, positioned in a cramped version of their stage setup looking out on the rest of the room. On the other side, were four beds. Well, one bed, a set of bunk beds, and a sofa bed. There were two doors, one to the bathroom and one to the laundry room, a TV, and the ‘closet’ in the corner, covered by an electric blue curtain. Izzie finally decided on a black baby doll dress with thin straps, and a cutout in the back that showed off her tattoo. Since Pete seemed to like it so much. She picked out some silver glittery strappy sandals with low wedge heels and a bright yellow patent leather wrist purse. She straightened her hair and put on some big purple hoop earrings and a necklace with a giant mirrored unicorn. Just as she was finishing smudging her eyeliner, the doorbell rang. She looked over at the clock, it was only 6:55. She grabbed her lip gloss and ran upstairs before any of her brothers could get to the door.

Pete climbed the steps of Izzie’s porch and looked at the time on his phone. He was a couple minutes early, and she always ran late, but he had been so nervous that he’d gotten ready way earlier than he needed to and he was freaking himself out waiting around his house. He rang the doorbell and within seconds it swung open to reveal five guys with matching grimaces he knew all too well from watching Izzie for five years. They all stared him down as he gulped in terror. “You’re the kid from next door.” Alex nodded towards him. He used to be in one of those hardcore gangs that beat the shit out of people, and was therefore the most terrifying Page.
“Uh, yeah…my name’s Pete.” He stuck his hand out to shake.
“You touch her, we’ll kick your ass.” Josh, the oldest and most clean cut, added.
“Even if she wants you to.” Adam said, he was covered in tattoos and was pretty cool the couple times Pete had met him. They were about the same age and actually had a bunch of stuff in common. The three of them would hang out a lot when Adam came to visit Izzie.
“Dude.” Alex hit Adam in the arm.
“What? She’s kind of a slut. We all know it.”
“Guys, leave him alone.” Izzie thundered up the basement stairs, applying her lip gloss and pushed through the crowd at the door. “Don’t wait up.” She called over her shoulder, grabbing Pete’s arm.
“Ok.” One of them said.
“No seriously. DON’T wait up.” She turned and glared at them.
“Have fun.” Brian, the gay one waved.
“I like your hair, Pete.” Brian’s boyfriend Matt called. Pete waved thanks as the door shut and Izzie forcefully pulled him down the walk.
“Your brothers seem to like me.” He said, sarcastically, leading her to his car.
“Yeah, they’re DARLINGS. They’re just really overprotective.”
“They care about you.” He opened the door for her, before going around and getting in the drivers side.

“Well, we had a gig at this club. It was really good, you should have been there…”
“I was there.” Pete sat her down on his extra twin bed and slid her one shoe off, tossing it in the corner by the other.
“We were really good. And there was this other band there. They were like, ‘hey man, you guys were really good.’ Because we WERE good. And they were having a party, and they said we could come. So we went. And the guys all hooked up with these girls from this sorority, and they were going back there. So I said, I’d take the El back home, because they took the van. And I don’t know how to drive the van, with the…what’s it called?”
“Yeah, with that. Because I get my driver’s license next week. But I missed the train, so I got a taxi. But I gave my keys to Kyle because I don’t have any pockets, and they wouldn’t fit down my shirt. I put my money down my shirt.” She pulled the neck of her baby doll dress down to show him where she had a dollar shoved in the edge of her bra. “And I tried to climb up the porch roof, but I fell.” She showed him where one side of her leg, from her knee to her foot was all scraped up with little bits of grass in it. He pulled down her skirt where it had ridden up, showing off her Hello Kitty underwear.
“Let me go clean that for you.” He went in the bathroom and wet a washcloth to wipe the dirt out of her leg.
“So then I thought, I bet Pete would let me inside. And I lost my shoe.” With that she passed out.

“So…hi.” Pete chuckled as he slammed his car door shut.
“Hi.” Izzie grinned.
“You look really nice.” He looked her up and down, checking her out.
“Thanks. So do you.” He was wearing skinny jeans, a white tee shirt and green hoodie. So much for going someplace fancy.
“I thought we could go to dinner then a movie. Unless you want to do something else.”
“Sounds perfect.” She smiled as he reached over and took hold of her hand. They pulled up in front of a restaurant, not too fancy, but higher end. Maybe she was wrong. Pete parked and dashed around the other side of the car as Izzie swung her door open.
“Oh, I was going to do that.” He held out his hand to help her out.
“Do you want me to close it and do it again?” she smirked.
“Well you’re already out now.” He pretended to pout. He took her hand and led her inside. He’d called ahead, so they were immediately seated in the private back room usually reserved for parties. “For privacy.” He shrugged when the waiter closed the door. “I can’t get over how nice you look.”
“You mean I can actually look like a girl when I clean myself up?” she giggled.
“No, you look like…you. Not like the photo shoots that they’re always dressing you up like some kind of Barbie doll. I always thought you looked the hottest when you weren’t trying.”
“I know. What am I going to do? It’s part of the band’s look.” She shrugged. They ordered and chatted aimlessly for a while, waiting for their food to arrive until Izzie suddenly giggled.
“What?” Pete laughed, confused.
“I was just thinking how weird this is. I’ve known you since I was 12 years-old, and this is the first time I’ve felt nervous around you.”
“I tried on, like, six different outfits, I felt like such a girl.” He laughed.
“And you ended up looking exactly like you do everyday.”
“Hey, I took a shower. And these pants are clean. I think I look good.”
“You do look good.” She leaned across the table to gently kiss him as the waiter pushed the door open, bringing their food. They ate and paid before making their way to the movie theater.

“Are you cold?” Pete unzipped his hoodie when Izzie shivered, walking through the parking lot.
“No, I’m ok.” She smiled, wrapping her arms around herself.
“You have goose bumps. Wear this.” He pulled his hoodie off, holding it out for her to slip her arms in.
“Thanks.” She snuggled in to it as he wrapped an arm around her waist. “What do you want to see?” she stopped and looked up at the big board at the box office. They picked a horror movie and headed inside. Izzie had always been terrified of horror movies, even the commercials on TV made her jump and Pete knew that. She figured it was his sneaky way of making her bury her head in his shoulder for two hours. He could ‘protect’ her, and in gratitude she’d let him get to third base in the car.
“Do you want any popcorn or anything? I know we just ate…”he motioned towards the snack stand.
“Dude, I ALWAYS want food.” She laughed. He grinned down at her as she laced her fingers in his.
“Uh…hey guys.” Someone lisped behind them. Izzie and Pete looked at each other and cautiously turned around, snapping apart. Joe, Patrick, Andy, Steve, Taylor and Kyle were all staring at them expectantly.
“Uh…it’s…we’re not…” Izzie stuttered.
“What are you guys doing here?” Pete cut her off.
“We all decided to go see a movie, but we couldn’t get hold of either of you.” Andy shrugged.
“Because you were already here.” Steve added.
“This isn’t what it looks like.” Izzie glanced at Pete before looking back to the group with wide eyes.
“We’ve all known you’ve been hooking up in empty busses for weeks.” Taylor scoffed.
“Empty busses, storage closets, truck stops…” Patrick laughed. The line moved forward and Pete ordered Izzie her usual Twizzlers and a Diet Coke. They headed into the theater and sat down in the very back row, where it was darkest and most private.
“Want one?” Izzie handed Pete a Twizzler.
“You know, you’ve been eating the exact same thing at the movies as long as I’ve known you.” He took a bite.
“That’s not true, sometimes I get Snowcaps.” She giggled. The guys all walked into the same theater, loaded down with enough snacks to feed a small country. Joe spotted them and waved enthusiastically as they sat about half way down the theater. “So much for keeping it on the down low.” Izzie whispered, waving back.
“We didn’t want to interrupt any making out!” Kyle called out.
“Yeah, you’re in a public place. Keep it PG-13! For OUR sake!” Andy shouted. They all laughed as Izzie covered her face with her hand and Pete flipped them off. The lights dimmed as the movie started, and Izzie felt Pete delicately place his arm around her shoulders, being extra careful of her sunburn. The first ten minutes of the movie weren’t that bad. Maybe she had been psyching herself up for nothing. And now there was a chainsaw in someone’s head! She gasped and covered her eyes, turning to face Pete’s chest.
“You can look now, it’s over.” He chuckled, rubbing her back comfortingly. She picked her head up, glaring at him.
“Why’d I let you talk me into this?” she jumped as someone on the screen screamed.
“Because I’m adorable?” she huffed and turned to face forward again. “So, about that making out…” she shivered as his lips grazed her ear. She turned to face him, smiling as he lifted the armrest between them. He kissed her gently at first, but then with more passion as her hand went to his hair and she opened her mouth to allow his tongue access. She completely forgot about the movie until the lights came back on and people started getting up to leave.
“That was good.” She smiled, out of breath.
“Yeah, I liked it.”
“A lot of good character development.”
“I definitely didn’t expect him to be the killer.” Pete nodded, as they walked out with the rest of the crowd.

“I had a really great time.” Izzie grinned as Pete walked her to her door.
“Yeah. We should do it again some time when it’s not going to get crashed by all our friends.” He laughed.
“At least now we don’t have to sneak around.”
“That was your idea, not mine.” He leaned in to kiss her goodnight. Just as their lips touched, the porch light turned on. Izzie sighed, and looked over at the window to see five sets of eyes scowling out.
“I really hate you guys!” she snapped, before turning back to Pete. “Goodnight Pete, I’ll see you tomorrow at the venue.” She kissed his cheek and went inside.

A couple hours later, Izzie lay in bed staring at the ceiling, flinching at every sound and shadow. She jumped three feet in the air as her cell phone rang. “H-Hello?” she answered tentatively.
“I just wanted to say goodnight. Sounds like I gave you a heart attack.” Pete laughed down the line.
“You very nearly did. I can’t sleep.” She sighed.
“How come?”
That movie! I’m too freaked out.”
“You only watched the first fifteen minutes.”
“Yeah, and it was fifteen minutes too much.”
“I’m sorry, maybe we shouldn’t have gone.” He said quietly.
“No. It’s just that combined with sleeping down in my basement by myself. My basement’s scary, when I was six, Alex told me it was haunted.”
“So none of your brothers are down there with you?” he asked, slyly.
“No. They’re all in the guest room and on the couch. They wanted to give me space since I live on a bus with a bunch of boys.”
“So, you’re all alone…”
“Yes. Hello?” She looked at her phone. “Did you just hang up?” she shrugged and tossed the phone on the nightstand, rolling over. A few moments later she heard the small basement window jimmy open and a scuffle as someone climbed in. There was a rustle of clothes and she felt the weight shift on the bed as they crawled in and wrapped their arm around her from behind. She inhaled Pete’s scent and traced his tattoos with her finger in the moonlight. “Why do you always hang up on me?” she sat up suddenly to face him.
“It’s my thing. Go to sleep.” He wrapped his arms tighter, kissing her neck. “Is this my shirt?” he looked down at her Arma Angelus tee shirt.
“Go to sleep.” She smirked.

Since I'm horrible at describing stuff, here's the "dress":

So, please review. And the next couple weeks might be a little light on the updates. My graduation project is due on May 5 (yikes!), so I'll probably be really busy with that. Just a warning. I may be able to post some stuff on the weekends and stuff.
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