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Chapter 3 - Collapsing in an ambulance - you're in the right place!

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I was helped on this chapter by Sarah aka Panic_FOB_obsessive read her fic (something about consequences) tis tres bon! (read it u no u want 2)

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Chapter 3 – collapsing in an ambulance – you’re in the right place!

Another short one sorry dudes but I'm new to all of this

Finally he heard sirens in the distance and saw a blue light at the end of the street. The paramedics pulled up beside him and got out the spinal board from the back.
“Do you want to go with him” a voice said but Ryan wasn’t paying attention. All he could think about was that Brendon saved his life and that he may never get to say thank you.
The engine restarted, snapping him out of thought running marathons through his head. He got into the back of the ambulance and promptly collapsed on the floor.
Ryan groaned as a bony hand slapped him across the face.
“Come on sonny. Wake up. We’re at the hospital now. Your friend’s gone through to the ER.”
The ambulance man, who was called Jordan, helped him up and walked him through to the waiting room and sat him down.
“When can I see him?” Ryan whispered, still reeling from the shock of seeing his best friend in a crumpled mess on the floor, covered in blood.
“Just wait till they’ve fixed him up.”
And wait he did, as a voice came through Jordan’s radio.
“On my way” he said than sprinted down the corridor.

Thank you for reading =)
Xxx Nica xxX
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