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Chapter Six

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Jason fell to his knees and froze, listening to the taunting beating of his heart in his ears.

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-beep. beep. beep…

Tigers are orange and apples are red.

Jason. Jason. Jason. Jason… “Jason, wake up. Jason.”

Blurry white filled his eyes. He could hear people move about above him and he felt himself gag at the smell of disinfectant and hospital. It was distant; he could hardly detect himself moving. He was suffocating on his own consciousness.

“Jason, come on. Jason… Here, sit him up.”

His head spun faintly again and something was buzzing in his legs and arms as he was moved. He heaved again and this time vomited, forward or to the side; he wasn’t sure which.

He couldn’t feel his body, and he could see. He couldn’t see anything but white. He tried to reach a hand up to his face, but succeeded in hitting himself in the nose, missing his eyes. There was a bandage over his eyes.

He felt the ground next to him as his body sobered up. It was metal.

“No… no…,” he murmured. “No!”

He ripped the bandage from his eyes and reeled forward, lurching up onto his feet. The walls were glass. He fell against it and saw his reflection. Bloody holes where his eyes should have been and Gerard’s Frankenstein stitches up his face, crisscrossing and patterned over him like thread in a quilt.

He smashed his fists against the glass and tumbled back, twisting around. Thousands and thousands of his reflection whirled around him, mocking him with every step he took until he realized he was alone. There was no one but him in the mirrors and no one to whisper his name in this room.

He fell to his knees and froze, listening to the taunting beating of his heart in his ears.

He was afraid. He never thought he would be, but he was afraid of this place. Afraid like he should have been in that garden. That hedge maze of macabre and illusive imagery.

He felt the sockets in his face burn and bloody tears ran down the jeering faces in the glass.

“Jason. Jason, listen to me.”

Jason turned his head quickly. Frank stood this time, in only one, and exactly one, of the panes of glass. He was a few layers behind Jason, peeking out from behind him a bit where he stood.

“Jason, you have to follow me.”

Jason stood up and realized his eyes weren’t gone. But, he knew they had been! They’d been ripped out from his skull; he’d seen the blood! But his face was clean and unscarred, no blue lines or faded scar tissue.

Frank darted in and out of the panels, walking steadily as Jason held out his hands in front of him, hoping not to run into anything.

Frank kept going, weaving in and out of the mirrors until Jason was out of the maze and in front of a door. He looked back and fear ripped through his heart, adrenaline pulsing through his veins at the sight of the dark labyrinth behind him.

“Go through there and you’ll be safe for a while,” Frank said, pointing. He smiled at Jason cheerily. A little kid trapped in the glass. “Gerard will help you. He promised. He never breaks his promises.”

Jason nodded and left quickly, not even bothering to look back again.
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