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Take Your Shoes Off, Dance In The Rain

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Cammy and Brendon are great friends. Will he finally get her to open up around them once again?

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Like A Knife Part 22

Heavy gray clouds loomed overhead, threatening a rain shower. I watched as they tumbled over one another, like they were anxious to get somewhere important.

“Hey, Cams, want to go for a walk?” Brendon asked me casually, as everybody else was locked in their own discussions.

“Sure,” I replied hurriedly, as I wanted to get as far away from the happy Ryro-Keltie combination that was flirting right next to me.

“Thirteen hundred pounds?” I heard Addi laugh, as she talked with Ryan and Patrick.

“A volcano in the ocean,” I listened, as Moony chatted with Pete and Joe.

“If more than one octopus is octopi, would more than one walrus be walri?” Spencer asked Jon.

“Dude, how the Hell would I know?” Jon replied, smiling at his friend.

“And then you press the square button twice,” Andy said to Joe, Pete and Moony.

It was interesting to just zone in on small bits of conversation and piece together what the whole conversation is about. Brendon and I walked down the steps of the porch and began down the cracked sidewalks on Ryan’s street. We weren’t shy with each other in the least.

“I’m so glad that you got me out of there,” I admitted, sighing.

“I could tell. I could see that look you had…” He explained.

“What look?” I wondered.

“The far off one that you get whenever something is bothering you. There’s this type of sadness that drifts over your face when Ry is with Keltie that, like, burns my heart,” He explained. “And I’m pretty sure you’ve never burned your heart. It’s painful,” He joked.

“Right. I think I’ll stay away from anything that burns my heart, from now on,” I giggled, as we walked down the road, under the leaning trees.

“Brenny, do you think…Do you think I’ll ever find someone that loves me back?” I pondered, eager to hear his opinion.

“Of course, Cams. Who knows? He could be right under your nose for years and years on end and you might not notice him until you realize there are other people than Ry,” He said, grinning.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I asked him, finally some life in my tone of voice.

“Nothing in particular, really. I’m just saying that you’ve loved Ry for so long, and I’m not sure what’s going to happen between you two. That’s all,” He replied, avoiding the cracks in the sidewalk. “Step on a crack and you’ll break your mother’s back.”

“Are you sure I’d be breaking my mother’s and not Keltie’s back?” I asked, stepping on every crack I saw.

“I guess you could break her back if you think about it hard enough,” He kidded.

He watched as I thought about it for a while and stomped on each break in the sidewalk, wishing that it was her.

“You’re nice,” He said sarcastically.

“What can I say? I’m a naturally kind person,” I said, replying his facetious tone.

Suddenly, he walked out into the middle of the road, and traced the yellow line with his feet. I followed him, knowing that there were very few cars that ever actually traveled down the street we were on. And then the clouds gave into their burdens, dropping rain everywhere in great amounts. We were soaked from our heads to our toes, through our clothes and shoes, and frankly, we both loved it.

We jumped around and played in the rain, wishing to be as carefree as we were at that moment every other day of our lives, but knew we had to cherish the time because it was very infrequent. Happiness only comes in small, wholesome amounts, and then weighs you down every day and night until you can find it again. It was like a lost child, following you around, unsure of when to leave. But somehow, it always ended up by your side again.

“Bren, it’s freezing!” I said joyfully, as I spun in circles in the rain.

“Isn’t it great?” He said in amazement, letting himself get soaked.

Only when I’m with you, I said to myself. But I couldn’t bring myself to say it out loud to his face.

What caused that feeling was still a mystery to me, but I could narrow it down to two reasons I was unwilling to admit to myself.

We stayed there, dancing and loving every minute of the water on our skin, letting it soak in and wipe our worries away. Mist arose from the pavement below us, and we were thankful we were together to watch it happen.

True, honest friends that would die for each other, that wouldn’t let anything happen that would hurt, us that would only want the best.

Friends that only made you cry when you were laughing too hard.

Friends that remind you of all the good things in life when you were getting the worst side of the bad times.

Friends that pretend everything’s okay just to make you feel better, even when they’re the farthest thing from normal.

*Ryan’s POV*

Brendon left his cell phone on the porch, next to my arm. I knew he would want it back, just in case someone called him, but he had left with Cammy to go on a walk. There was a feeling, deep in the pit of my stomach, that told me to let them have their space. I couldn’t always have her to myself.

But being the normal, concerned Ryan Ross that I am, I got up and went to go give it back. I told everyone where I was going, just to make sure they didn’t worry over me, and started down the old sidewalks of my road.

And as I walked through the rain, I stopped before they saw me. There they were, dancing in the middle of the street, cheering on the rain, taking every moment for what it was worth. I couldn’t let myself interrupt. If it was me, I wouldn’t like it, either.

Because I would be spending time with her.

And I’m not sure if that was Brendon’s reason, but it sure looked like it form my standing point.

So I pretended not to ever have seen them and walked alone back to my house.
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