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Only Go So Far 'Till You Burry Them.

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ZOMG! Umm well, They can't leave Frank alone.

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Okay, Warning. The plot is going to turn around. Well its changed from the old plot. That you didn't really know but this one is better (:

And thank ThisSUICIDE for it (: and if you hate it blame her. But you won't hate it, I promise.

Alright so thanks to everyone!!! I hart you all, thank you for your loyalty cx

omg... I just sat on the same chair as Joel Madden (:


I Wish I Were A Ghost

Chapter Four;

Tossing and turning inside my lonely king-sized bed. Gerard was still out, probably on his laptop working or something but all together, not by my side.
I sighed aloud, throwing my hands to my sides.
This was hopeless. Every time I close my eyes and began to drift away, I see something that I don't want to.
I glanced at the alarm clock to my right. 9:23pm was glowing in a fluorecent blue. No wonder I can't sleep.
A sudden cool breeze hit my bare chest, making me shiver. The window wasn't open, neither was the door. So where did it come from? I decided to ignore it and try to get some of the sleep that I desperatly needed.
As I turned around, the breeze returned. The humming of the gush of air almost sounded like it was humming my name. I slowly closed my eyes, praying that they would stay this was for the next 11 hours or so.
The faint sound of the television suddenly stopped and someone appeared to be approching. Gerard soon stepped into the room, glowing from the dim light behind him. He shut our bedroom door carefully and softly trying not to wake, what he thought was, me sleeping.
I figeted under the cotton sheets for a second, trying to find a position that looked as if I was actually asleep.
Gerard stopped, looking at me with an expression of curiosity. The moonlight complimenting every curve on his breath-taking body.
I very slowly pulled the covers up slightly so it hid the bottom half of my face. There was a soft sigh heard from Gerard, as he continued to walk to the right side of the bed, pulling his shirt off on the way to reveal his slightly tones chest. My eyes were glued to him as he undid his fly and slowly slid his jeans to his ankles, leaving him in his batman boxer shorts that clung to his sexy legs.
I tried my best to keep silent. Not let out a moan or whimper.
He sexily crawled into his side of the bed, wraping both arms around me. He must not have noticed both my eyes, wide open staring at him stripping.

"I know you're awake, Frankie." Or maybe he did.
But I prefered to mess with him.
Forcing my eyes shut and holding my breath, like my life depended on it.

"Come on, you're not fooling anyone, gorgeous." He hissed in my ear, sending shivers shooting up and down my spine.

"See? You can't do that while you're asleep." He teased, softly wraping his tounge on my ear-loab as he whispered words that would hypnostise me.

"God, Gerard!" I gave up. "Can't you get me hard in the morning? I'm tired!"

"Ha ha! I knew it. You're a terrible liar, sugar." He laughed.

"Shup." I grumbled.

"So, mind telling me what's going on. Why have you been acting this way, Frank." He said, without question, sadness flowed out with his words.

I sighed in confusion. These wasn't a very good way to explain the recent events.

"Gerard," I started. A silence grew upon us .

"I'm not forcing you to say anything, sugar. But whatever it is, I'll still love you." He breathed.

"I know, Gee. I know. I'm just... not right now. Okay?" I said, on the verge of tears. I hate keeping things from Gerard. I hate lieing to his face.

He softly nodded.

"Alright. But when you're ready, I'm here for you." My eyes glistened as I grinned at his words. "Franklin, I love you." My smile grew wider when he said my name and a tear fell down my cheek.

"Come on babe. Don't cry." He whispered, wiping away the tears.


"Frank, stop being such a baby." The voice in my head yelled.
I winced.

"Frank?" Gerard said, storking my hair as I cried into my pillow.
The voice laughed.

"C'mon Frankie," this time it seemed real. It seemed like, "Stop crying." Ryan.

I quickly snapped my head out of my pillow, glancing around the room. There he stood in the corner.

"Gerard!" I cried, leaping into his grip.

"Shhh, c'mon babe. It's alright. Tell me what's wrong." He whispered, holding me close and tight.

"No, Gerard. Tell them- Tell them to go. Leave me alone!" I mummbled into Gee's chest.

"What are you talking abo--"

"Fuck off!" I yelled, holding Gerard closer. "Just fuck off! I didn't do a thing to you!"

Gerard's Point Of View.

"No, Gerard. Tell them- Tell them to go. Leave me alone!" Frank cried.

This whole situation was confusing me. One minute he was fine and the next minute he's shouting for someone to leave him alone.
It was safe to say that at this point in time I was shit scared.

"What are you talking abo--" I tried to talk only to be interupted by Frank,

"Fuck off! Just fuck off! I didn't do a thing to you!" he tightened his grip on me and cried harder into my chest.

"What's happening? Frank, I'm scared! What did they do to you?" I paniced. Frank was seeing, or hearing things. No-one was in the room.

"No, Ryan! Stay away from me! Leave me alone!"

Ryan... wasn't he the person Frank was talking to earlier?

"Stay still, Frank!" he waved his arms about, missing me a few times as his fists went flying.

"Get off! Fuck You!" he screamed, and that's all I heard before I felt his fist collide with my head and then


Frank's Point Of View

"Look what you've done now!" I yelled pointing at Ryan.

He backed away, raising his arems. "It wasn't me dude. I was just trying to comfort you."

"Fuck you! I don't need your comforting. I don't need you at all! Just fuck off! Go back to hell where you belong." I said, exaspotated.

"Gerard," I whispered, lightly slapping his cheek, tears freely flowing down my face. "Come on Gee. Wake up."

"I don't think asking is gonna help." Ryan said in a matter-of-factily tone.

"I said, GO TO HELL!" he shook his head and laughed, which I decided to ignore.

"I need to get him to a hospital."


Sorry its so dreadfully short, but I have a deal with someone (she knows who she is) I'll probably so the rest tonight, if not tomorrow. (:

Thanks for everything people xD sorry for making it so... cliche or whatever. Rates and Reviewssss (:

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