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I'm Worried About Her

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!!!!!Chapter 13!!!!!

Couple Days Later

Hilary and Hannah had been spending every single minute together since Hilary arrived. The girls were at Target looking some things for the baby. Hannah wanted to help Hilary out with the nursery and her father also gave her money to buy more baby things that she needed.

The girls were in the baby isle looking at all the baby stuff. Hilary pushed the cart along, as they looked, “Hannah there are so many cute baby things I love it all! I wonder what I'm having....”

Hannah was looking through clothes, “I know! I love the baby clothes! So adorable!”

Hilary nodded continuing to look through the baby things. Her and Hannah started piling in the basic things you need for a baby since Hilary didn't know what she was having yet. They looked at the cribs and rocking chairs but Hilary decided not to get anything for her nursery until she got back to LA.

The girls walked over to the maternity clothes searching through them. Hilary pulled out a cute top, “Hannah they have really cute maternity clothes! I'm so getting some”

“Yeah you're going to need maternity clothes. So you might as well get some now!” Hannah said looking through the clothes as well

They searched through everything and soon had clothes piled into the cart as well as the baby things.

Hilary started pushing the cart towards the check out counter, “well I think we're done for now. I'll wait to get the furniture and stuff for the nursery when I get back to LA and figure out what the hell I'm having.”

“Alright! Lets go check out” Hannah said following her

They reached the check out counter and waited in line. Hilary picked up the People Magazine and put it in cart as they put everything else on the counter.

Soon they were done and walked out of Target and put everything in their dads Escalade. They got in and headed home. They reached their house and got out and started carrying everything into the house. They got everything in and put everything away. Hilary grabbed her People Magazine and went into the living room where Hannah was and sat down in a rocking chair flipping through the magazine. Hannah was flipping through the channels, “there’s never anything on TV!”

Hilary nodded still looking through the magazine, ”Yeah I know! Its so stupid”

Hannah turned the TV off and threw the remote on the couch next to her. She laid on her stomach on the couch looking at Hilary, “So anything good in there?”

“No not really” Hilary said flipping the page, “Just the average media crap.”

Hannah sighed, “Figures”

“Uh huh” Hilary said still looking through the magazine.

Hannah started messing with her hands humming to herself. All of a sudden she heard Hilary gasp. She got up and looked at her, “what’s wrong?”

“You have to be fucking kidding me!” Hilary yelled

Hannah looked confused, “what?” she asked getting up

Hilary handed Hannah the magazine getting up, “I cant fucking believe him! What a fucking asshole!” she yelled pacing back and forth

Hannah looked at the magazine article and read it out loud, “Joel Maddens New Love? Has Madden finally gotten over his ex girlfriend Hilary Mathers? Joel Madden has been recently spotted with Nicole Richie in the past couple days. Reports have been made that Richie and Madden have been seen holding hands and kissing. They were spotted yesterday going to a restaurant together in Beverly Hills. Richie has also been sporting Madden's clothing line DCMA Collective that he has with his twin brother Benji Madden.”

Hilary kept pacing back and forth, “what the hell is going on!”

“I don't know Hilary” Hannah said putting the magazine down, “What’s his deal?”

“I'm not even gone for a fucking week and he’s out with Nicole Richie?” Hilary yelled, “What the hell I thought he wanted to be with me? What about this baby? I'm so pissed right now!”

“Hilary calm down” Hannah said walking towards her

“I can’t believe he would do this to me!” Hilary said starting to get teary “was what he said to me all a lie?”

Hannah hugged her and held on to her to comfort her, “Hilary I don't know what’s going on but maybe there’s a good explanation.”

Hilary started crying, “I can’t believe he’s doing this to me! I don't get it! My whole life is going down hill!”

“Hilary hunny its ok” Hannah said trying comfort her

Hilary pulled away and sat down on the couch with her face in her hands still crying not saying a word. Hannah sat next to her and tried to comfort her but Hilary kept pulling away. Eminem and Britney walked through the door, “what happened?” Eminem asked

Hannah looked up at them, “Hilary is upset because she saw an article in the magazine about Joel being with Nicole Richie.”

Em walked up and hugged Hilary, “Hilary baby its going to be ok.”

Hilary pulled away, “no its not! Stop telling me its going to be okay when its not!” she said getting up, “I cant fucking do this anymore!” she yelled still crying. She ran out of the room and upstairs into her bedroom slamming the door behind her.

Britney sat down next to Em, ”I'm worried about her” she said

“We all are” Em said looking at them both.

Hannah got up, “lets just give her some time to herself and later we'll go talk to her. We need to figure something out because she has way too much stress on her” she looked at Em and Britney, ”She was fine while she was here until she saw that article. Damn media!” she said walking out as Em and Britney followed

Couple Hours Later

Hannah was on the phone with her friend Breanna when she heard screaming and crying coming from upstairs. Hannah got up, “look Breanna I have to call you back. I got to see what’s going on upstairs okay? Talk to you later. Bye” Hannah said hanging up as she went running upstairs. She reached upstairs and heard the noise coming from Hilary's room. She ran in, “Hilary oh my god are you okay? What’s wrong?”

Hilary had tears streaming down her face, “Ha... Hannah!” she cried taking deep breaths, “somethings wrong! I think I'm having a miscarriage!” she cried grabbing her stomach

Hannah looked at her and looked at the bed and noticed her bleeding, “oh shit! Hilary we got to get you to the hospital! Come on!” she said trying to help her up

“Hannah I cant it hurts too much” Hilary said still crying

Hannah helped her up and helped her downstairs. She got her into the car and sped her way to the hospital. She called the hospital on the way over there to let them know she was on her way. They reached the hospital and she helped Hilary out rushing her into the hospital. They ran up to the front desk, “we need help now! My sister is having a miscarriage! You got to save the baby!”

A nurse ran over and put Hilary in a wheelchair and rushed her into the emergency room. Hannah waited in the waiting room pacing back and forth crying. She took out her cell phone and dialed her fathers phone number. She waited still pacing. Finally after four rings he picked up

“Hello?” he ask groggily

“Daddy!” Hannah yelled still crying, “You got to get to the hospital”

“Hannah what’s wrong? What happened?” he asked his voice full of concern

Hannah couldn't stop crying, ”Hil...Hilary... Hilary's having a mis… miscarriage..”

“What!” he yelled, “Hannah ill be right there” he said hanging up

About five minutes later Eminem and Britney came rushing into the hospital. They ran up to Hannah, “Hannah is she okay?”

“I…I don't know” she said hugging her father, “they haven't came out yet!”

Em hugged her tightly hanging onto her to try to calm her. They all sat and waited. About an hour later Dr. Greene came out into the waiting room. They all got up quickly. Em looked at him, “is my daughter okay? Is the baby okay?”

Dr. Greene smiled, “your daughter and her baby are fine.” he paused, “your lucky that Hannah got her here in time. If she didn't she would've lost the baby for sure”

“Can we go see her please?” Hannah asked

Dr. Greene nodded, “yes you may but please don't give her anymore stress. She needs to relax and keep her mind calm. She’s been under too much stress and that’s what caused her to almost have a miscarriage. But you guys can go in there. She'll be falling asleep soon. We gave her medication so she can relax”

Hannah and Britney started walking towards Hilary's room. Em stopped and looked at him, “Thanks doctor” he said and turned around and headed into Hilary's room.

They walked into Hilary's room. Hilary was hooked up to all kinds of machines and had an IV in her with different medications running into her body. She was also hooked up to a baby monitor to monitor the baby. They all walked up and sat down next to her on the bed, ”Hey Hilary” Hannah said taking her hand

“Hey” Hilary said and smiled a little

Em sat next to her on the bed, “how are you feeling?”

“Not good.” she paused, “Well actually I feel a lot better than I did an hour ago”

Em smiled, “Well we're here to help you through this ok baby? We love you and don't want you to lose the baby”

Hilary nodded. She looked at Hannah, “thanks Hannah for saving my baby”

“No problem sis. I love you so much” Hannah said giving her a hug

Hilary hugged her back, “I love you too. You guys rock!”

They all looked at her and smiled. Hilary looked up at them, “I’m just happy that my baby is okay” she said putting her hand on her stomach.

“We all are Hilary” her father said looking at her
Hilary nodded smiling. About a half hour later Hilary was asleep from the medication that the doctor gave her. Hannah, Em, and Britney stayed in Hilary's room. Hannah got up and took her cell phone out of her purse, “I’m gonna go let Kelsey know about Hilary so she can tell Joel.”

Em nodded, ”alright”

Hannah opened the door and walked out. She walked down the halls and ended up in the front of the hospital. She walked through the doors that led outside. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed Kelsey's phone number and waited while it was ringing. Finally Kelsey picked up, “hello?”

“Kelsey?” Hannah said “its Hannah”

“Hey Hannah what’s up?” Kelsey asked

Hannah sighed looking around, “Kelsey I called to tell you that Hilary's in the hospital”

“What!” Kelsey yelled, “What happened?”

“Hilary..” she paused but continued, “Hilary almost had a miscarriage”

Kelsey gasped, “what?! You have to be kidding me! Oh my god is she ok?”

Hannah nodded to herself, “yes she’s fine. So is the baby.” she paused and continued, “she just has to stay in the hospital for a day or two so they can monitor the baby. I thought I would call you so you know what’s going on”

“Thank you so much Hannah!” Kelsey said, “I’m going to get a flight out tonight to Detroit. I got to be with Hilary.”

“Alright so let me know when you get off your flight and I'll come get you.” Hannah said looking to the side

“I will! I'll talk to you later Hannah! Thanks for calling! I love you bye” Kelsey said hanging up

Hannah hung up and walked back into the hospital

Meanwhile In Los Angeles

Kelsey hung up her cell phone and walked into the living room where Benji was sitting watching TV. She walked up to him and sat down by him, “Benji I got to get a flight out tonight to Detroit”

Benji looked at her confused, “Why?”

“Hilary's in the hospital” she said looking at him

“What? What happened?” he asked shocked

Kelsey looked around then back at him, “Hilary almost had a miscarriage”

Benji got up, ”oh shit! I want to go too.” he looked at Kelsey, “We got to tell Joel about this”

“Yeah I know” Kelsey said and sighed, “lets go tell him”

Benji nodded in agreement as they walked out of her house and got into Kelsey's car. They made their way to Joel's house. They reached his house and parked her car in his driveway. They got out and walked up to his door and knocked. They waited. They heard footsteps walking towards the door and someone opened it. Joel was standing there, ”Hey guys. Come in” he said moving for them to walk in

Benji and Kelsey walked in. Kelsey looked back at Joel, “Joel we came to tell you something.” she said

“Alright what?” Joel asked as he walked into the living room with Benji.

Kelsey put her purse on the table and walked into the living room. She walked in and stopped dead in her tracks. She couldn't believe who was sitting next to Joel. She had blonde hair that was pulled into a ponytail and pretty light brown eyes. She had tan skin and was also very thin. Who was she? None other than Nicole Richie.

Kelsey looked at Joel, ”Umm Joel what the fuck is she doing here?” she asked getting irritated

“She’s here because she’s my girlfriend” Joel said looking up at her

Kelsey's mouth dropped, “what? You have to fucking be kidding me!” she screamed

Joel shook his head at her getting angry, “What the fuck is your deal Kelsey?”

“What’s my deal?” Kelsey asked walking up to him, “my deal is that you don't know what the fuck you want! What about Hilary? Huh? You say you love her so much and then while she’s gone you go and find that thing” she said pointing to Nicole, “and go screw around with her? Joel that’s fucking messed up!” she screamed

“Whatever Kelsey” Joel said getting irritated

Kelsey's voice got full of anger, “does little Miss Priss over there know that you have a fucking baby on the way?” she yelled at him, “Joel how can you sit there and move on to another girl when you know you have a fucking child on the way? Huh?”

Nicole looked over at Joel confused. Joel looked at her, “she said she didn't want me so it’s not my fault! I’ve been trying for the past two and a half months and it’s going nowhere! Why are you so fucking worried about it anyways?” he yelled at her

Kelsey got all up into his face, “Because Hilary is sitting in a fucking hospital in Detroit because she almost had a fucking miscarriage! That’s why I fucking care!” she screamed, “and why do you think she almost lost her baby Joel?! Huh? Think about it genius!”

Benji ran up to Kelsey and pulled her back, “come on Kelsey lets go. I ordered our tickets”

“You’re fucking pathetic Joel!” Kelsey said glaring at him as Benji pulled her out of the living room

Benji looked back, “I’m sorry Joel. I didn't know she would do this. We're headed off to Detroit so if you need me call me” he said as they walked out of Joel house and got into the car and headed towards the airport.

Joel sat down with his face in his hands. Nicole walked up to him and sat down next to him, “Joel are you okay?” she asked

“No not really” he said looking up with tears in his eyes, “its my fault Hilary's in the hospital and almost lost our baby.”

“Joel don't say that” Nicole said trying to comfort him

Joel pulled away, “no it really is. I put so much fucking stress on her and now I doubled the stress. That’s why she almost lost our baby..” he looked up at Nicole, “I’m sorry Nicole but I got to go make things right with Hilary.”

Nicole nodded, “I understand” she said getting up and grabbed her purse, “good luck” she said looking back at Joel smiling and walked out.

Joel got up. He walked over and grabbed his money, cell phone, and keys as he waked out of the house and into his car driving into the night.
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