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Number 14, Smile. When Demyx has a bad day, Roxas tries to give him a boost.

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I don't think Axel was right. The redhead who normally sat between the two during meals was gone on a mission, so Roxas had a clear view of Demyx two seats down. I don't think he's getting better. I think whatever was wrong with him is just as wrong with him as ever. Sure, the bug-eyed stare was gone, his hands were steadier, his appearance was more-or-less back to normal, and he seemed stronger and more aware of what was going on around him. But his wildly changing mood was now stuck on "depressed", there were always dark circles under his eyes, and he hadn't smiled in days. Axel never did fully explain what was going on with him, or maybe he didn't know for sure...though I think if he started hearing voices again, someone would have said something...assuming they knew...

Maybe I should ask's not like he's going to maul me like Saix would...well, sure, he knocked Axel's lights out, but he was off his rocker at the time...

I don't get it...I thought he was supposed to be pretty upbeat by default...that's how he seemed to me, even while he was stuck with a broken shoulder...even after he'd been lost in New Orleans for days...but ever since he came back, he's kinda been on a slow downward spiral...though I guess hearing voices could do that to you, but it started a lot earlier than that...I wish Axel was here to talk to...

Why do I care? Scratch that - I guess I can't really care - why am I pretending to care? I barely know him personally...

/Does anyone else notice there's anything wrong with him?/Roxas glanced around the kitchen - apparently not that also cared. Not even Vexen seemed bothered, even though he must have known - his attention was fully wrapped up in an argument with Xigbar.

Roxas sighed and turned his attention back to his dinner. I'll talk to him when I'm done eating. If I tried now, I don't think I'd get anywhere. He finished quickly, then sat around doing nothing for several minutes, pretending to pay no heed to the depressed Melodious Nocturne, who was only picking listlessly at his own food. Even after Demyx gave up, scraped his plate into the garbage, and left his dishes by the sink, Roxas stayed put for a minute, just so it wouldn't be obvious he was following him.

When he caught up, the musician was fumbling with his keys, struggling to unlock his door. As Roxas watched, he snapped the key off in the lock, dropped the rest of it, and leaned against the door, looking like he was trying not to burst into tears. He was surprised when Oathkeeper dealt with the reluctant lock in about two seconds."You looked like you could use some help," Roxas offered by way of explanation.

Demyx stared at him like he'd never seen him before. Then, gradually, he started to smile. "Thanks. I...guess I did." He chuckled nervously. "Pretty slick of me there...can't figure out a lock I've been using for years..."

Roxas shrugged. "Well, it's not like you haven't been having a tough time lately. No surprise if you're kind of distracted."

Demyx froze for a second, then smiled again, except this time it was obviously fake. "Oh...I guess you picked up on that...yeah...I've been having some...trouble lately."

"What kind of trouble?" Roxas asked in a purely conversational tone. He noticed the musician's eyes never left his face when he spoke, though it didn't seem odd or creepy for some reason. It probably should have, but it didn't.

Demyx half-smiled this time. "Medical trouble." He bent over and picked up the keyring he'd dropped earlier. "Psychiatric trouble, as you've probably heard from Axel already." By the time he straightened up, the half-smile was gone.

Roxas nodded reluctantly. "Yeah. He did tell me about that. That was the ugliest black eye I've ever seen...couldn't even see his tattoo..."

"And you're still willing to get within arm's length?" Demyx smiled again, but this time, it looked more than a little sad."You're braver than I would be. Aren't you scared I'm going to start hearing voices telling me to break your face?"

"According to Axel, you and the voices didn't get along too well, so no. I don't think you'd listen to them if they did."

After a long moment of disbelieving silence, Demyx gave him the most genuine smile of the night. "Well...thanks. I appreciate the help."

Roxas smiled back. "Anytime."
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