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A Brother's Duty

by Oldwolf 5 reviews

Simon finds his baby sister in trouble and goes about doing his brotherly duty. Short one-shot.

Category: Firefly - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor,Sci-fi - Characters: Jayne,Mal,River,Simon - Warnings: [!] [V] - Published: 2008-04-25 - Updated: 2008-04-26 - 378 words - Complete

Simon scowls as he looks over the results of River's physical. The doctor had insisted on the exams after the battle with the Reavers. His scowl deepens as he goes over his sisters results one more time. He sighs as he reaches the same conclusion as before. His baby sister is pregnant, and not for very long. If he is interpreting the information correctly, she didn't get intimate with the father until after they'd left Mr. Universe's planet for the final time. As he knows he's never slept with his sister, that leaves only two potential fathers, Jayne and the captain. As his sister terrifies the musclebound mercenary, the young man can feel comfortable crossing him off of the list. Simon sighs as he contemplates how to go about doing his duty as River's only male family member.

The doctor suddenly straightens up as he reaches his decision. His head is high and his bearing erect as he makes his way through the ship. He quickly arrives at his destination and knocks on the bulkhead.

Jayne sticks his head out of his room. He looks a the doc curiously, as the young man looks even more tight assed than when he's come aboard. “Can I help ya doc?”

Simon looks at the huge man impassively and says, “May I borrow Vera for a bit please?”

The mercenary looks at the other man in shock for a second as he automatically reaches for the requested piece. With the weapon in hand, he says, “Uh, can Ah ask why ya need her?”

The doctor hold his hand out expectantly, “I need to have a little discussion with the captain.”

Jayne is in a mild stat of shock as he hands over the gun, “Uh, can Ah come with ya?”

The young man takes Vera and holds her at port arms, “Of course.” He then turns smartly and goes in search of the captain.


Malcomb Reynolds is just stepping out of his quarters with a contented smile on his face. The smile disappears as he looks down the corridor.

Simon is standing somberly at the end of the corridor, apparently completely calm, holding a very large gun. He cocks Vera loudly and says, “Captain Reynolds, we need to have a discussion.”
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