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Chapter 2 - Fall over boy

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Brendon and Ryan go to the park but tragedy follows. OH NO!

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Chapter 2 – fall over boy

A/n did you like the last one
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“Higher Ryro” squealed Brendon, laughing.
"I can’t. I think my arms are gonna drop off. Can we please go back now”
“Just 5 more minutes”
“You said that almost an hour ago” came Ryan’s reply, looking at his watch, the swing slowed to a halt and Bren dropped off, a dejected look on his face.
“Fine then. You always have to ruin my fun don’t you Ryro”
“Well if that’s what you think of me, after I just pushed you for 3 hours”
he shouted, stomping out the park.
“Ryan. Ryan! I'm sorry. I didn’t mean it. Please come back”.
At this point time seemed to slow down almost to a standstill.
A car raced round the corner, tyres squealing, heading for the evidently oblivious boy, currently in the middle of the road.
Brendon knew what was going to happen before it even did.
Running and vaulting over the park fence, he ran straight into the road, pushing his best friend out of the way of the speeding vehicle. Narrowly missing Ryan, the car clipped Brendon instead, who consequently rolled over the bonnet and was thrown to the side of the road.
“Oh my God! Brendon! BRENDON!”
he ran over to the slumped, broken body, by the kerb, tears rolling down his cheeks. Grabbing Brendon’s wrists, he checked for a pulse and was relieved to find a faint throbbing under his fingers.
“”Thank God”, he breathed, before dialling 911.

Sorry that ones a bit short
I ran out of ideas
The next one will be the same length but the one after will be longer
Hope you carry on reading that far
Xxx Nica xxX
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