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Realization or just random talk and feelings?

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Chapter 13

Drew’s POV

I kissed the guys good bye and told them I would see them in a couple of hours.
Erica and I walked out to her car. She was telling me some of the things she wanted to get today. We where sitting at a red light, when I spoke with out really meaning to.

“I think I love Frank, and always have just never really realized it.?” She was quiet for a minute.

“Okay, and are you saying that you don’t love Gerard?”

“I don’t know I mean I have feelings for him, but for some reason now when we are together it doesn’t feel the same for both of us you know what I mean. Like he doesn’t kiss me the way that he used to. Like last night he was just…like because he had to.” I looked over at her.

“Have you mentioned this to either of them?”

“Not really cause I think I just noticed it now, I mean I love being with him.” I stopped she gave me a smirk.

“I don’t mean just sex, but ever since the fight it hasn’t been the same. I really wish I knew what Mikey said to him.”

“What does Frank think?”

“I don’t know he hasn’t said anything so maybe I am just reading in to stuff to much.”

“Maybe, just talk to them about it I mean you got pissed at him for not talking to you about what happened with Mikey so.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right, as usual.” I sighed. We spent the rest of the day laughing, trying on clothes, eating every possible snack food at the mall and on a whim get our hair done.

“ I can’t believe you went that blonde.” She giggled as we both stared in the mirror of the restroom.

“Shut up Magenta.” I giggled. She flipped me off.

“Its maroon thank you!”

“I actually do like it, I don’t know how but it goes well with your skin tone to.” I added as
I walked to the door.

“I like yours too, it fits your personality, ditzy.”

“Thanks….I need something different, I have been red, black, purple by mistake. So I figured why not blonde.” I added as we walked out to the parking lot.

“Ray is going to freak.” I giggled as we climbed into the car.
“I know, your guys will to but I think they will like it.”

“Yeah That’s why I got this, just so I can walk in and then show them.” I smiled and pulled out a hat. After a about five red lights, that’s the only time Erica could help, I got all of my hair in the hat.

“Well it was a blast I will call you later to see what your man thinks okay, love ya.” I hugged her and climbed out of the car. The ride up to the floor was extremely long.
I let myself in and I heard them in the kitchen. I sat my bags down on the couch and slowly walked in. It took them a moment to notice me, they where fighting over take out menus. Gerard had one in his hand holding it up high where Frankie couldn’t reach.

“Come on stop it you know I hate that.” Frank giggled.

“I can come back when you two girls are done.” I laughed crossing the room and kissing them both.

“Hey, honey did you have fun?” Gerard asked finally surrendering the menu to Frank.

“Yeah, I got a couple of shirts, some new bras and pantie sets, and…” I stopped for a minute then took my hat off. Their jaws dropped. They didn’t say anything.

“You two don’t like it do you?”

“NO, it just I didn’t think you would do that.” Gerard smiled and kissed me. This time it actually had sparks in it like before, maybe I was just reading to much into things.

“I like it too, I just have to get used to it that’s all. Why blonde?” Frank asked as moved some of the pieces out of my eyes.

“Its more white than blonde but.” Gerard added.

“I don’t know just thought I would try it.” I shrugged.

“What color did Erica get, I know she wouldn’t let you do that alone?” Gee asked as he thumbed threw the other menus.

“She kind went with a maroon I guess is what you would call it.”

“Ray is never going to let her out with you again you know that right.” Frank laughed.

“What do you want for dinner, Drew?

“How about Chinese?”

“That sounds good. I will call it in.” Gerard said as he walked out of the kitchen.

“Where is the phone, you had it last talking to Erica.” He called from the other room.

“Umm, The closet!” I called back.

“I am not even going to ask.” Frank laughed.

“Hey did you mean what you said last night?” Frank asked not looking at me. I smiled and the stood next him and straddled his lap.

“Yes.” I whispered and then kissed him. His hands flew around my waist and he pulled me close to him.

“I love you too.” He smiled.

“ I know that this doesn’t change anything either, cause we both do care for Gerard to but I do love you.” He kissed me again.

“ I know” I smiled and got up and walked into the living room just as Gerard was hanging up the phone. I sat down on the floor in front of the couch and started to go through my bags. Gerard sat behind me and Frank came in and sat in the chair turning on the TV.

“Drew did you guys go porn shopping too?” Gerard asked leaning over and picking up a book I bought.

“Not exactly. There was a book that she wanted and I found it why she was looking for hers.

“I got two others too.” Handing the other two to him.

“How to Tickle his Pickle, Karma Sutra for dummies, and a Palm reading book?” He read aloud. Then handed them to Frank.

“So what you plan on telling us our future before or after you fuck us?” Frank giggled.

“I don’t see any sex for you in the near future.” I smirked as the door bell rang. Gerard got up to answer it and Frank threw a pillow at me. Gerard came back with the food and we ate while watching TV.
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