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Chapter 8 - Case shut (but you can pay to close it like a casket)

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It's the court case for the meany who hit Brendon with a car. Will he get sent down? Brendon leaves and Ryan gets sad... poor baba =(

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Chapter 8 – Case shut (but you can pay to close it like a casket!)

“You are charged with speeding and driving without due care and attention, ending in serious injury. How do you plead?”
“Guilty, your honour.”
“Due to the fact that you plea is guilty and that you seem repentant of this crime, I sentence you to 100 hours of community service and 7 points on your driving licence, meaning you are banned from driving. Any breach of this ban will result in a custodial sentence.”
“What?!” Ryan stood up, shaking with anger. “That guy could have killed me and almost killed Brendon and all he gets is community service. He should go down for this who’s gonna be next? Some old lady, walking her dog? A child?
“Ryan, sit down. You’re not helping matters.”
“Brendon, aren’t you angry?” this time just so Brendon could hear. “He left you with a broken arm and leg and if you hadn’t pushed me out the way, he probably would have killed me. Him being sorry, it’s just an act. Why do you believe him?”
“I don’t, Ry but this isn’t helping. The judge has given the sentence and it’s not gonna change. Come on, I thought you were meant to be the sensible one. We should go now.”

“Ryan, I’m going out. You don’t have t wait for me.”
“Bren. Wait, I’ll come with…” he started but Brendon had already slammed the door.

(Ryan’s thoughts)

“Why did he leave so quickly? Did I do something to upset him? Maybe he still pissed about what happened in court. Yeah, that’s it. I’ll say sorry when he gets back, but… maybe he doesn’t want me to be here when he gets back. He said don’t wait up. Maybe he’s bored with me. I have been at his house practically every day. That’s why he left, ‘cause I was still here. He’s regretting saving me. I know he is, even though he denies it. He wishes it was me who is hurt, not him. Maybe I should go. I wouldn’t want to inflict my company on him when he so obviously doesn’t want me here. Yeah, I’ll go…”

Aaaw poor baba Ry! =(
Me thinks I’m gonna cry…
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