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chapter 2

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~Chapter 2~

“Big brother! Big brother! Mama said you have to watch me today while she visits a friend!” the little girl cried in her imperfect speech. Her older brother glanced over at her and gave a small smile. The girl giggled and ran unsteadily over to him, jumping onto his back. He chuckled and started walking towards the training grounds.
“Big brother, where are we going?”
“To train, I’m meeting a few others there who want to fight,” he answered in his soft voice. The girl giggled again and started humming a song she had heard the other day.

At the training grounds, the girl saw four others there, all older than her brother and much bigger. She shifted nervously, not wanting her brother to be hurt. He glanced back and saw she was staring off into the distance.
“Something wrong?” he asked.
“No, but that big one,” she pointed to the boy in the middle, “is really fast and that one,” pointing to another, “will fight first,” she answered in a happy tone. Her brother stared in shock for a moment, but slowly nodded, setting her down. She laughed and ran over to her favorite tree and sat down against it to watch the training.
“Hey, what’s with the little kid?”
“She’s my sister and I have to watch her today.”
“She can’t be here! She’ll just get in the way!” one yelled. Your brother smirked and turned to you.
“Sister, will you get in the way?”
The girl laughed and shook her head.
“No big brother, I’ll wait up there!” she chirped, pointing to the large tree above her. The older boys started laughing at the thought of this little girl climbing into the tree. The girl just smiled and jumped, hopping quickly from one branch to the other until she was halfway up. She waved to her brother and sat down, swinging her legs. She looked down to see the four staring at her with their mouths hanging open. She giggled and started watching the birds, happy as can be. Her brother laughed and the fights began.

A shadow fell across my face, waking me up. I looked out and saw it was just after dusk and a cloud was passing over the rising moon. I felt my head, glad that the migraine was gone. For once, I had seen a happy memory, but I also knew the consequences of that day. Shaking myself to rid my mind of those thoughts, I got up and opened the door to the balcony. I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping tonight. The cool air cleared my mind and I turned the vision over in my head.It must mean something will happen during the chunnin exams, but I don’t know when. I’ll ask Nik about it later. Speaking of that retard, where is she? Shaking my head, I jumped off across the rooftops, looking for her chakra signature. After an hour of looking I groaned inwardly and clenched my fist. If that girl has gotten herself in trouble again I’m going to kill her. I finally spotted her coming out of a bar. A bar? Great, just what I need to deal with, a smashed Nik. I jumped down, landing next to her to see two guys were helping her out. They wore chunnin vests to show they were leaf village ninja, but all the same I wasn’t going to leave her here with them. I walked up and glared at Nik, crossing my arms. She saw me and waved her hand even though I was only a foot away.
“Shisuta! GUESS WHAT!” she shouted. My eye twitched and a sigh escaped me.
“Thank you. I’ll take her from here.” The two guys shrugged and handed her over. I picked her up by the scruff of her collar and held her beside me. The guys seemed surprised by my strength but I ignored them. One had been eyeing me.
“Nik, how much did you drink?”
“Ohhhhhhh, n-not muuuuuuuuch tehe!” she slurred. I growled and shook her a little to clear her head.
“Nik, we don’t have time for this. Come on. You need coffee...and a shower...” It was true, she reeked of alcohol. Slinging her over my shoulder, I jumped off to the hotel. Landing on the balcony, I dumped her on the ground while perching on the railing. She groaned and lay there, giggling at the sky. I smirked and went inside, only to come out a moment later to dump a bucket of ice water over her.
“HOLY SHIT!” she jumped, banging her head on the overhang of the roof. Muttering several colorful words under her breath, she sat up and glared at me, rubbing her head.
“What the hell, Shisa!” she yelled, calling me by her nickname she gave me.
“You needed a shower anyway, I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone,” I replied, no emotion in my voice but I knew she saw the amusement in my eyes. Stepping around her, I walked inside. She followed and noticed all the lights were off.
“Shisa, why are all had one didn’t you!” she said. I nodded. Well I was going to tell her anyway. She squealed and jumped on the bed, sitting Indian style and saying story time over and over in a singsong voice. I finally smacked her in the head before she stopped. I leaned against the opposite wall and told her the vision. After I did she frowned and was quiet for a moment.

“So you think this means that there will be some type of attack at the chunnin exams?”
“Yes, and a large scale one. Many are going to die, including an important figure.”
“Probably one of the Kages. They are the most important people here where they would have such a large funeral,” Nik said.
I nodded. Nik is one of the smartest people you will ever meet, but only when she chooses to be. We both sat in silence for a while before Nik got up and got ready for bed. I didn’t move. She said nothing as I made my way over to the balcony and hopped up on the railing.
“Shisuta, be careful. There are many strong ninja here and if what we think is true, then there are enemies everywhere,” she said before pulling up the covers. I said nothing, but she knew I heard her. I stayed like that for a moment, contemplating what I should do. Finally, I opted for my favorite thing to do on the nights I wouldn’t sleep. Landing soundlessly on the highest roof in the village, I hid in the shadows and gazed up at the moon and stars. Under the light of the moon, my onyx eyes glowed and I could see clearly in the night. My mind turned to the Sasuke boy and I wondered if they ever told him. Probably not for no one would ever want a memory of me. I was a disgrace, an outcast, and I stayed that way for the good of others. Nik was the only one who was safe around me, for she was the only person who stood a chance of stopping me. I stayed that way for maybe an hour before I felt another presence appear on the rooftop behind me. They jumped to my roof without seeing me and I lowered my chakra so that it was completely undetectable. Looking over, I saw a boy a year or two younger than me with crimson hair and aquamarine colored eyes. He sat down and looked up at the moon. It seems I’m not the only one who can’t sleep. I gauged his power and saw he was extremely strong. We both stayed that way, gazing at the moon for another little while before I decided to head back and check on the others. Without a sound, I stood and walked out of the shadows. The boy froze and looked over at me with no emotion. I looked back with the same expression before turning and jumping to the next rooftop. I felt him follow me with his eyes but then my sight unfocused. Blinking I turned around and jumped back to stand across from him. He was standing and looked ready to kill me, but I waved a hand as though to dispel the idea.
“I’m not here to kill you, though someone will try this time tomorrow. Just thought you should know.” With that I turned to leave.
“Wait.” I glanced over my shoulder. “How did you know? Are you the one that will send them?” he asked in a voice that held anger and bloodlust. I smirked and shook my head.
“No. I have no idea who it will be, nor do I care. Kill them, and be done with it.” He seemed a little shocked by my voice and blank stare, but ignoring him I headed back to the hotel to sit on that roof for the rest of the night.

I watched the sun rise, enjoying the peace and beauty of it. There was nothing to scar it as the bright light hit my face. A shadow fell across the roof, but my gaze didn’t waver. The boy from the other roof stared at me for a moment before walking calmly over to the edge and landing on the balcony next to mine. He pushed open the door and disappeared. I did the same, walking in to see Nik still sleeping and our sensei gone. The bed was messed, so I knew she had at least spent some time here. My glare fixed itself on Nik and she began to toss and turn. Finally she yelled and sat bolt up, looking wildly around the room. Her sight fell on me and my icy stare and she sighed.
“There are better ways to wake me up, you know,” she whined. I smirked and shook my head.
“I needed the practice.” Suddenly my eyes unfocused and a scene played out before me.

A scream of pain and blood echoes through the area. A demon is released and a plan fails. A flash of crimson and a cry of pain. Suddenly, two beasts face off, yet both are the victors in the battle. A red chakra and then sand swirls around the air, blood dripping through it.

I gasped and held my head as the images flashed again and again in my mind. Nik rushed over to me and held my shoulders, supporting me and helping me over to the bed.
“What Shisuta? What did you see?”
“Blood, so much blood. And, two demons...fighting. And pain. A lot of pain.” My head felt like it was going to explode and I groaned, falling back on the bed. Clutching my hair, I pushed my self up and stumbled over to the blinds, yanking them shut. Nik handed me some water and a couple aspirin. Gulping it all down, I collapsed on the bed, my energy completely drained. Suddenly, a shout and a bang were heard next door and I growled as my head felt like it was split in two. More yelling, making it sound like there was a heated argument going on.
“Nik, make them stop before my head explodes,” I hissed, squeezing my eyes shut. I heard our door open and close and then a bang as Nik kicked in theirs. Shouts and then everything went silent. I smirked, knowing exactly what she was doing. Two thuds and then a hurried whisper. I listened.
“Sorry, but my teammate has a very bad headache and needs quiet. I’m sure you understand that they were being a little too loud for their own good,” Nik said.
“You’re from the rain village. What’s your name?” said another voice that I recognized as the boy from the roof.
“My name is Nik. And yours?”
“Gaara of the Desert.” So that’s his name. I followed Nik as she left that room and silently slipped into ours.
“Shisa, I’m going to the training grounds if you need me.” I nodded and she walked out, closing the door behind her. I managed to get up and lock both doors before laying the cool rag over my eyes and forcing my mind to rest.

FF>>Next day

I had spent the night in the roof, like normal, but I didn’t see that Gaara again. A small dust cloud rose up from near the Hokage building and I smirked. Looked like Gaara had taken care of his attacker. The sun rose and I waited for Nik to come out so we could head over to the training grounds she had found yesterday. We got there to see many other ninja spread out all over, mostly working in teams of 3 or more. We hid in the trees, studying each and every one of them, learning their attack styles and overall abilities. It took only two hours to have information on each of the entries in the exams. She led the way to a secluded stream where we rested and discussed how we would defeat each opponent if we were to fight. None of the matches would take very long.
“Shisa, how about a little sparing before we grab some food?”
We each walked to opposite sides of the clearing and faced off. By unspoken consent, we agreed to use only ti-jutsu incase anyone was watching. That, and we didn’t want to kill each other.
“Begin!” she yelled and she ran at me. I didn’t move. As soon as she was an inch away, I used my speed to dodge the punch and did a roundhouse kick. She caught my leg and flipped me over her back. I caught myself on my hands and flipped in an effort to send her flying. She let go just in time and started throwing a series of punches that I managed to block. I landed a kick to her side, but she took the opening to hit my shoulder. This was all done at extreme speeds that rival that of most Anbu. We sparred for almost 3 hours before we each jumped back. Nik was panting and I couldn’t feel my right arm, not that I let her know . With a nod, we stopped and sat down near the stream. Kicking off her shoes, she dipped her feet in and let out a contented sigh. I rolled my shoulder in an attempt to get blood flowing. She looked over and snickered. I countered with a burning glare that made her flinch. Suddenly, her stomach growled and I rolled my eyes. She laughed and hopped up, her energy back. I stood, still trying to feel my arm, as we jumped through the trees.
“Let’s get some Raman!” she yelled back and I just nodded. As long as she was paying.

We got to the Raman stand to see four other people there. Naruto, Sasuke, that pink haired girl, and a silver haired man with a mask on his face. I sat on the seat farthest away from them, Nik taking the one beside me.
“What can I get you ladies?”
“4 bowls of Beef Raman my good man!”
“1 chicken” I sighed and did my best not to look over at the raven-haired boy to my right. Our orders came and Nik immediately started inhaling her food. I quietly ate mine.
“Excuse me, but I haven’t seen you two around here before. Are you new to the village?” My eyes slid over to the masked man who had said that. Only one eye was visible. Nik nodded, not pausing in her eating. I sighed at her and shook my head.
“Yes, we are here for the chunnin exams.”
“Really, what village?”
“Is this your teammate?” What is this, the marathon of stupid questions?
“No, I said we are here because I think of myself as more than one person,” I answered in a bored tone. He sweat dropped and Nik snickered, finishing her last bowl.
“Shisa aren’t you done yet? No? 4 MORE BOWLS PLEASE!” Nik yelled. I smacked her on the head, making her face hit the table.
“Stop. Screaming.” I hissed and glared at her. She whimpered something about her beautiful face and how I was going to make her age prematurely before her order came and she started inhaling food again. I sweat dropped and glared harder at her. Why did I get stuck with someone as dumb as her? Why! They all looked wide-eyed (O_O) at the amount of food Nik was eating. I finished my bowl and waited for her to finish. Just before she could order again I clapped my hand over her mouth, tossed the money on the table, and dragged her away to the snickers and giggles of the others. We got back to the hotel only to hear shouts again coming from the other room. My eye twitched and Nik backed up, glancing around.
“Now, Shisuta, be rational. They have every right to argue and they have already been punished for your headache the other day. Shisuta? Shisuta!” I had stopped listening, walking swiftly over to the door as the argument next-door became louder and louder. I should tell you that I have an amazing sense of hearing, well, really of every sense. I can see in the dark without trying, hear sounds that are inaudible to most, feel vibrations others can’t and smell very well. This argument next door was making my sensitive ears ring. Nik tried to block the door but I just pulled her out of the way. These people were annoying me and trust me, you don’t want to annoy me. Nik gave up on trying to stop me and raced ahead of me to try and warn them to run for their lives. She kicked in the door and screamed, “RUN! Run for your lives!” There was no movement.
“Hey! You’re that girl that attacked us yesterday!”
“Yeah! Get her!”
At that moment the door, which Nik had slammed shut behind her, flew off its hinges and smashed against the opposite wall. The room went silent again and I saw Gaara, a girl with pigtails, and a boy in a black suit all in fighting stances. Nik just groaned and ran over to me.
“Shisuta, please! They won’t be so loud any more; you don’t have to kill them! Right! Tell her you won’t be loud anymore damn it!” she hissed at them, giving me a puppy-dog face. They all looked up at me and the boy and girl flinched at my gaze. I looked murderous. I stepped around Nik and they backed away, except for Gaara. I ignored him and set my sights on the others. They threw up their hands and started stuttering and stammering about how they wouldn’t be loud and mice would be louder than them or some nonsense like that. I no longer cared. I walked closer, my gaze never leaving them. I stopped when I was even beside Gaara.
“Your teammates are very loud and annoying,” I said in an emotionless tone.
“You can’t kill them,” he answered in the same voice. I paused, considering this. I had nothing against Gaara and from what I can see about him, his life has been like mine. I finally nodded and my gaze turned back to the others. In a blink I had them by their throats up against the wall. They gasped for air, but I was too strong.
“I will say this once. Be. Quiet. Or else you will not live to see the first round. Understood?” I growled in a tone that told them I would keep my word. They choked out a yes and I let them drop to the floor. Turning on my heel, I walked out, stepping around a relieved Nik. I looked at her.
“Are you coming?”
“Duh, I’m not staying here with those two idiots. Man, I can’t believe you didn’t kill them. This has to be a first or something!” she giggled, hopping to her feet. I said nothing, walking back to our room.

With Gaara:

He watched her walk out the door, her friend following after her. Temari and Kankuro both stood up shakily and stared after her.
“Wow, Gaara I never thought I would meet someone scarier than you, but that girl might just be it!” his idiotic brother said. He glared at him.
“She didn’t kill you, but I still will,” he said and both of his siblings quailed under his gaze. Shisuta is what that girl Nik called her. She seems to be a lot like me. No, no one is like me. She still has that friend, but it sounds like her friend is still scarred of her. I want to know more about this girl.

Yes, then we can KILL HER!! HAHAHA

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