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Chapter 9 – Suffering only makes you stronger…

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Whoever said that never met Ryan Ross, who happens to be suffering and isn't getting stronger, more like the opposite.

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Chapter 9 – Suffering only makes you stronger…

Ryan walked home after a while, hands in his pockets, tears running down his face and splashing down his front. He pulled his wallet out of his pocket and flipped it open, showing a picture of him and Brendon. He smiled at the memory.

They had been Christmas shopping for their families, each buying perfume and after-shave for their parents, when Brendon had said
“Ry, this is boring. I’ve got an idea. Go into the first shop you see and buy the stupidest thing in there, then come out and we’ll take a picture in that there photo-booth.”
A few minutes later, they both returned to the same spot, Brendon carrying a miniature reindeer that pooped out sweets and Ryan clutching a pair of novelty glasses, with a nose, moustache and ginger beard attached. They had both crammed into the photo-booth and had photos, in various poses.

From then on, the photo had stayed in Ryan’s wallet, making him laugh quietly, whenever he opened it. This time, however, it caused him to sib uncontrollably, so hard that he couldn’t make his hands open the front door to his house.
When he finally got in, he ran upstairs and collapsed on his bed and cried himself to sleep.

Ryan woke up to his alarm clock, a present from Brendon, the next morning and remembered the night before, his head in his hands. Crawling out of bed, he looked at the dresser, where a photo stood, a larger copy of the one in his wallet. He stood and stared for a while, eyes prickling then slowly slid down the wall to the floor.

He wanted to get up and turn the photo-frame around yet found he couldn’t get up, his legs lying uselessly in front of him, too melancholy to move, to upset to even think of anything but how he loved Brendon more than his best friend would even know.

Sorry I didn’t update in a while. I was banned from the Internet, cause I didn’t do any revision. Eternal damnation for my parents.
Xxx Nica xxX
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