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Movin' out west

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Grace leaves her past behind her as she takes on the wild west...and Brendon Urie.

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CHAPTER 13~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~

‘So I’ll put some money in your bank account every week and I want you to call me when ever you land or get to a new city.’ Tom said as he and Grace stood in the airport.


‘Have fun, be safe, and don’t come back pregnant.’ Tom said causing Grace to laugh.

‘I love you.’ Grace smiled hugging her brother.

‘I love you too Gracie-face. Take it easy while you’re gone, enjoy it, don’t think about everything back here just have fun okay?’

‘I will.’

‘Good, I’ll talk to you soon and see you later.’ He said hugging his little sister one more time before pushing her towards the boarding gate.

‘Have a good flight.’ The woman said handing her ticket stub back to her. Grace turned around and looked at tom as he waved at her. She smiled and turned back around walking through the terminal.

‘Ladies and Gentlemen please fasten your seat belts; we are now making out final descent into Las Vegas. Thank you for flying American airlines, have a great day.’ A woman said over the loud speaker as Grace put on her seat belt and got ready to land to meet Brendon. It had been two weeks since she had seen him thought they had spoken multiple times through out each day.

Grace stood up out of her seat and stretched before grabbing her oversized hand bag and starting off the plane. Grace soon felt someone run their hand up from her butt to her back to around her stomach before she felt a pair of very plump lips kiss her neck. ‘I missed you.’ He whispered into her eat before biting it softly.

‘Hey.’ Grace smiled as she turned around in his arms.

‘Hi.’ He said kissing her forehead, before kissing her nose, before kissing her lips, ‘I’m glad you’re here.’

‘Me too.’ She smiled before turning around to grab her bags.

‘So what are we doing?’

‘Well we leave tomorrow morning so right now we’re going to go back to my parent’s house, eat dinner, then we’re going to go to a party and then come home and crash.’ Brendon said as they sat in the parking lot of the airport.

‘Okay sounds good. So I’m going to meet your parents?’


‘What if they don’t like me?’

‘They’ll love you baby just like I do.’ Brendon said before a kiss. He soon pulled out of the airport parking lot and started the half hour drive from the airport to his parent’s house. Grace grew nervous. Maybe because she was about to meet her boyfriends parents or maybe because deep down she knew that they would one day be her in-laws.

‘Grace, this is my mom…Grace.’ Brendon said catching himself and chuckling a little big, ‘My dad Boyd.’

‘It’s nice to meet you.’ She smiled shaking both of their hands.

‘This is my sister Kara, and my brothers Kevin, David, and James.’

‘Nice to meet you guys.’ She said.

‘Nice to meet you too sweetie, we’ve heard a lot about you. Come in.’ Mrs. Urie said motioning for her to coming into the kitchen where dinner was cooking. ‘So are you excited?’ Mrs. Urie asked as Brendon and Grace sat down on the car stools in front of the counter.

‘I guess, I don’t really know what to expect really but I’m glad to get away from Boston.’

‘I’m sure you are sweetie.’ Mrs. Urie said before noticing the look she was currently getting from Brendon, ‘so anyway.’

‘I’m sorry, I don’t think my parents really get the point that it’s not something you want to talk about.’ Brendon said as he stood in the door way of the bathroom watching her fluff her softly curled hair.

She chuckled a little bit, before looking up at him, ‘don’t worry about it stud.’ She smiled before pressing her lips against his.

‘You know, this cast of yours is really cute. It fits you well.’ He said while she walked out of the bathroom pushing him back towards the bed

‘Oh it is?’

‘Yeah.’ He said before kissing her hard on the lips, ‘Ready to go?’

‘Yeah.’ She said grabbing her phone from her purse and putting it in her back pocket.

‘So is there going to be a lot of alcohol at this party?’

‘Probably it’s a bunch of people I went to high school with.’ Brendon looked over at her and saw the look of concern on her face, ‘Don’t worry baby,’ he began leaning over to kiss her, ‘I’m not going to have any alcohol tonight. I’d rather spend the night sober with you.’

‘Okay good.’ She said looking out the window again. Brendon stole a glance at her before slowly lacing her fingers around hers kissing each one of her knuckles while she giggled a little bit.

‘You look great by the way.’ Brendon complimented her dark blue sevens and her baby blue satin bow-tie baby doll.

‘Thanks.’ She smiled.

‘I’m going to have to get used to the fact that my girlfriend lives out of a Victoria secret catalog.’

‘At least I can pull it off.’ She joked as they pulled up outside a house in a normal looking neighborhood.

Brendon got out of the car and met Grace in front taking her hand and leading her down the street a couple of drive ways and up the steps to a medium looking suburban house. He opened the door and the seemingly quiet neighborhood turned into a crowded loud room filled with teenagers-some drunk, some in the process of becoming but all having a great time.

‘BRENDON!’ Grace heard a couple of people yell at the same time just as Brendon was bowled over by three guys about his size but taller.

‘Hey guys.’ Brendon laughed.

‘What are you drinking tonight?’ one asked.

‘Nothing, not tonight guys. I gave it up.’ Brendon chuckled.

‘Who are you and where is our Brendon?’

‘He’s right here. I just got something that is better than alcohol.’ Brendon said winking at Grace. The three boys turned their heads to look from Brendon to Grace.

‘surely she’s not yours.’ One of the boys said.

‘Oh she’s all mine. Guys this is Grace Brady, Grace this is Eric, Matt, and Stephen.’

‘Nice to meet you.’ Grace said.

‘You’re dating tom Brady’s sister?’ Eric asked.

‘I’m dating Grace who just happens to be Tom Brady’s sister.’

‘Weren’t you in a car wreck a couple of weeks ago?’ Stephen asked. Grace held up her arm, ‘I see. Well you must be pretty great to have gotten Brendon here to give up his alcohol.’

‘I do what I can.’ Grace smiled taking Brendon’s hand and smiling at him.

The night passed slowly, Grace had a great time with Brendon: meeting his friends, laughing at the stuff they talked about, and just spending time with a Brendon she had yet to meet. At one point, the girlfriends of Brendon’s friends came over and dragged Grace away to have their own conversations about various boyfriends, shopping, and sex.

‘What time is it?’ Grace asked interrupting the conversation.

‘1:45.’ One of the girls said. Grace groaned a little bit just as Brendon broke the conversation with Eric and Matt.

‘Hey, you ready to get outta here?’ he asked wrapping his arms around her waist, ‘Ladies.’

‘Hey Brendon.’ The girl named Allie said with a wink. Grace looked at her before turning her head towards Brendon.

‘Yeah, let’s blow this popsicle joint.’ Grace smiled as he kissed her cheek, ‘I’ll see you girls later.’

Grace and Brendon started out of the house getting various goodbyes from everyone they had met that night. Grace held Brendon’s hand swinging it lightly between them. ‘So.’ She started.

Brendon chuckled a little and looked over at her, ‘Yes?’

‘That Allie girl is nice.’

‘I guess you could use that word to describe her.’

‘You don’t like her?’

‘Not really, I only deal with her because she is using Matt.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Don’t worry about it. It’s not important.’ Brendon said as she stood with her back against the car and he stood in front of her.

‘Are you sure?’ Grace asked while he kissed her neck.


‘Brendon do you two have a history?’ she asked. Brendon stopped and looked at her.

‘Babe, I don’t want to start off this relationship by lying to you because I love you and I really want to be with you. No we don’t have a history. I can’t stand her but I will ask you to watch out for her.’

‘Should I be worried about this?’

‘You shouldn’t be worried about me but her; she’s a little bit of a whore and a bitch-She’s always liked me and is always coming onto me.’

‘Well lucky for you, you have me for that now.’ She smiled pulling him into a kiss.

‘BRENDON!’ she heard someone yell as they walked down the street.

Grace broke the kiss as she and Brendon looked towards the direction of the girl. It was Allie.

‘Hey.’ She said catching up with the couple.

‘Hi.’ Brendon said as Grace pulled him closer.

‘I heard that you were leaving tomorrow and I just wanted to say goodbye.’ She said pulling Brendon out of Grace’s grasp and pulling him into her chest. Brendon quickly backed away with a fake smile.

‘Bye.’ He said just as Grace was about to kiss him again.

‘It was really great to see you again. Maybe when you get back we can hang out.’

‘He’ll be hanging out with me in Boston. It was nice to meet you though.’ Grace smiled. Allie glared before turning on her heels and starting back towards the house. Brendon chuckled opening her door for her before going around to the other side of the car to get in.

Brendon and Grace slowly and quietly snuck back into the house making sure not to wake anyone else up. Brendon was having a real hard time keeping his hands off Grace.

‘You’re so beautiful.’ Brendon mumbled as he kissing her neck while he lay on top of her. Grace let a moan slip as Brendon tried to slide his hands up the front of her top, deciding to take it off after struggling with how tight it was.

Brendon abruptly stopped and sat up. Grace gave him a strange look before sitting up, ‘What’s wrong?’ she asked.

Brendon got up and walked over to his desk and leaned on it looking at her, ‘You’ve never had sex have you?’ he asked. Grace felt her cheeks growing hot as she picked up her shirt. She got up and started into the bathroom before Brendon grabbed her arm, ‘I’m sorry baby that didn’t come out like I meant for it to.’ He whispered bringing her over to stand in front of him.

‘I’ve never had sex. I’ve never met a guy that makes me as happy as you do.’ She whispered playing with the buckle on his belt.

‘I don’t want to take it away from you if you’re not ready; it’s your first time and I want it to be special.’

‘Brendon you flew clear across the country to save me from a coma because of a dream you had. Even if you and I don’t work out, I want you to have a part of me, that was a pretty big heroic thing you did and even if it’s just my virginity I want you to have it.’ She said resting a palm against his cheek.

‘We won’t have a lot of privacy while we’re on tour. We’ll be sleeping in a bunk below and above other people; we rarely stay in hotels, and everything we do in that bunk everyone else in the bunks can hear.’ He said.

‘So what are you saying?’ she asked. Brendon grinned and non-chalantly unhooked her bra. Brendon pressed his lips against her pushing her back against the bed.

Brendon ran his hands up her arms pinning them above her head lacing his fingers through hers as he continued to press into her, ‘Brendon!’ Grace moaned. He chuckled and kissed her softly.

‘Shhhh…we’re going to wake up my parents.’ He mumbled thrusting even harder. Grace had to bite her lip to keep from moaning out his name as he buried his head in her shoulder. Grace ran her hands from above her head down his arms and around her back where she dug her nails in biting his shoulder lightly as she felt her first ever orgasm rush over her.

Brendon laid his head on her chest as he tried to catch up his breathing. The beads of sweat ran down his forehead landing in a pool on her shoulder as he kissed just above her left breast.

‘If that is what sex is always going to feel like, we’re going to be doing it a lot more.’ She mumbled, ‘You’re amazing.’

‘It’s because you make me so hot.’ Brendon said kissing her again starting the second round of the night.
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