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Lab Partners

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Ok here is the second chapter. I will update everyday so let me know what you think and I'm sorry if there is some spelling and gramer errros so here it is, check back every day for more of the story.

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Mikey's p.o.v
I was hanging out in our spot, another day here I thought as I sighed. I wached as Frank and Gerard argued over something but I wasn't sure what. There was a good reason for this, Massie and her friends had just pulled up.
I had liked massie for the past two years! It was really werd because I didn't normally like the people like her, but she seemed different there was this spark, a fire if you will, about her that I loved. She mangaged to be her self but still was part of the crowd but she lead it.
" Mikey, Mikey", I barly heard my brother Gerard calling to me. " Mikey stop staring at Massie", Frank told me taking me by the sholders and snaping me to attention. " Look you have liked her for TWO years! If anything was going to happen it already would have, maybe you should move on to some one els"
" I can't, she isn't like anyone els, she has her lip periced and pink streeks in her hair! You find me another girl here like that."
" Give it by the end of the. Week, every girl here will have fake lip rings and colored streeks in their hair"
I was barly listing to him though, Massie had just made eye contact with me and I didn't plan on looking away from her bule green eyes that were a really bright bule today.
I heard the bell ring some were from fare away. I was following Ray down the hall, I was half way to my class when I realized that I had forgotten my book. I had to run back to my locker and get then ran back. I had made it in time for the bell but there wasn't anywere to sit, well there was one spot but that was were no one sat unless invited or if all other seats were takin and even then no one dared to sit there. It was across from Massie and her friend Clair, or was it Kirsten I always got them mixed up.
Massie's p.o.v
" so do you think that you can really get Chuck to date you, I heard he only dates highschool girls." " Given", I told her. " I heard he was going out with Becky, I saw them- excuse me but what the. Hell do you think you are doing?!", she damed of Mikey as he made to sit down.
I looked around to see if he had anywere to sit, and I saw that he really had no were els to sit. I felt pitty for him, he was alone and really had no choice. " Clair don't be so mean! Don't mind her, go ahead and sit", I told him smiling. I wached as he took his seat and burryed his head into his Harry Potter book.
I felt my pocket vibrate, it was a text from Clair: Y did u let him sit there? Cuz I feel bad for him. Wats it gonna hurt? I replyrd, then I truned to her and wispred, " what did you see Chuck and Becky doing", but befor she could get a chance to reply the teacher came in and called the class to order, " ok class today we will be getting partners, so no one feels left out I will be pairing you up", she told us in her bossy voice.
I felt my heart quickin, I could be paired with chuck or some random losser I hoped that I would be at least paired with somone I could talk with. I listened as she called out the names of students, " Clair you will be working with Chuck". Damn it! I said in my head, I then tuned out until I heard my name, " Massie you will be working with Mikey, get your things and move to the back of the room", she told me.
I picked my things up and went to the back of the room, at least it wasn't all bad Mikey was smart and I could get along with him.
Mikey's p.o.v
I pulled my head out of the book when I heard the teacher call out Massie's name hoping that for once the odds would work with me and that I would get to be partnered with her, I didn't care if I had to do all the work, at least she would know that I excisted and I would get to talk to her. I heard the teacher calling my name and telling me that I was with Massie and to get my butt to the back of the room.
" ok so when do you wanna work on this", she asked me when I had gotten to her. I felt the butterflys in my stomache and found it quite heard to talk.
" I...we could go to the libray", I stuttered already wanting to leave the contry, how did she seem so sure of herself? " Here come by my house around 5", she told me handing me a peace of papper with purple writing on it that was her address.
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