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Chapter 1 - 6 in the morning blues

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Brendon convinces ryan to come and play! Credits: Panic_fob_obsessive, notsosaintly

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Chapter 1 – six in the morning blues

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“Hey Ryro” called Brendon, skipping up the driveway. A window opened on the top floor and a dishevelled head popped out, groaning.
“Bren its 6 o’clock in the goddamn morning. Are you mad?”
“you know the answer to that” came the reply from down below.
“I'm bored, Ryro, come and play”
“you know you sound like a 5 year old, Bren”
“pleeeeeease” he whined. “you know you love me very, very much and I'm your bestest, bestest buddy in the whole wide world so will you pleeeeeease come and play”, adding a puppy-dog face for good measure, knowing Ryan couldn’t resist.
“you wont be my buddy at all if you don’t stop waking me up at obscene hours in the morning. If it doesn’t stop, I might just have to kill you”
“meh! Just get changed Ryro”
“don’t call me Ryro”, he grumbled as he retracted his head from the window.
“Oki doki Ryro”

After what seemed like an age to Brendon but was actually only ten minutes, the front door creaked open and out stepped Ryan Ross, dressed in black skinny jeans and an even skinnier red tee.
Snapping out of his daydreams, Brendon turned to face him.
“whadya wanna do then Ryro?”
“BRENDON! You got me up at six in the morning and you don’t even have a plan!
Brendon just looked at him sheepishly and failed to respond.
After a moment of severe brain wracking, on both their parts, Brendon suggested “park?”
“ok if you really want to”
Ryan sighed, resigned to the possibility that he would have to push Brendon on the swings, as usual.
Brendon skipped off down the road, as Ryan just stood and stared, thoughts like
“OMG a grown man skipping”
“I don’t know this lunatic”
“what did I do to deserve this?”
running through his already crammed head.
Brendon has got half way down the road before either of the realised the other wasn’t by their side, so Brendon back-tracked until he was standing next to his best friend.
“come on” he begged, “I wanna go park, NOW!”, stamping his foot on the floor. It wasn’t until Ryan raised his eyebrows that he realised he was acting like a spoiled brat, so he added
“I’ll push you really hard down the slide!”, knowing it was the deal maker.
Ryan contemplated for a while before taking Brendon’s hand and skipping off down the road, Brendon trailing behind him.

A/n OMG I just wrote a fic! I'm so proud of myself!
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