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abekobe, Shisuta

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Rated for later chapters. A story of Gaara and a girl named Shisuta. What happens when Gaarameets a girl more ruthless than him? All heck breaks loose, thats what.

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Note: Italic= dream/thought/vision
Bold= demon talking

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Chapter 1

“Get that little freak out of here! I never want to set eyes on that thing again! Do you hear me! Never!”

“But, but-“

“Get it away! Kill it!”

The door was thrown open and the young girl staggered back, tears flowing down her cheeks. The man she had known all her short life came towards her, a kunai knife in his hand and tears to match the girl’s. They stared at each other for a moment, pain in his eyes and fear in hers.

“I’m sorry,” was all he said before he grabbed her. Try as she might, she couldn’t get away. She cried out again and again for her older brother to help her, but he never came. As she was carried out into the dark, she saw a flash of bright red eyes and her cries were cut short. She knew those eyes; they were her brother’s eyes yet they disappeared. That’s when she knew that none of them considered her family, even human. She was a freak and deserved to die. Struggles stopped and she gazed unseeing at the ground as it sped by. The man landed from the trees and threw her to the ground. She made no effort to catch herself. A sharp pain as the knife found its way into her leg. Another in her arm. She screamed, yet knew this was what she deserved for being the creature she had always been told she was. Her glazed over onyx eyes looked blankly at the crying man in front of her. At her glance, he rushed to her and grabbed her collar, throwing her against a tree and holding her there. She coughed up blood and hung limp. Her eyes met his as he held up the final kunai.

“I’m sorry father, sorry for being what I am. Tell mama I’m sorry.”

His hand tightened and shook, yet the blow didn’t come. She closed her eyes and then a pain in her neck. Her eyes snapped open and she gasped, only to close them again and hang limp. Tossed to the ground, she lay unmoving. Abandoned. The dark, cold night closed in around her as the man’s eyes glowed red for a moment before he disappeared into the trees.

My eyes opened as I sat up quickly, gasping for air. It had been a dream, or more like a memory. My breathing slowed and I forced myself to relax, as it wasn’t the first time this part of my past had plagued me. But the past is the past, and my eyes found the clock. 2:30 am. Great. Absolutely wonderful. With a silent sigh, I tossed off my covers and quickly got dressed. I pulled on my black, half-sleeve shirt with a wide collar over a black tank top. Black leggings with black ninja shoes and black ninja gloves. My raven hair fell around my shoulders, reaching just past them, but I tied it up with a white ribbon letting two bangs frame my face. I quickly washed my face and opened the window, jumping out into the cold night air. I jumped effortlessly over the rooftops, my headband tied loosely around my neck, as I headed for the training grounds. The grounds of the rain village were not very elaborate, but they suited me fine. For the rest of the early morning, I trained hard. As the sun began to rise I jumped back and landed gently when I heard my name being called. Oh god, here we go again.
“Shisuta! Shisuta!!!”
I sighed and turned my head only to see a girl my age running towards me. My cold look didn’t waver as she skidded to a stop a few feet away, breathing hard.
“Shisuta, I was looking for you! Guess what!”
“What is it Nik?”
“We finally have a new sensei!”
I stared at her for a moment, letting the news sink in. Nik and I were originally on the same three-man squad. 6 months ago our sensei and our other teammate were killed on a mission. Since then, both of us have made chunnin but here, chunnin still work in squads.
“Okay,” I replied. I didn’t really care, but if I said nothing she would just keep telling me over, and over, and over get the point. Anyway, I shrugged and turned, throwing another kunai at the target. It moved too fast to track and hit dead center. I twirled another and glanced over at Nik, who was bouncing on her heals. Nik is my best only friend, but believe it or not I liked it that way. We each understood the other and I could tell she had more to say.
“Say it...” I sighed in a bored tone. She just squealed and bounced around me. I followed her with my eyes, arms crossed. “Say it or you will be my next target dummy.”
“Oh, fine! Guess where we get to go!”
“.... The chunnin exams....”
“N-yeah.” She threw up her arms and looked to the sky as though pleading it to give her strength. I raised an eyebrow at her and she just waved her hand. She knew it was pointless to try and surprise me with things, because I always knew.
“Why do you even try and surprise me? You know I know.” I cocked my head at my strange friend. She just gave a dramatic sigh and threw herself on the ground at my feet, clinging to my ankle.
“Becauuuuuuuse I want to one day find out something before you do! Just once tell you something that will make you at least LOOK surprised.” Good luck with that. I glared at her until she got up, dusting off her clothes and then turned to give me a stupid grin. My eyes unfocused for a moment and then refocused to see her jumping up and down in front of me again. I gave her a glare that should have scorched her, but she ignored it, ticking me off more. After a moment of silence I was starting to enjoy, she broke it.
“The Kage wants to see us in his office about the mission.” With that darkness wrapped around Nik and me. We appeared in front of the Kage’s desk, scarring the crap out of him might I add.
“Oh, you two. I was just about to...never mind. Here is the scroll with the details of your mission. You two are to enter the chunnin exams being held at Konoha in two weeks. You will go under your new sensei. I am aware you are both already chunnin but we need to show the other villages that we have plenty of extremely strong shinobi. Since you two are by far the strongest we have, it will deter the other villages from going against us.” He held out the scroll and Nik snatched it, skimming through it and snapping it shut. I simply nodded.
“When do we leave?” I asked. My voice, as always, held no emotion.
“As soon as possible. I may take some time to get to Konoha and I want you there a few days early,” he answered. Nik bowed and I nodded again. Leaving in my darkness again, we arrived at the house Nik and I shared. Shouting in happiness, she rushed off to her room singing a song to herself. I shook my head and walked to my room. Everything was how I left it. Putting a change of clothes and all my ninja weapons in the bag, I slung it over my shoulder and walked out of the house.

FF>>2 hours

I’m going to ring her little neck! 2 friggin hours I have been here! And where the hell is that sensei? Screw them both, I could be half way there by now!

Just then a dust cloud appeared in the distance and I glared murderously at it, knowing full well who it was. Nik came sprinting into view, her hair waving behind her as she scrambled to hold onto her backpack. She stopped, panting, at my feet and falling to the dirt. I glared at her, thinking of the many ways to painfully kill her for taking so long. I actually came up with a few good ones and was about to try one out when someone jumped down from the roof across from us. I ignored them and lifted Nik up by the back of her shirt, holding her in the air and fixed her in my icy gaze.
“You’re late.”
“I...know...I just couldn’t...decide what to bring! 10 kunai or 20, shurrikkin or no shurrikkin and there are so many scroll to choose from. That took me nearly an hour alone. I don’t know how you pick so fast!” She went on and on a little bit more before I dropped her on her butt. She groaned and rubbed it, jumping back to her feet. A cough from behind made me sigh and close my eyes.
“Yes, I am aware that you’re there and have been for the past 7 minutes, but I don’t care if you’re impatient or not. You may be our new sensei but that holds no power over me. I suggest you get hat idea of lecturing us about rudeness out of your head too, for the ending won’t be pretty. Let’s go.” I turned and began to walk out of the gates, ignoring the wolf-whistles form the guards. Pigs. Nik quickly ran up beside me and started chatting on about how “fun” the exams would be and how we would get to see all the other ninja. I tuned her out almost immediately; keeping my eyes focused on the path ahead, my senses tuned to the forest around. I could feel our new sensei, 23-year-old woman with wavy brown hair and brown eyes, studying me from behind. She was a new jounin but still weaker than me and would take only a tenth of my strength to defeat. The battle ran through my head and I suppressed a smirk. Pathetic. My gaze drifted over to Nik and she shot me a look that said I-know-how-weak-is-she! I smirked at her and she giggled. Our sensei looked over and frowned as Nik continued talking.

FF>>1 week

I finally spotted the gates and held back my sigh of relief. Alone, Nik and I could have made the journey in 4 days or less, but our sensei was slow and we didn’t want to show her our level of ability. She already didn’t like us and we didn’t feel the need to push the matter. Two guards stopped us and we showed them our papers. They let us in, saying we had to see the Hokage so we would find out where we were staying. I led the others to the building seeing as they had no idea where to go, and knocked on the Hokage’s office door. A soft “come in” was heard and we entered to see an old man in red and white robes sitting behind a large desk piled high with paperwork. Nik and our sensei bowed. I nodded my head. He seemed put off by my informality, but quickly acted as though it happened every day.
“Hello, you must be the Rain Village gennin here for the chunnin exams.”
“Yes,” our sensei replied motioning to Nik and I.
He frowned and said, “I thought this was a three-man team?”
Nik stepped forward and spoke, “Yes, but our teammate was recently killed on a mission and we have yet to find a replacement for the exams. We would like to enter as a two-man group.” The Hokage nodded in understanding and said he was sorry for our loss. He handed us the address for the hotel and we left. We were walking back when my eyes unfocused for a spilt second before I quickly yanked Nik out of the way. A second after I did, an orange blur sped past, knocking into the cart that had been right behind Nik. She looked gratefully at me and I just glared at the kid who now sat rubbing his head in the dirt. He looked up and saw my glare, returning it and jumping to his feet. He pointed a finger at me and my eyes narrowed.
“HEY! Don’t glare at me, I don’t even know you! MY NAME IS NARUTO UZUMAKI AND I’M GOING TO BE THE NEXT HOKAGE! BELIEVE IT!” he screamed and my eye twitched. What. The. Hell.
“Don’t ever scream at me again or I will rip out your vocal cords and strangle you with them,” I said in a deadly voice. He paled at the sound and backed away. Suddenly a girl with pink hair ran up to him and smacked him on the head. I smirked at the idiotic boy and started to walk away when I felt another chakra signature walk up that made me freeze in my tracks. Nik noticed and cocked her head at me, wondering what was wrong. I turned slowly and struggled to keep my face blank. There he was, an almost exact copy of him. So it was true. They did have another son. The boy with raven hair and a blue collared shirt walked up and glared at the boy and girl.
“What are you glaring at Sasuke?” the boy shouted. The girl dropped the blonde to the ground and rushed in front of “Sasuke”.
“Oh Sasuke, we were just looking for you. Kakashi-sensei told us that we have training this afternoon.” She gushed over him and he was obviously not happy that she was so close to him. The up and started shouting something. I didn’t care. My eyes were glued to the boy’s face, so like his yet different. Nik followed my gaze and gasped. The sound brought me back to reality and I spun on my heal, walking slowly away as though nothing had happened. But inside my mind was filled with questions. Of course I knew what had happened several years ago, how the entire Uchiha clan was murdered by one of their own, leaving only one survivor aside from the murderer himself. Well, one known survivor. I wondered if his life was anything like mine, alone and abandoned, the one we thought cared the most turning on us and taking everything away. My hands tightened and Nik placed a hand on my shoulder. I looked over at her, and she gave me a stupid smile. I just nodded back and we went to the hotel, putting away our things and getting ready for the exams. By getting ready, I mean Nik went off to see if there were any cute guys around, our sensei left to go eat and I laid on the bed. My mind wandered and soon my eyes unfocused.

An explosion sending smoke into the sky. Ninja against ninja with the sound of colliding metal in the air. A death and an evil greater than any seen yet falls heavy on those left alive. Many die, and one is lost. A flash of red and black. Rain and people dressed in black, standing at a funeral.

My eyes refocused on the ceiling above me and I frowned. A battle was coming, but when and where? Someone important is going to die, or be killed, along with many others. So many images, yet no specifics. My forehead creased in concentration, but it was no use. I could find nothing else. I groaned as a massive migraine hit me as it does whenever I try and force my visions. I placed a cool rag over my eyes and turned off all the lights, drawing the blinds. Can this day get any worse? A bang in the room next door made my head pound and I groaned quietly. I just had to ask.
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