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Drop A Heart, Break A Name...

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Cammy and Pete return to their earlier years, loving every second with each other. But will somebody's feelings get in the way of their happiness?

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Like A Knife Part 17

I followed Pete through the thick canopy of tall trees, just waiting for us to get lost. I was surprised that he remembered so clearly after all these years of confusion, and at first I wasn’t sure if he was leading me the right way. But we finally made our way up a small incline and found ourselves in our secret meadow, our escape from everything that hurt. I sighed upon thinking about some of the memories here. I remembered one ever so vividly, and had mixed emotions about it.

I followed Ryan through the trees, hoping he knew where he was going,

“Ry, where are you taking me?” I asked in all my high school sophomore glory. It was the last day of our freshman year, and he wanted to make sure I remembered it, or so he told me.

“I’m taking you somewhere worth going,” He replied mysteriously, smiling at me as he grabbed my hand and lead me up a quick, steep hill.

He turned to look at me as we stepped into a huge, beautiful meadow, untouched by all of the city life of Las Vegas all around it. It was truly breathtaking, with the flawless blue sky hindering above us. The hazy yellow sun burned bright over our heads, and I ran to the middle of the meadow. He watched as I threw myself into the green grass, taking in every precious feeling it was giving off. It had been so long since I had found somewhere unlike Vegas, like a reality that was unreal. And he had finally showed me one that existed, that had gone detected under everyone’s noses forever.

“This is amazing!” I squealed, lying down in the grass and watching the clouds blow by slowly.

He lay down next to me, took my hand in his and said, “I know. I thought you deserved something incredible like this.”

He couldn’t see it, but my face was flushed red. We kept our faces toward the sky, watching birds fly by, watching the sun beat down on us, watching the clouds drift carelessly like we were. With Ryan, I always felt like I was floating on a cloud somewhere in Heaven, a place perfect enough that a mistake turns into something beautiful.

My life seemed to be like that place when he was around. If I made mistakes, I made them with him by my side, and everything turned out all right. It never failed for us to pretend we didn’t worry about anything but our friendship.

“Ry,” I sighed. “I wish things could stay like this forever.”

“Me too, Cams,” He agreed, looking over at me. I turned my head in the grass to meet his eyes. “Me too. I promise, if I can keep them this way, I will.”

And he had broken that promise. Things were drastically changed now, everything had fallen apart and was glued back together carelessly. I hesitated before walking into the middle so familiarly.

“Come on, Cams,” Pete insisted, grabbing my hand and pulling me into the center. I wasn’t ready for it, and my feet had been firmly planted on the ground, so I ended up on top of him, our bodies seeming to entwine perfectly.

We just looked at each other, wondering how things had ended up this way. Things could change so easily, and they had, but we were trying to pretend that it was like years and years ago. And for a minute, I was transported back to my years in high school, wishing I could remain in the daydream perpetually.

“Ry,” I sighed. “I wish things could stay like this forever.”

Pete had been the closest to get me to relive those moments that I longed for, and I was more grateful than ever.

“Pete, this is great,” I whispered, still on top of him. “You always know how to make me smile.”

“Well, then, it’s worth it. I’d go to a star millions of light years away just to see you smile,” He admitted rather proudly.

I hoped he didn’t see me blush. I removed myself from his body, rising to my feet and stared into the sky. It was a blue as the first day I had been here, the grass was as green, and the same breeze wandered around. The only things that had changed were emotions.

I thrust myself into a cartwheel, not completely sure of why I did it. It had been a lengthy time since I had even attempted to do one, and I wasn’t hoping for much. But I landed it and beamed at him, as he watched with sincere eyes. I could tell he was glad to see me having fun again, to see something worth seeing in my before lifeless eyes. I knew why; I was with him. He put the life back in my life.

He attempted his own cartwheel, actually completing a half decent one, to my surprise. I laughed as he laughed with me, not really caring what anybody thought at that moment. I was living it for the moment, and memorizing everything that was going through my mind.

“Am I more than you bargained for yet?” Pete began to sing, smiling on every word.

“I’ve been dying to tell you everything you want to hear, ‘cause that’s just who I am this week,” I finished his thought.

“Lye in the grass, next to a mausoleum. I’m just the knots in your bed post, but you’re just the line in a song,” He continued.

“Drop a heart,” I chimed in. “Break a name.”

“We’re always sleeping in and sleeping for the wrong team,” He chanted.

“We’re going down, down in a earlier round, and Sugar, we’re going down swinging,” We sang together linking hands. “I’ll be your number one with a bullet. A loaded God complex, cock it and pull it.”

We held hands and spun in circles, defying gravity, depending on each other to hold us up. And as I thought about it, it resembled our real lives; I depended on him, while he was depending on me to depend on him. In other words, we lived to hold each other up when we were falling down.

And I think that’s that way I liked it.
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