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“Stop trying to stick stuff up my nose.” Izzie giggled, swatting Pete’s hand away. They were sitting in the front lounge of his bus on their way from Denver to L.A. Izzie and her band had been so busy the last couple weeks, between touring and promoting the new album that she’d barely had any time to spend with Pete. Or sleeping. Usually, the only free time they had was on the bus between cities. Pete was watching cartoons and eating an entire bag of Goldfish crackers, while Izzie had her head resting on his shoulder, drifting in and out of consciousness. He was taking the opportunity to stick Goldfish in her hair, in her ears, down her shirt, and now up her nose.
“But you’re so cute when you’re asleep.” He grinned.
“And I’d be cuter covered in orange crumbs?” she pulled a couple crackers out of her shirt and placed them on the growing pile next to her.
“Of course.”
“Can I have one?”
“You have a whole bunch right there.”
“But those were in inappropriate places. Can I have one to eat?” she held out her hand.
“Only if you kiss me.” He gave a sly grin.
“Why would I kiss you after you stuck stuff up my nose?”
“Because I’m adorable. It’s a fair trade.” He shrugged.
“You’re lucky I even want to kiss you after you had Goldfish up your nose. It’s not very attractive.”
“Excuse me? I was on the cover of Maxim magazine.” She raised her eyebrows, acting offended.
“That’s because you bounce around on stage barely wearing any clothes.”
“You like it.” She scoffed.
“I do like it.” He nodded, thoughtfully. “Can I have a kiss now?” She smiled and reached her hand up to his cheek, pulling his face down closer to hers. She kissed him sweetly and broke away. He leaned in again, kissing her with more passion. Joe shuffled in, emerging from his cloud of smoke in the back to forage for snacks. He shook his head, sighing exaggeratedly.
“I think I liked it better when you two weren’t speaking.” He groaned, retreating with an armful of anything edible he could find.

“No, start at the bottom and go up.” Pete said, pushing the video camera out of his face.
“Why does it matter?” Izzie asked, zooming in on his snow boots.
“Because when I say my line you’ll be looking at my shoes.
“Ok, fine. ACTION!” she shrieked.
“Snow job? I meant blow job!”
“Ok, now let’s go inside.” Pete opened the door.
“Hey, quit bossing me around. I’m the director!”
“Says who? You’re just holding the camera.” He scoffed heading down the stairs to the basement.
“Exactly, I’m holding the camera and Patrick let me wear his hat.”
“I didn’t let you, you took it.” Patrick pouted.
“It wasn’t in character. You go back upstairs, and I’ll shoot you coming down like this.” She pointed at Pete.

“Hey, Mike wants to talk to us in the lobby before we leave for sound check.” Steve said, as everyone made their ways to the hotel elevator to go up to their rooms.
“Did he say why?” Izzie yawned, hauling her bag.
“He just said it had some big announcement. It’s probably about the party or something.” He shrugged, the album release party was tonight and the CD came out at midnight.
“I hope it’s strippers.” Kyle bounced over.
“Like that there will be strippers at the party, or just strippers? ‘Excuse me, can I have your attention. I’d like to say…strippers’.” Izzie imitated their manager.
“I wish.” Taylor sighed. They all tossed their stuff in their rooms and headed back downstairs for this big mystery announcement.
“Where are you going?” Pete asked as Izzie passed him in the hall.
“Band meeting, then sound check for the party. Do you want to come?” he looked over her shoulder to the other guys, silently checking if it was ok. They all shrugged and nodded.
“Ok, sure.” He took her hand as they all stepped into the elevator.
“I’ll give you guys some privacy.” Pete waited by the reception desk as members of Lloyd Dobler walked over to Mike and some important looking guy sitting on one of the couches.

“Hey, what’s up?” Taylor sighed, flopping down on the couch opposite them.
“So, how’s the tour going so far? Everybody working out your differences?” he narrowed his eyes at Izzie.
“Yep. Everything’s just peachy.” She nodded towards Pete, staring at the ceiling like a bored kid at church.
“Good, I’ve set up another interview with Entertainment Weekly after your sound check. It shouldn’t take too long.” Everyone groaned. “It’ll be on their website tomorrow and in next week’s magazine along with a review of the album.”
“Is that what you had to tell us?” Steve raised an eyebrow.
“There’s no strippers?” Kyle asked, disappointed.
“No, there’s more. And it’s good.”
“There’s strippers!” Kyle perked up.
“No.” Mike gave him a look. “This is Richard Hastings from the Recording Industry Association of America. I’ll let him tell you.” He pointed at the man next to him who reached out and shook everyone’s hands.
“On behalf of the RIAA, I’d like to congratulate you. Based on preliminary estimates of pre-sales numbers and shipment orders from retailers, it looks like your album has gone gold in pre-sales.” He grinned. Everyone sat in confused silence. “We’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning for the actual statistics, but our figures are usually correct. You should go platinum before the end of the week.” He continued.
“Is that even possible?” Steve scoffed.
“I thought people didn’t buy CDs anymore.” Taylor added.
“Well, I guess your band is the exception. Congratulations.” Mr. Hastings shrugged. It finally sunk in and Izzie shrieked, hugging the person closest to her, who happened to be Kyle. The other guys jumped on top of them, laughing.

“Wrap this tape around my waist.” Pete handed Izzie a tape recorder and a roll of masking tape.
“Like you’re taping a wire to me.” He lifted up his shirt and stuck the tape recorder in the front of his pants.
“I don’t know…” she kneeled down in front of him, unrolling the tape.
“Just do it, woman!” Pete laughed as Patrick came back downstairs with three sodas.
“This looks bad.” Patrick stopped in the doorway, laughing at their compromising position. Pete grabbed Izzie’s head and thrust his hips forward.
“Yeah, take it bitch!”
“Eew.” Izzie laughed, standing up. “Is that taped enough?”
“Looks good.” Pete nodded.
“You can see your nipple ring through your shirt.” She pointed at his chest. “It looks kind of gay.”
“Whatev.” Pete shrugged. “We ready for the next scene?”

Do you have the time
To listen to me whine
About nothing and everything all at once.
Why can I never
Sing this song in tune
It really sucks but we keep trying
To play it.
Izzie started laughing as they were goofing around with cover songs, avoiding having to go to that interview. “We should do Tainted Love. We all like Tainted Love.” She gasped.
“But it has a synthesizer or a keytar or something, doesn’t it?” Steve asked, retuning his bass.
“A minor technicality.” Izzie shrugged.
“We could fake it.” Taylor nodded.
“Yeah, the Pussycat Dolls did it with no synthesizer.” Kyle pointed out.
“The Pussycat Dolls are ALL synthesizer.” Izzie rolled her eyes.
“But do you know the words?” Steve asked.
“I know the words to EVERYTHING.”
“Except our songs.” Kyle laughed.
“That was one time! And I was drunk.” She whined as Taylor began playing the keyboard intro very badly on his guitar.
Sometimes I feel, I’ve got to
Run away, I’ve got to
Get away
From the pain you drive into the heart of me
The love we share
Seems to go nowhere
And I’ve lost my light
For I toss and turn, I can’t sleep at night

“I think we’re crooked. Hey Pete! Do we look off center to you?” Izzie shielded her eyes from the stage lights and called out into the empty room.
“You could move the drum kit a foot to your left and it’ll look fine.” His voice wafted out of the darkness.
“I think we should play a cover song tonight.” Kyle said, shifting his kit over.
“Mike said we’re playing the new album in its entirety. Nothing more, nothing less.” Taylor shook his head.
“What’s he going to do? Pull the plug on us in the middle of OUR party?” Steve laughed.
“We’re only allowed to do pre-approved cover songs. And we don’t have time to play anything for him.” Izzie sighed.
“We should get going. We need enough time after the interview to do our makeup.” Taylor said in a girly voice as Izzie punched him in the arm. They all handed their instruments to the techs to put back and jumped off the front of the stage.
“Do you want to come with us?” Izzie scrunched up her nose as Pete joined them.
“No, I think Patrick wanted to work on some stuff.”
“Yeah, I didn’t think so.” She laughed. “Do you want a ride back to the hotel?”
“I can just get a cab. You guys will be late.” He smirked.
“You’re not playing along.” She pouted. He kissed her cheek and turned the opposite direction once they left the building.

“Slap him!” Izzie mouthed to Patrick from her perch standing on a chair in the corner.
“You’re wearing a fucking wire!” Patrick slapped Pete, who just stopped.
“What the fuck was that? That wasn’t in the script!”
“She told me to.” Patrick pointed at Izzie.
“I’m the director! Now do it again. And don’t stop or I’LL slap you. Traitor.” She gave Patrick a look.

They all sat slouched down on the couch in the magazine’s office, staring blankly at the interviewer as he asked them the same questions everybody else had.
“It was a really great recording process. We co-produced it ourselves, so we got a lot more creative input. And we got to work with a couple of producers that we’d wanted to do something with for a long time. So, it was really fun. We’re really happy with this one.” Taylor smiled and nodded, as if reciting a script.
“So, Izzie.” The interviewer turned to her, and she picked herself out of her sleep deprivation haze. “You’re father’s a pretty influential figure in the music industry, was he excited that you wanted to follow in his footsteps?”
“Um.” She laughed nervously. “Actually he didn’t even know I was in a band until I sent him a copy my record contract to co-sign since I was a minor. He knew, first hand how rough this life can be, and he didn’t want me to get mixed up in the shady side of it. Even when our first album went platinum, he tried to convince me to give it up and go to college.”
“So, he’s not involved in your career at all?”
“Well, he’s come around. Now he listens to our demos and gives his opinion, and he comes to the shows when we’re in New York. His friends have all been really supportive of us though.” She sighed. “Like my uncle Keith explained it really great once. He said it’s the family business. Some families are electricians, some are lawyers, we’re rock stars.” She shrugged.
“Your uncle Keith?” he wrinkled his eyebrows, taking notes.
“Richards.” Izzie nodded.
“Oh, ok. Now, what do you mean by the shady side?”
“The sex and drugs part of sex, drugs and rock & roll.”
“But that’s the best part.” Steve said, as everyone laughed. “I’m kidding. Don’t write that. Or write it, because that was hilarious, but make sure you say it was a joke.”

“That went pretty well.” Steve said as they all filed into Izzie’s hotel room.
“It was a disaster. I hate when they ask me about my dad.” She groaned, flopping down on the bed and curling up into a ball. “I’m so sleepy, I can’t wait for this to all be over.”
“We should all go on vacation again.” Kyle said, as all the guys flopped down on top of her.
“That’ll be fun. Someone’s elbow is in my least I HOPE that’s someone’s elbow.” Izzie groaned from the bottom of the pile.
“You’re bed’s so much more comfortable than mine. You want to switch?” Taylor asked.
“She’s not going to switch.” Steve shook his head. “That door goes straight to Pete’s room.” He pointed to a door in the corner.
“That’s so sneaky. And dirty.” Kyle laughed.
“He just happened to get that room.” Izzie defended herself.
“Yeah, what a coincidence.” Taylor said sarcastically.
“No, seriously. We haven’t done THAT yet.”
“Well why the hell not? You usually turn all slutty with all your other boyfriends.” Kyle raised his eyebrows.
“We…I don’t know if he’s my boyfriend. He won’t talk about it. What if he already has a girlfriend? What if he’s on the phone with her right now or something?” She glanced nervously at the wall separating their rooms. The guys all stared blankly at her.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Steve shook his head slowly.
“Dude, did you just turn into a chick?” Kyle scrunched up his face.
“I AM a chick.” She sighed. “I need to hang out with more girls.”
“Ooh! Slumber parties? Pillow fights?” Kyle’s face perked up.
She shoved everyone off the bed. “You have to go now.”
“Expecting Pete later?” Steve laughed.
“I have to do my hair. Now leave me alone.” They all shuffled out of the room, Taylor turned back and stuck his head in the door.
“He doesn’t have a girlfriend. We asked him.”
“You asked him?! Did it seem like I told you to?”
“No. Since your dad’s not around, and you won’t let your brothers within ten feet of him, we had the old ‘what are your intentions?’ conversation with.”
“Oh, god.” She groaned.
“He really does like you. More than I think you realize. Just give him some time, you were the one who wouldn’t speak to him for five years. It’s just taking him some time to… recover. You really fucked him up.” Taylor shrugged.
“Really?” she asked, almost in a whisper.
“Don’t worry, he’ll come around. Why wouldn’t he? I mean, I’ve seen you in a bikini, and he already KNOWS what he’s getting.” He laughed, making Izzie giggle. He turned and left, pulling the door shut behind him.

“OK, now sit on the ground so you can see us when we run past.”
“Why do I have to be on the ground? It’s cold.” Izzie whined, sitting on the sidewalk.
“So you can get that angle. Duck down, so I can just jump over you.” Pete followed Patrick back inside.
“ACTION!” she shouted, ducking into a ball, as the door flew open. “OW!” she winced when Pete kicked her in the head.
“Oh, shit. I jumped too soon.” He laughed, helping her up.
“Are you ok?” Patrick jogged over.
“Bad idea. Ow.”
“Does she have a concussion?” Patrick looked at Pete, worried.
“How many fingers am I holding up?” Pete flipped up his middle finger.
“One, idiot.” She smirked, pushing his hand away. “Do it again. But aim right.”
“Ok, then we’re going to run through the backyard and over there, and you’ll chase us.” Pete pointed in a big loop.
“Like, holding the camera and running after you?”
“Yeah, then we’ll go down to the beach.”
“Run the entire way there?”
“No, we’ll stop and then run when we get there.” Pete shook his head.
“Can’t we drive there?” she whined.
“It’s like nine blocks!”
“Exactly! You just kicked me in the face.” She pointed to her forehead that was starting to turn red.
“Do you want some ice or anything?” Patrick took a closer look at her head.
“Yeah, good idea. Hold the camera with one hand and the ice with the other. Then you can run. I’ll go get some.” Pete ran into the kitchen.
“SO dysfunctional.” Izzie shook her head as Patrick chuckled once Pete had closed the door.

Izzie jumped when someone knocked loudly on the door, causing her to poke herself in the eye with her mascara. “Ow!” she looked over at the clock. “Guys, I still have fifteen minutes. Calm down.” She called, opening the door only to find no one there. The knock came again and she turned around to the door leading to Pete’s room. She opened it and peeked around the corner.
“Took you long enough.” He grinned, stepping around her into the room.
“I had no idea where that knocking was coming from.” She giggled, returning to the bathroom to finish her makeup. He followed her and leaned against the edge of the sink next to her.
“That door’s pretty convenient. For, you know…late night parties, and such.” He cocked an eyebrow, running his fingers down her bare arm.
“Parties?” she smirked. “Don’t parties usually require several people?”
“At least two.” He said, slyly. “You look really hot, by the way.” She was wearing a tight blue 1940’s inspired dress, that hugged her curves, with thin straps and a bow on the chest. She had silver glittery strappy heels and a necklace made of big round black beads. Her black hair was super straight, pulled into a tight ponytail that fell down her back. Her bangs were teased up and pinned on top of her head to make a sort of bump, and her look was finished off with smoky eyes and pale lip-gloss.
“Thank you. My manager picked it out. I don’t like the bow.” She tugged on the bow across her boobs.
“What’s that one for?” he pointed at a pink sequin dress hanging on the closet door.
“I have to bring that with me. This is my dress for the grand entrance and photographers. That’s my dress for the performance and exclusive video that will be included in the special edition of the album that will be released in a month an a half.” She shook her head.
“What’s going to be on the special edition?”
“The exclusive video from the release party and one song the label had us take out so it could be included in the special edition CD and DVD. It was Mike’s idea. Pump fourteen year olds for all they’re worth.” She rolled her eyes.
“That’s ridiculous. So, I had something important I wanted to ask you before we all left…” he trailed off.
“Yeah?” she thought back to what Taylor had said.
“Should I wear this jacket, or a plain black one?” he looked down at his outfit. He had on black pants, shirt, belt and shoes and a dark, almost blood red jacket.
“I don’t know. I kind of like it.” She tilted her head, inspecting his outfit.
“Ok, cool. I couldn’t tell if it looked cool or if it just looked dumb.”
“No, it looks good.”
“Thanks. The guys are waiting downstairs. I’ll meet you there?” he kissed her cheek and headed back into his room.
“Yeah, I’ll meet you there.” She sighed.

They arrived at the party in a swirl of autographs and paparazzi and spent the next two hours chatting up the stuffy executives who would probably rather have been working on their golf swings. Pete had been giving Izzie looks all night. Every time she happened to look his direction he was staring at her. “You want to get another drink?” Kyle held up his empty glass.
“Yes! Excuse me.” She turned from the horribly boring guy telling her about new anti-piracy measures put on CDs, and followed Kyle. She motioned for Pete to meet them at the bar when she caught him looking at her again. “Vodka and Red Bull, please.” She smiled at the bartender.
“So, how’s it going?” Pete grinned, coming up beside her and placing his hand on her back.
“Kill me.” She groaned, dropping her head on his shoulder.
“It’s not that bad” Kyle laughed.
“It’s different for you guys, you don’t have sleazy old men staring at your boobs when you’re trying to have a conversation with them. And I can’t do anything, because they run the record label.” She looked up at them, exasperated and took a big sip from the drink placed in front of her.
“I stare at your boobs, and you don’t seem to mind.” Pete shrugged.
“You’re not old enough to be my grandfather.”
“Don’t get too drunk before we play.” Taylor scolded, squeezing in between Izzie and Kyle. He waved to the bartender for another beer, placing his empty bottle on the counter.
“We’re not too drunk. We’re just drunk enough.” Izzie grinned.
“As am I.” he clapped her on the shoulder.
“Have you guys seen your manager? You guys go on in fifteen minutes and he was supposed to give us the sound and lighting cues.” the sound guy approached them, mumbling something into a radio.
“Mike? He’s around here somewhere, isn’t he?” Taylor scanned the room.
“No. He said he’d drop the cues off to the sound booth at the start of the night, but we never got them. The doorman said he never showed up.”
“That’s weird.” Izzie scrunched her nose.
“Let me help. We can make something up.” Taylor followed the sound guy to the booth.
“I’ll go find Steve.” Kyle wandered off.
“Well, I guess it’s time for my wardrobe change.” Izzie shrugged. “Do you want to come?”
“Watch you get undressed? Sure.” Pete smirked.
“Good, because I need someone to unzip me. My arms don’t bend that far.” She took his hand, leading him to the backstage area. His free hand reached up her back to the top of her dress.
“Not yet!” she slapped his hand away.

“It’s always great to see some of our fans here!” Izzie giggled into the microphone, noting the distinct line between the executives in the back, typing away on their Blackberries and the small group of young people in the front, dancing and singing along. They were contest winners that were brought in to look good on the DVD. She saw Patrick push his way to the front of the crowd, and crouched down to talk to him.
“He’s not here. Andy and Joe checked everywhere, and I went and asked the doorman again. He never came.” He shook his head.
“Awesome!” Izzie gave him a high five. The alcohol was making her extra bubbly. She stole his black and white trucker hat, placing it on her head before standing back up. She waved Steve and Taylor over to the drum kit for a mid show huddle.
“What’s wrong?” Kyle leaned in.
“Mike still isn’t here.” Izzie nodded.
“Is that bad?” Steve asked.
“No, but I think it means we need an unauthorized cover song.” She grinned, slyly.
“Do we want to do…?” Taylor trailed off, giving them all knowing looks.
“Is there any other?” Izzie laughed, as they all took their places. She leaned into the mike, clearing her throat. “Sorry about that. So, we had one more new song for you, that didn’t quite make the album, but we wanted to play this one instead. This one didn’t make it either, but we wanted to dedicate to our manager, Mike O’Donnell.” The guitars started up, and she couldn’t help but laugh as she started singing.

Love is like a bomb, baby, c'mon get it on
Livin' like a lover with a radar phone
Lookin' like a tramp, like a video vamp
Demolition woman, can I be your man
Your man

Razzle 'n' a dazzle 'n' a flash a little light
Television lover, baby, go all night
Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet
Little miss-a-innocent sugar me, yeah

Take a bottle, shake it up
Break the bubble, break it up

Pour some sugar on me, ooh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me, c'mon fire me up
Pour your sugar on me, oh, I can't get enough
I'm hot, sticky sweet from my head to my feet yeah

Red light, yellow light, green-a-light go
Crazy little woman in a one man show
Mirror queen, mannequin, rhythm of love
Sweet dream, saccharine, loosen up
I loosen up

You gotta squeeze a little, squeeze a little
Tease a little more
Easy operator come-a-knockin' on my door
Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet
Little miss innocent sugar me, yeah
Give a little more

Take a bottle, shake it up
Break the bubble, break it up

Pour some sugar on me, ooh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me, c'mon fire me up
Pour your sugar on me, oh, I can't get enough
I'm hot, sticky sweet from my head to my feet yeah

You got the peaches, I got the cream
Sweet to taste saccharine
'Cos I'm hot, so hot, sticky sweet
From my head, my head to my feet
To my feet
Do you take sugar, one lump or two?

Take a bottle, take a bottle
Shake it up, shake it up
Break the bubble, break it up
Break it up

Pour some sugar on me, ooh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me, c'mon fire me up
Pour your sugar on me, oh, I can't get enough
Pour some sugar on me, oh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me, get it, come get it
Pour your sugar on me, ooh
Pour some sugar on me, yeah
Sugar me

Izzie shivered slightly as she stood on the small concrete pier jutting out into the lake. She pointed the camera down at Patrick, as Pete poked his clothes with a stick to make them float over. “You couldn’t have worn underwear that didn’t get so see through when they’re wet? I just ate.” Patrick shuddered.
“If you have a problem, just say it.” Pete laughed, stepping towards him.
“Get that thing away from me!” Patrick ducked out of the way as Pete aimed his crotch in his face. Izzie snorted, trying to control her laughter.
“You want some too?” he rubbed it against her hip.
“EEW! I’m probably going to get herpes now.” She pushed him away, laughing. “We only have one shot left, you go stand over there so we can get it done. All the way over there, on the sand.” She waved him back off the pier.
“Do it quick, it’s starting to get cold.” Pete shivered.
“I can tell.” She smirked, glancing down at his boxers.
“Hey!” he placed his hands in front of him as Patrick started laughing.
“Ok, straight face…action.” She said, once Patrick got control of himself. She balanced on one foot, using the other to push the clothes and wig toward him in the water. “And that’s a wrap!” she shouted after an appropriately dramatic pause.
“Can I have my clothes back now?” Pete whined. Izzie plucked them out of the water, holding them out as they made their way back to the car. “Thank you.” Pete reached out, but Izzie pulled her arm back before he could take them. She grabbed Patrick’s arm.
“RUN!” They started running up the beach with Pete chasing them. Izzie pulled the keys out of her pocket as they jumped in the car, fortunately she had been the only one with pockets. They screeched out of the parking lot as Pete ran after them, yelling. Laughing, Izzie tossed his clothes out the window a block down the street.

“Are you ever going to give Patrick his hat back? He’s having an identity crisis.” Pete laughed, as Izzie adjusted the hat. She had taken her pony tail out, and it fit much better now.
“He shouldn’t have given it to me in the first place.” She giggled.
“He didn’t.”
“It matches my outfit. Now, shh! You can’t sneak when you’re being that loud.” They were walking through the parking lot of the club where the party was being held. After their unplanned cover song and several celebratory shots, Pete was taking her home. She was very small and couldn’t hold her alcohol as well as the boys.
“It’s your party. We don’t have to sneak out, you’re allowed to just leave. And it’s not really sneaking if we’re walking out the front door.”
“Mike’s still not answering his phone.” She held her cell phone to her ear.
“Maybe that’s not the best thing to do when you’re drunk.” He took the phone from her and put it in his pocket.
“My dress looks like a pink disco ball.” She giggled. She began hopping and spinning under a street light, making her dress sparkly.
“Come on, let’s get a cab and get you back to the hotel.” He wrapped his arms around her, guiding her to the street where several taxis were lined up.
“My tummy feels warm and fuzzy. Feel my tummy.” She grabbed his hand, pressing it against her stomach.
“Yes, warm and fuzzy.” He delicately placed her in the cab before sliding in next to her and telling the driver the address to the hotel. She groaned and dropped her head on his shoulder. When they pulled up in front of the hotel, Pete paid the driver and half carried, half led Izzie upstairs to her room. He guided her into his room, only to remember that he shut her side of the door connecting their rooms, and couldn’t get in. He brought her back into the hallway. She was rocking back and forth slightly as he thought about what to do. He glanced at her, and then at the door to his room, and then at her chest. “Iz, you put your room key in your bra. I have to reach in and get it, ok?” he said slowly, looking in her eyes.
“You smell good.” She smiled.
“I’m going to take that as an ok.” He carefully stuck his hand inside her dress, nervously looking around for anyone to witness him molesting this poor drunk girl.
“And you have nice eyes, too. That tickles.” He pulled the key out and unlocked the door, leading her inside. “Sleepy.” She shuffled over to the bed and crawled in, fully clothed.
“Do you want to change out of your dress?” he followed her over to the bed.
“Yes.” She grunted, not moving. He sighed and pulled her shoes off for her, placing them on the floor next to Patrick’s hat.
“Ok, where are your pajamas?” She thrust her arm out, pointing in the general direction of her bag. Pete rifled through it until he found a wrinkled green tank top and a pair of white sweatpants, cut off at the knees. “Are these them?”
“Ok.” She mumbled.
“Do you want to put them on?” she just sighed, snuggling into her pillow. “Do you want me to put them on for you?” she nodded her head. He leaned over her, gently unzipping her dress and sliding it down her body. He felt his face heat up when he found himself checking her out as she lied there in a red satin strapless bra and matching boy shorts. He quickly pulled her shirt on when she stuck her arms in the air. She cracked an eye open as he fumbled with her shorts.
“You’re blushing.” She giggled. “You think I’m pretty.”
“I’ll be right next door if you need anything.” He said, his face turning a deeper shade.
“No. Stay here.” She grabbed his arm as he turned to leave.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes.” He stripped down to his boxers and climbed into bed next to her. She placed her head on his chest, wrapping her arm around him.
“Warn me if you’re going to barf, ok?” he chuckled.
“This is nice. Just like it used to be.” She mumbled, falling asleep instantly.
“Yeah. You get drunk, I take care of you, you pass out, and I go to sleep with blue balls.” He stroked her hair that was fanned out behind her.

Pete woke up in the middle of the night when he felt the weight on the bed shift suddenly. Thinking Izzie was on her way to the bathroom, he opened his eyes only to find her face hovering over his as she straddled his hips. “What are you doing?” he grumbled.
“It doesn’t always have to be just like it was.” She whispered.
“What are you talking about?” his mind was still cloudy with sleep, making him confused.
“I saw the way you looked at me…and touched me. Then AND now.” She kissed him, running her nails down his chest.
“Iz, wait. You’re drunk.” He feebly tried to push her away.
“No I’m not.” She grinned, pulling her shirt over her head and moving to nibble and suck his neck. “I wasn’t as drunk as you thought, and I’m fine now. I can go walk the yellow line on the street if you want.” She giggled. She dipped her fingers inside the elastic of his boxers and rocked her hips forward slightly.
“I got all the convincing I need.” He rolled her over on her back, attacking her mouth as he slid her shorts down her hips.

here are some pictures of the 2 dresses:

So, I hope you liked it. It's a lot longer than I thought it was going to be. And my film is due next Friday, to be critiqued and decided if it is going to make it into the senior show. So I'm definitely not going to be updating until after then. And if I do, slap me! I have no self control, or work ethic.

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