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You're lookin' a little tired sunshine

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So I realized as I was up in Madison this weekend that I haven't updated anything in months so in honor of my new tattoo that I got with Holly here you go. there will be a couple of updates tonight so enjoy!!

‘You two look a little tired this morning.’ Ryan said as Grace and Brendon sat down in chairs side by side.

‘We had a long night.’ Brendon mumbled.

‘I’m sure you did, did you know that Brendon can go for hours?’ Ryan asked.

Grace started to answer before giving him a look, ‘How would you know?’

‘I’ve heard it. Girls talk just as much as boys do you know.’ Ryan said matter of factly before going back to Holly’s magazine.

Grace rolled her eyes and laid her head on Brendon’s chest. He smiled as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders. ‘Are you guys ready for this? It’s going to be a long tour.’ Spencer said giving Grace a strange look.

‘Yeah, I’m ready.’ Brendon said looking over at Ryan before looking at Spencer who stood in front of Grace with Jon next to him.

‘So Brendon….’ Jon started.

‘What?’ Brendon asked.

‘I mean let us throw this out there for you. We’re your band mates, we spend approximately twenty three and a half hours together seven days a week, you and Ryan are talking about the sex you had last night, I’m assuming with this beautiful lady right here yet you still haven’t introduced us.’ Spencer stated while Jon agreed. Brendon looked from Spencer and Jon to Grace and back to the boys.

‘Sorry guys, I figured you already knew her. Grace this is Jonathan Walker and Spencer Smith-the bassist and drummer.’

‘Hi guys.’ Grace said standing up to shake both of their hands.

‘We already knew who she was but you hadn’t introduced her yet. We don’t want her going around calling us by the wrong names all tour.’ Jon said. Grace rolled here eyes sitting back down and resuming her position with Brendon.

‘Alright guys, here is your itinerary for the tour, where you’ll be when, when you have a free day, bunk assignments-you know the drill. The bus is outside and luggage is on it so when ever you guys are ready to go we’ll head out.’ James, Panic’s tour manager said.

‘Alright well let’s get this show on the road.’ Ryan said standing up while everyone followed him out.

‘We aren’t in the same bunk.’ Brendon pouted as he and grace began unpacking what little they could while having their bunks right across from each other.

‘I think we’ll be okay.’

‘That means no sex.’

‘Brendon…you’ll be fine.’

‘What are we going to do?’ Brendon pouted while he sat on the floor refolding his t-shirts into a color organized stack.

‘Why am I here?’ Grace asked sitting across from him in the hall way.

‘What do you mean? Do you not want to be here?’

‘No I do, it’s just weird that my brothers and my dad let me come onto a music tour with a 19 year old boy.’

Brendon moved over and sat next to her while the guys were off in various parts of the bus doing various things, ‘They thought that it would be really hard on you being in Boston with out your friends. And you hated living in California so your parents thought that no matter where you were you’d be unhappy. So that’s when Ryan and I came up with the idea for you to come with us. We could help you grieve over your friends, you could travel, and you and I would get to spend more time together.’

‘I guess they were right, you guys were right for bringing me.’ She said looking over at him.

‘I couldn’t bare the thought of being with out you for seven months.’ Brendon said linking their fingers together.

‘What are you guys doing? Taking up the entire walk way.’ Ryan complained.

‘Chill out skinny bones, we’re unpacking.’ Brendon said.

‘Looks like to me you’re cuddling and I wasn’t invited.’ He said.

‘Come here Ryan.’ Grace said holding out her other hand for him to sit by her and Brendon.

‘Ryan am I going to have to fight you for my girl?’ Brendon asked in a joking manner.

‘Oh yeah, we’re having an affair on the side, I must say Brendon you have excellent taste.’ Ryan joked.

‘Bitch you die!’ Brendon said as he pounced onto Ryan as they started wrestling around. Grace shook her head as Jon and Spencer started to walk in seeing the match that was going on.

‘My money is on Brendon.’ Spencer said.

‘I don’t know, Ryan might be small but he packs a punch.’ Grace said as she got up and walked over to stand between the other boys.

‘Wanna play some guitar hero?’ Spencer asked.

‘Sure.’ Grace said leaving Brendon and Ryan to wrestle while going into the back to play guitar hero with Jon and Spencer.

‘I can’t believe she left us out here.’ Ryan said while he and Brendon sipped their beloved Capri Suns.

‘I know shows where her priorities lie with huh.’

‘I’m glad we brought her. It’s about time we have some steady female on the bus.’

‘Right because Jon and Spencer don’t have enough.’ Brendon laughed.

Hours passed: Jon, Spencer, and Grace continued to play guitar hero while Brendon and Ryan unpacked including Grace’s belongings.

‘Hey Grace, I didn’t know you were into this sort of stuff.’ Ryan said walking in to the room in a pink and black lace thong. Grace’s eyes went wide as Brendon walked in wearing nothing but a pair of hot pink hot pants and a red and white push up bra with hearts. Grace dropped her head into her hands with embarrassment while the boys strutted around in the intimates.

‘Something is telling me that Brendon won’t be seeing anything else in the Grace Brady collection for a long time.’ Jon laughed while Brendon sat down next to her. She looked over at him with a joking glare.

‘Hi sweetie.’ He said in a girly voice, ‘So I was thinking you and me and some more of this sexy lingerie. Whatda say?’

‘I say, those shorts look a lot better on me than they do you. Sorry baby.’ She joked, ‘but Ryan on the other hand.’

Brendon dried a fake tear as she got up, ‘Fine if you don’t love me, I’m sure Ryan will.’ He said dramatically getting up, grabbing Ryan’s hand, and walking out of the room even more dramatically. Jon, Spencer, and Grace laughed as they went back to the game. It was going to be a tour of none other.
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