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Chapter 4 - Guyliner and hospitals - what a lovely combination

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Will Brendon get better? Who knows? I certainly don't!

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Chapter 4 – Guyliner and hospitals – what a lovely combination

Hopefully this one will be a bit longer!
Or maybe not
I’ve got writer’s block
Damn it!

Ryan had been at the hospital 3 days without sleeping until
“Mr Ross, Mr Urie is awake now” said a voice from across the waiting room. Ryan leapt from his seat then sat down again, his feeling as if he’d been hit round the head with a brick. Trying again, this time more slowly, he managed to reach the door behind which Brendon was lying, his head bandaged his arm in a cast and numerous tubes stick out of his body.
“Hello Ryro” he said meekly.
“I’d hug you but my arm hurts too bad. The morphine in this dump is crap!”
“Brendon, I thought I’d lost you” Ryan breathed, a fresh wave of tears sliding down his already tear-washed face.
“You can’t get rid of me that easily dude, I'm indestructible!”
Brendon laughed then clutched his side in pain.
“Bren are you ok?”
“Yeah, just a bit bruised.”
“Thank you” Ryan said in an almost inaudible whisper.
“Come here Ryan”
Brendon commanded, patting the bed beside him, wincing as pain shot up his arm. Ryan shuffled over to the side of the bed.
“Ryan, I would give my life for you…”
“You almost did, Bren”
“Stop interrupting me dude. As I was saying, I would give my life for you because you’re my best friend and I hope you would do the same for me…”
“Of course I would, Bren”
“Ryan you are interrupting me again. I will continue. Don’t feel guilty, and yes, I know you are right now because I know you. Don’t feel guilty. I saved you because I wanted to. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again and I don’t regret it, so you shouldn’t either.
“I don’t Bren, ‘cause I’ve still got you”.

Damn it
I knew it would be another short one
The next one should hopefully be longer (but don’t count on it), but I don’t know cus I haven't written it yet
Xxx Nica xxX
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