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Crush - when you have non-reciprocated feelings for another person romantically. For me, Gabe Saporta and Pete Wentz.

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It's really nerve wracking, you know? When you hear about it or watch it on T.V, they make it seem so easy, but they never tell you the truth. Sweaty palms, clammy skin, tightened throat, butterflies in the stomach, shaky limbs - none of this is even portrayed properly to anyone. Pale face, repercussions as to whether you made the right clothing choice, whether your make-up suits you, whether your hairstlye makes your nack look fat, whether the highlights should have been re-dyed yesterday, if your jewellery is the right colour and style, if you should have worn skin-coloured tights as opposed to the pink ones you opted for. You'll find you never thought so much about your appearance before, and that whether you're successful or not, you will, regardless of circumstances, have to do this again. And you also consider whether you should have swapped your thick black frames for contacts, so as you don't look dorky.

It's hard. You're pacing to get rid of pent up nerves, clenching your fists and muttering under your breath. People around you think you're crazy. The click-clack of your shoes can be heard three corridors away, and you're still internally debating as to whether you made the right choice with the black pair, or whether you should have worn the white ones. Everything is flying through your mind, turning into mindless gabble, and you're unable to pick one voice from the next. You've never been so nervous before.

Welcome to my life - performing onstage.
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