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Don't Fidget

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Long chapter, lots of fun things. Why won't he stop fidgeting?

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Why couldn’t Malikai stop fidgeting? “Stop,” I murmured, waving my hand at him. I relaxed my hand and let it fall off the bed. Then I felt a tongue lick my hand. Malikai’s. So if he was on the floor, why was there someone on my stomach? My eyes snapped open. It was only about six, and no one had lights on. Plus all the windows were blocked, so it was pitch black. Then something hit me. “Gerard,” I stated. My voice was flat and sarcastic.
“Yes?” drawled Gerard. I felt his fingers feather across my stomach.
“What are you doing?”
“What does it feel like?”
“Like I’m about to hit you.”
“Would you really?”
In answer, I blindly kicked at the weight on my lower half. I heard him grunt and he rolled off me. “I can’t believe you did that.”
“I can’t believe you’re not gone yet,” I hissed back. Gerard murmured a few more things before he climbed up to the top bunk and Malikai took his spot.
After he had rolled around for a few minutes, I whispered, “Sleep Tight!” and got a definite ‘fuck you’ in reply.
After Malikai had gotten settled, I went back to sleep.
* * * *
I woke up later to find a few people up. A quick look at my watch told me it was ten in the morning. Wow. I usually didn’t sleep that late. The ones who were up were Frank, Keenan, and Gerard. I checked all around me to see if he’d done anything for payback. Thankfully he hadn’t, though I had a feeling he would at some point.
I slipped into the bathroom with Malikai and changed into an old black Fall Out Boy t shirt and loose black jeans. I also slipped some socks on. After that I put my other clothes away and then went to the front of the bus. The other boys were there with the tv on. They were watching Pirates of the Caribbean three and discussing Captain Jack. Keen thought he was hot. I thought he was weird. Instead of argue though, I walked over to wear Keenan was sitting in a chair and sat on the floor beside him. I scratched Malikai’s ears and ran my fingers through his fur. It didn’t take me long to notice Gerard was staring at me. I looked back to confirm it and saw he was. Hatefully in fact. So I made sure no one was looking, brought my fingers up to my mouth, and flicked my tongue between them. He smirked and discreetly gave me the middle finger. All without attracting the attention of Frank or Keenan.
An hour later Malikai was again asleep on my lap, and I was leaning against the recliner, my eyes half closed. Everyone was starting to get up, and currently Bob was making breakfast.
He got done and offered around paper plates. I declined saying I’d already had breakfast. It had been the Rally’s.
“What, afraid to gain a pound or two?” asked Gerard snappily.
“At least I don’t really look deathly pale. Oh wait, you’re a vampire, right?” I mocked sweetly.
Gerard gave me a rude gesture that only I saw. It was amazing what we could pull off without attracting attention. Really, we could be actors.
Two hours later, after we’d stopped and let Malikai go the bathroom, we were still driving. Imagine that. Our first contest was two days away in Wyoming. We’d be driving a lot until then.
I was so bored that I decided to go listen to music and play the Sims on my laptop. Five minutes later I was in my bunk with the curtain pulled across, Malikai on my legs, Laptop on, and IPod blaring Alesana.
I hummed while I played the Sims, and on a whim I made a new family. They were the Way family, and they consisted of Gerard and Aaliyah Way. They were roomies, and I gave them a nice house with a dog named Malikai. I giggled as cyber me shoved Gerard Way, then laughed when they got into a fight.
After a bit their relationship changed into something of passion. It was sickening. I looked out the window and saw it was almost dark. I’d been playing for about seven hours. It was amazing how time could fly.

I got up, closed my laptop, and went to the front of the bus. We were stopping to get dinner. Hurrah.
We had stopped at a Red Lobster. Naturally. They pick the place that serves the one food I really can’t stand. Seafood. Seriously, how could anyone eat that stuff? Well at least they had a few chicken selections, and I really loved their biscuits.
Basically we had a lot of room reserved, and there were four table pushed together so that we could all sit together. Somehow I ended up on the end with Gerard facing me across the table. Nobody was on the short ends of the table.
The waitress brought out our drinks, and some biscuits. I reached forward and took one, putting it on the small plate in front of me. The woman took our orders and walked off. All the others immediately started a conversation, which I didn’t participate in. Instead I put a pair of skullcandy headphones over my ears and turned my IPod on. In a few moments I was mouthing the words to ‘Save Your Generation.’
I looked up to see that Gerard was watching me, his hands folded under his chin. He too was listening to an IPod, though not mouthing anything.
Suddenly someone hit me in the arm. I turned to look at Dean, eyebrows raised.
“Hey, tell Frank about that one show, remember, where that dude jumped up on the stage!” insisted Dean.
I grimaced. “Oh. Yeah, well, we were performing and some guy kept shouting, ‘I love you Aaliyah.’ I ignored him, until he jumped up on the stage and ran over to me.” I smirked at Dean. “And on the way knocked Dean onto the floor. So anyway, he ran over and grabbed my shoulders, and Keenan came over. The dude was like, kissing me and Keenan punched him in the face. The dude passed out and that was it,” I shrugged.
They carried on with their conversation and I put my headphones back on. I looked up to see that Gerard was staring at me. In response I turned my music up.
In silence I tore my biscuit apart and it systematically disappeared into my mouth. Yum. As I was submerged in the eating of my biscuit, I felt something touch my leg. By now I wasn’t stupid. My eyes flicked up to Gerard and he shocked me by staring straight back at me. I looked away, and pretty soon the waitress brought our food. I ate quickly, keeping my headphones on. When we were done everyone put money in the middle of the table. I shrugged my headphones off and started to grab for the bill when Gerard grabbed it first. He looked at it, pulled a fifty out of his pocket, and put the other money in it as well. No one else noticed that I didn’t get to put any money in it. He gave it to the waitress and said to keep the change. I stared at him, openmouthed. Gerard just blinked at me and smiled slowly. The others were all getting up to leave.
I scrambled up as well, watching as Gerard languidly stretched and got to his feet. His back arched and my eyes almost trailed down his front, but I quickly made my gaze go elsewhere, precisely to his face. Gerard was smirking like a cat, watching me. This time my face did turn red, but I turned around before he could really see it. Though I thought I heard him laugh.

After I took Malikai for a walk, I returned to the bus to see that the others were sprawled all over it. I let Malikai off the leash and he trotted down the hallway to the bunks. With a sigh, I followed him and I saw he was lying on the bottom bunk, but when he saw me he scooted so I could collapse onto it as well. My eyes fluttered shut as the engine purred to life, startling me a bit. I jumped, but only a little, before closing my eyes again and putting my hand on Malikai’s head. After a moment I put my headphones on, and pressed play on my IPod. The Ballad of Sweeney Todd played in my ears, making me smile. I didn’t go to sleep, but instead just relaxed. After a few hours, most of the boys came in, all tired and whatnot. When they did, I got up and pulled a shirt and shorts out of the bag by my bunk. Malikai didn’t move as I went to the bathroom and closed the door. Making sure to lock it, I went to the shower and turned it on.
Fifteen minutes later I was out, wearing only my tank top and really short shorts. Gathering up my other clothes, I walked back to the bunks, being quiet. I heard soft snores and no one even looked up as I came in. I tried to see if Gerard was in his bunk, but it was too dark.
After putting my clothes in my bag, I walked to the side of my bed, making sure not to step on Malikai, who was on the floor. Maybe he’d gotten hot on my bed.
Then I heard movement from my bed. I put my hands on my hips and scowled in the darkness. Or maybe Malikai had been forced out of my bed. “What are you doing?” I hissed.
“Oh, you mean this isn’t my bed?” asked Gerard innocently. He moved again, though I had no clue what he was doing.
“Get out,” I snapped quietly.
“How about you get in,” he replied, and suddenly his hand was around my left wrist. He jerked, and I was pulled off my feet. I gasped, but he covered my mouth before I could yell.
“Hey, Gerard, is everything okay?” asked one of the other men sleepily.
“Yeah, sorry Frank,” Gerard called from beside me. He pulled me further against him and I would have let out a squeak if his hand wasn’t on my face. He chuckled into my hair as Frank murmured something else, then I heard him start snoring again.
“Be quiet, or they’ll hear. And you wouldn’t want that,” Gerard whispered in my ear, his lips brushed my skin and my hands tightened into his shirt. His hand left my mouth.
“Get off, you asshole,” I whispered, pushing against him.
“Why? Are you tired, baby?” Gerard asked, his hand skimming down my side. I hissed, grabbing his hand in mine. “You know, you act like you’ve never done this before,” whispered Gerard, shaking out of my grip.
“I…” for a moment I thought of answering him with the truth, but I shut my mouth.
“You haven’t!” Gerard laughed. His fingers dipped down to my thigh and I gave a little gasp. “Oh this isn’t going to work,” groaned Gerard, and he started to get up. For a moment I thought he was going to leave, but instead he was suddenly sitting on my hips, his hands on either side of my face. He put one hand over my mouth as he leaned down to kiss my jaw. I pushed against his chest, my heart beating fast. I gasped around his hand as his lips moved to my ear. He bit down and I tensed my muscles against him.
His other hand was suddenly on my hip, and he slowly moved it up under my shirt. My hand was suddenly tangled in his hair, and I dragged his face up to mine. I kissed him, his tongue invading my mouth. His teeth raked my bottom lip. Then he bit down, and I tasted my own blood. Before I knew it, his mouth was gone and my own shirt was slipped over my head. I hesitated, but Gerard’s lips were back on my own, his tongue begging for entrance to my mouth. I parted my lips and his tongue slipped inside my mouth. His hands were now on both of my hips and I untangled my hands from his hair so I could grasp his shirt. He raised his arms and I pulled it off, splaying my hands on his chest. He let out a breath, his fingers hooking in my shorts. I let him, and arched my back so he could pull them off and toss them against the wall. His hands ran down my bare thighs, and he pulled me up against him so he could grind into me, the only thing between us was the thin material of his boxers.
I kissed him again, then stopped. My cellphone was going off. “Get up,” I hissed, “Go get my phone.”
Gerard grunted a reply and went to my bag, getting my phone. He came back to the bed, pulling the curtain closed and climbing back onto my hips. I flipped open the phone without even seeing who it was. “Hello?” I asked, as Gerard kissed a path down my neck and started nipping my collarbone.
“Oh my god! Allie, is that you?” asked a high pitched female voice. It sounded like Kitten.
“Yeah, what’s wrong?” I asked, dragging Gerard’s head up from my chest so I could focus on the conversation.

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