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Chapter 5 - Sombreros, horses and squirty cream

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Bit of randomness in this chapter hope you like it. Brendon's gaydar stops working, Ryan is still feeling guilty and Brendon takes a fancy for horse meat.

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Chapter 5 – sombreros, horses and a dash of squirty cream

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“Mr Urie, you can go home now” said the nurse, handing him a pair of crutches . Ryan woke at the sound of the door closing behind her and looked up at Brendon.
“Hey dude you’ve been asleep for hours. What’ve you been taking? I was the one on morphine!”
“Brendon, I didn’t sleep for 3 days ‘cause I was so worried about you. I stayed here overnight. You could at least be a little bit grateful”
“I am Ryan, don’t worry. Anyway, the nurse said I can go home now and I don’t think either of us are in any state to drive, so could you go and book us a taxi? Thanks dude, I’ll just pack up my stuff”

The journey to Brendon’s was pretty uneventful. The two friends said nothing to each other but kept glancing across and stifling giggles at the driver, who happened to be wearing a bright pink sombrero. They got occasional evil glares in the in the rear-view mirror, but this just heightened to hilarity of the situation.
When the ordeal was finally over, Brendon piped up with “I swear that guy was gay, Ryan”
“No shit, Sherlock. Your Gaydar needs fine-tuning. You took half an hour to work that one out! Don’t just stand there. I’ll help you up the steps”
“God Ryan. I'm not an invalid, I’ve only got a broken leg and may I remind you whose fault that is. I can get up five steps without falling over. Stop fussing will you”
“Okay okay” Ryan responded, his hands in the air. He knew he deserved that one, as it was his fault. Brendon commenced climbing the steps, with agonisingly slow, cautious steps. The process was painstaking, yet all the while Ryan waited behind Brendon, his hands out in case of a fall. He knew it was the least he could do not to say hurry up, as he was forever in Brendon’s debt and didn’t want him to feel rushed, when it was his own fault Brendon was like this.
When they finally got to the top of the mountain, Ryan remarked
“I fell as if I should carry you over the threshold or something!”
“Dude I saved your life, we didn’t get married and if I ever do get engaged, you have my permission to slap me into next Wednesday!”
“Come on or you’ll start laughing again and I’ll have to drag you thorough the door, ‘cause you’re way to heavy for me to carry”
“No dude, your just manorexic. I, on the other hand, have muscles!” he replied, going to flex his biceps then recalling his broken arm.
“Oh shut up and let's go and get some pancakes, Brendon”
“Only if I get double chocolate chip and banana with cream and extra cream. I could eat a horse!”
“Pas de cheval, dude. We’re all out. You’ll just have to make do with pancakes.”
“Fine” he huffed, before making his way inside.

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