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Chapter 7 - Case open

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Brendon has trouble with what to wear to court. Ryan, the doting friend, helps him out as always.

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Chapter 7 – case open

“Bren, you can’t go to court looking like that!”
“What’s wrong with what I look like? Anyway, I can go how I like thank you very much, mother”
Ryan shook his head as he left the room, to go up the stairs. He returned a while later, carrying a pristine black suit, with a white shirt and a red tie.
“Get changed, Bren. Don’t make me tickle you. You know I ALWAYS win!”
“Who made you Queen of the world, Ry?”
said a defiant Brendon.
“The Pope now shut your trap and get changed”
“Ooh the Pope eh? Someone has friends in holy places, now get lost while I get changed. I'm doing as you say, as always. Happy now?”
“Absolutely ecstatic Brenny darling" Ryan retorted, walking out the room as Brendon struggled with the zipper on his ‘nightmare before Christmas’ hoody.
Knowing it would hurt Brendon’s pride if he offered help, Ryan carried on, pretending he hadn't acknowledged Brendon’s predicament.
Coming back in, Ryan found Brendon looking puzzled.
“Dude, the sleeves on this suit have got two button holes and no button. Did you get it cheap or something?”
“Brendon you plonker!” said Ryan, laughing. “You need cufflinks. Wait there. Don’t move a muscle” he said, racing out the house. He returned a few minutes later, breathing loudly, chest heaving, to find Brendon had taken his words literally.
“You can move now. I was going to give you these on your birthday but now seems as good a time as any”
He handed a small box to Brendon, who opened it slowly. Inside were two perfectly formed likenesses of the head of Jack Skellington, Brendon’s favourite ‘nightmare before Christmas’ character.
“Damn it. I thought you were proposing”
“Oh don’t you like them?” said Ryan quietly, looking crestfallen. “I can take them back if you want” he added, knowing full well that he’d thrown the receipt away on the day he bought them.
“Ryan, I was only joking. I absolutely LOVE them! Now I don’t have to wear my hoody! Can you put them on for me Ry?”
He handed them back to Ryan, who carefully held his arm and put the first in.

Ryan is always there to help. What a sweetie! Me loves him! =)
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