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lunch time

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Massie starts to hang out with Mikey and sees something that isn't to good for her.

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I walked out of 4th period talking to Serena when I saw Becky making out with none other then Chuck. I couldn't belive it, she had only just started dating Nate yesterday! I felt all the blood drain from my face and. My heart drop somewere down to my stomache. I felt as though I was going to throw up.
Mikey's p.o.v
I couldn't belive that I get to work with Massie jobson! What was even more unbeliveable was she had invited me to come to her house insted of just asking me to do all of the work and tell the teacher that she helped, wich I would have been fine with. Hell I would have been fine if she had just said hi to. Gerard was right, I needed to stop being so crazy about a girl, it was just a tad unhealthy.
I heard the sound of high heels coming down the hall, I looked to see who it was. It was Massie, how odd she was usaly in the lunchroom by now. I looked at her face and what I saw I didn't like, she looked like she wanted to cry.
" WHY", I heard her scream as she slamrd her fist into the nearest locker leaving a small dent in it. " Massie are you ok", I heard my voice ask her. She truned around looking siprised to see me and said " yea I'm fine, Mikey is it" "yea. Are you sure your ok, you seem pretty upset about something", once again finding it odd to hear my voice saying all this. " I'm fine, what makes you think that I'm upset", she asked a look of fake confusion crossing her face. I took her by the arm truning her around to show her the dent that she had made in the locker from were she punched it. We both looked at it and then started laughing, " Hey Mikey let's get going to Starbucks", I heard my brother call from down the hall. " well I gusse I should go", I heard Massie say softly from beside me. The next thing I did siprised me and I'm not sure what made me do it but befor I could even think about what I was saying it was already out of my mouth, " hey massie do you wanna come and hang out at Starbucks with me", I looked at her face as I saw a look of puzzlment cross her face. I could tell that she was thinking about her choices, I was also trying to ignor the what the fuck look that was on my brothers face.
She opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by a loud gutair and drum blast coming from her phone, I waited in agony as to what she would say. " no I'm fine... No... Because I'm going to go out for lunch... No no no that's fine ... No I wanna be alone. Bye" she said hanging up her phone. " well let's get going" I heard her say. Did I mention that today was truning out to be one of the best days that I have ever had at school?
Massie's p.o.v
I couldn't belive that I was going to go and hang out with the so called 'freaka' of the school. I actuly didn't mind them, they seemed like they were nice fun people. 'Then why did you just lie to your friends about what you were doing', a voice in my head asked me. I hated this voice, because it always choose to talk when I wasn't in the mood and it always was right, but the reason I that I didn't say what I was doing was because I didn't want anyone to find out, I didn't have a good cover story and people would start to talk.
"did and Iron maiden ring tone just come out of your phone", I heard Gerard I belive it was ask me, " yea, what's wrong with that", I questioned him back, " nothing. I just didn't excpect you to be into that kind of music", he said.
When we got to the car Gerard pulled me aside. " look I have no idea what it is that you think that you are doing, but whatever it is I want you to know that if it is some way you hurt my brother I hurt you", he theetend me.
" look I honestly have nothing planed. To tell you the truth I am having a really fucked up day and I was walking down the hall and I started talking to Mikey, then you showed up and this is were we are".
" ok, but I'm on to you. Now, let's get some coffee".
" hell yea", I screamed running into the can not caring how dumb I looked. I looked out the window to see Gerard smerking at me,
" what is she doing here", I heard a voice that I am sure was Franks because we had a clas together and he had talked back to the teacher. " Frank be nice", I heard Mikey defend.
We had started to drive away from the school and I was making sure that I knew who everyone was. When we got to Starbucks frank pulled me aside, to probly tell me not to hurt Mikey. " look Gerard already told me all this if you hurt Mikey then I will hurt you so save it", I told him. " ok I won't tell you that. You know I may have been wrong about you"
" what do you mean"?
" not in a bad way, just that I thought that you were kinda a bitch. But now I see the truth... You have a thing for Mikey". I felt my heart fall to my feet. How could he know that? Was I that obvious? How meany other people thought I had feelings for him? " I like him as a friened", I mangaged to get out. " yea ok", he said walking away.
I went to the counter to get my coffee with the others, I also got a pice of cake. Bob made to pay but I pushed his money away handing over my black amarican express card. When we sat at the table frank said in a rather rude tone, " we can pay for this you kneo" " well sorry I was just trying to be nice" " relax I was just kidding", he said chuckling lightly patting my back.
Gerard p.o.v
Massie didn't seem so bad, I could see what mikey liked about her. She also kinda reminded me of frank with how hyper she was. " holy shit we need to go 5th is almost over", I heard massie exclaim. " relax, you act like you have never takin the rest of the day off.", frank told her. I couldn't help but smerk as frank laughed lightly... It was kinda funny. " I'm glad you find skiping school and getting into troble so funny", she yelled. " this just in, last week during 3rd massie was seen to be handing a doctors note to the teacher. She didn't retrune til halfway though 5th. Later on she was said to be wearing a new pair of shoes and had quite a few shopping bags in her locker", Frank said putting on a fake news casters voice only causing more laughter.
Massies p.o.v
" fine we can stay, so I'm gonna go get more coffee dose anyone els want any" they all said yes, " mikey come help me with the coffe"
We got over to the counter but I pulled mikey to the side.
" thank you so much for today and you are still coming over at 5 today. I have been going though a lot so thanks", I told him planting a small kiss on his cheak.
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