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Time to go

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I stayed at Zephyr’s that night. Malikai slept with Kitten. He was quite fond of her. I didn’t mind, and she was doggy sitting him while I went shopping the next day.
The first place I went was Hot Topic in the mall. I could pick up a lot of things from a few different stores. In Hot Topic I bought two new pairs of fingerless gloves, five new shirts, and two hoodies. I was going on tour; why not get all new stuff? In Shoe Carnival I got a pair of DCs that had speakers all over them, black boots with fur on them, and another pair of Vans. From Body Central I got six pairs of tight black jeans, three belts, and a necklace. Then I went to another wing to where Sam Goody was. There I got new Skullcandy headphones. They were white with silver metallic on them.
I carried the bags back to the Lincoln and from there went home. My brothers were in various stages of packing already, so I got with it. In my room I pack four bags for myself and one for Malikai. Plus his pillow. Kitten had brought him back a little earlier and right now he was licking my face and wagging his tail. He liked Kitten, but he was extremely glad I was back. He almost wouldn’t let me get off the bed because he was licking my face and laying on me.
“Get off you cow!” I laughed, pushing him off. I grabbed my bags and piled them by the door with the boys’ stuff. Malikai followed and sniffed at the stuff. He pawed at his pillow and looked at me with big eyes. “Oh right, like you sleep there like you’re supposed to,” I snorted. “Now come on so I can feed you and put your bowls in the bag.”
I fed Malikai and cleaned both his silver food bowl and water bowl. Those I too put in the bag. Staring at Malikai, I folded my arms; thinking. Oh yeah, he could use some new stuff. “I’m going out again,” I yelled to the boys. Then I snapped Malikai’s leash on and took him to the car.
Fifteen minutes later I parked outside PetSmart. Malikai stuck close to my side. He was a little scared of people. Okay a lot scared. He was such a big sissy sometimes.
Inside we went to the dog aisle, obviously, and I found him a new silver and black collar. I bought him that, a leash, a new nametag, six packs of Greenie bones, four huge meaty bones, and some new squeaky toys. Along with a fifty pound bag of dog food.
I was done, so I went back home to eat with my brothers and watch some tv before crashing.

We were to meet the MCR bus at four in the morning in the parking lot of a Rally’s. This one stayed open twenty four hours for some reason, and we had gotten there early. I ordered two rally burgers and bacon cheddar ranch fries. I was about to sit down and eat, but the MCR bus pulled in. Rolling my eyes, I folded the bag and sat it on the passenger seat of the Lincoln. Then I got up to go stand with Dean, Keenan, and Seth.
Frank was like a little rabbit, hopping over to meet us. “Hey guys. Are you excited?” he was almost bouncing.
“Extremely,” answered Dean, just as excited. Keenan and Seth were already in a conversation with Bob, Mikey, and Ray. Gerard walked toward me, a smirk on his face. He opened his mouth but I walked past him, ignoring him. Instead I went to talk to their manager. “So when are we leaving? And what about the Lincoln?”
“Well we’re going to get your stuff packed in the car, and Fred here with drive your car behind the bus, right behind Gerard’s.” He waved a hand at a silver Lamborghini that had pulled in. “Is that your dog?” he gestured to Malikai where he was sniffing at my food.
“Malikai!” I snapped. The dog picked up the bag of food and trotted to me. I grabbed the food and made him sit. “This is Malikai.”
The manager held his hand out for Malikai to sniff, then smiled. “I’ve always liked dogs. I bet Gerard would like him too.” Oh I just bet he would. I wondered if I could persuade the big dog to bite Gerard right between the legs.
The next twenty minutes were spent loading the instrument onto the bus. Then the bags. Did I mention how nice it was? Inside the bus there was a kitchenette, a sofa, two recliners, a tv, and then a hall. Down the hall were two bathrooms and ten bunk beds. Pretty nice. We all picked bunks. I picked a bottom one, and dragged my bags to it. A moment later Gerard came back in and stared at me.
“What?” I snapped.
“Well, I was just wondering why you picked the bunk below mine,” he said a bit slowly.
“Oh, I didn’t know it was yours.” I started to grab my stuff to move it.
“No it’s fine. As long as you don’t come up during the night,” said Gerard quickly.
“Whatever,” I rolled my eyes. Malikai was staring at Gerard, interested.
“Is this your dog?” Gerard asked, bending down on his knees.
“Well, it may be the one thing I actually like about you. Apart from your singing.” He held a hand out to Malikai. The dog sniffed him and pulled bag, jumped onto the bunk and sitting on my legs.
Smiling, I pushed him off and gave the dog an affectionate pat. Then I walked out to help them finish packing.
Thirty minutes later I finally got to eat. Of course by then it was cold, but whatever. I sat cross leged on my bed, giving Malikai half of one burger and about seven fries. He also got to lick the wrappers and box.
By then a lot of the boys were in their bunks, asleep. The only one I didn’t see was Gerard. But I didn’t care. After throwing my trash away, I laid down on my bunk. Malikai collapsed on my stomach and I fell asleep.
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