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Chapter Five

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“He never knew you, Jason. I just met you yesterday, and I thought you were a pretty decent guy, but I guess I was wrong.”

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Jason opened his eyes. It was dark, and he was lying on the familiarly soft material of the second guest room mattress. He sat up and looked around. Normal.

“Jason!” his father’s voice yelled from the hall. “Jason, someone came by to see you!”

Jason stood up and looked down at himself. He was wearing a large grey shirt and checkered blue pajama pants. The reflection in the mirror showed stubble speckling his face, but he ignored it. Presentable, he thought, and opened the door, leaving the room.

“Jason!” his father was yelling as he reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Yeah, I’m here. I’m right here,” he mumbled, thudding down the hall. He reached the door and peered past his dad’s form.


“Gerard?” he said.

“Jason. I need to talk to you for a few minutes, is that okay?” Gerard said as Jason’s father moved from the doorway to let Gerard step in.

Jason nodded dumbly, confused. “You can just talk to me anytime. And why are you outside at seven?”

Mr. Johnson frowned. “Don’t be rude, Jason.” He walked back into the kitchen, leaving Gerard and Jason alone.

“What? I’m not being rude, I’m stating he truth! If he wanted to talk he could’ve just come up from the basement for once!”

“Uh, yeah. Uh, I just wanted to talk,” Gerard said awkwardly. “…And I haven’t really been hanging out in your basement to come up from it,” he added, glancing into the hallway. “Never got the chance since I’ve never been in your house before.”

Jason spluttered “What?! You live here! You’ve been renting it for almost a week with Frank and whatever his name is while I’m at college!”

Gerard’s expression changed to anger. “What do you know about Frank?” he snapped, stepping toward Jason. “What the fuck gives you the right to talk about him?”

Jason gawked. “What the hell are you talking about? He was my fucking /brother/!”

Gerard’s eyes were livid, glaring at Jason in obvious rage. “He never knew you, Jason. I just met you yesterday, and I thought you were a pretty decent guy, but I guess I was wrong.” Gerard stormed out the door and toward a beat up red Cadillac by the sidewalk, getting in and driving away.

Jason kept the door open for another minute before slamming it and walking unsteadily back to join his parents in the kitchen.

He took one glance at the paper and almost choked. The headline read: BOY KILLED IN VEHICLE WRECK. BROTHER OF BOYFRIEND GUILTY.

Underneath the bold text were a captioned school picture of Frank, and a second candid shot of Gerard and Mikey in a courtroom, Mikey in handcuffs and Gerard stone-faced in the witness box.

Jason’s head spun and he felt his head get heavy, his parents morning banter buzzing into his ears and past the back of his head. He heard the crash of his father’s chair to the floor, and his mother’s voice calling to--
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