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Chapter 1

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Okay, yet another new story for me to work on. Now this idea, and bandom, is completly new to me - I've never written one like it before, and I'm sorry if it sounds bad or you hate it, but I feel I can take it really far.
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Ficfriction - Of course I would update for a RyRo plushie - who do you take me for? And I hope I'm not too confusing. All will be explained soon, but don't depend too much on more amazing descriptions

On with Chapter One:

I suppose I'd ought to tell you more about myself and what I do. My name is Alexiz Scarlett Asher, Victoria Asher's older sister, yet I never tell anyone who I am - not that people recognise the name in a passing. I'm still a student, even though I'm 26 - I'm enrolled at Julliard, the highest ranking Performing Arts school in the United Stated - or Untied States a I insist on writing it. I'm studying dance - Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Contempory; acting, for stage rather than screen; and music - singing, piano, guitar, drums, bass, violin, flute and saxophone. I'm the top student in all of my classes, and I only have tonight's performance and tomorrw, I graduate. The following day, July 12th, is my birthday. The weird thing is that even though I do all performance subjects, each of which consists of weekly staged performances, I still get scared when I go onstage. I have naturally black hair with red highlights - a Hayley Williams from Paramore red - and oddly sparkling blue eyes. Even though I am the top student by far in my classes, I'm the outcast of the school - a kind of punk/emo who has no friends but is slightly popular due to my 'gift' of performance.

But normally I wasn't this nervous - I would take it all into my stride and only be nervous for a few minutes. However, tongiht was the night where Victoria, her band and my best friend Pete were in the crowd - my final grade depended on this performance. Inside Vicky's band, Cobra Starship, was my crush - an incredibly handsome Uraguian called Gabe Saporta. Even though he's close to three years older than me, he's always treating me as if I'm his age. And he's constantly encouraging my performing arts career, unlike Alex, Nate and Ryland, who think that even though I have talent, I'm going to fail as soon as I hit 'the real world'.

"And next onstage, singing 'That Green Gentleman' by Panic At the Disco is Alexiz Asher. Please welcome her up," annonced my dance instructor, Julian Marsh. I took in one last deep breath before ascending the stairs to an applauing audience, and I could hear the distinct cat-calls of Pete, Vicky and Alex. I sauntered onto the stage, a huge grin plastered on my face, adjusting my Gwen Stefani micrphone (that's code for a dance-mic) and getting into my starting position, ballet third position - hey, it was the most comfortable way for me to stand! The band started the introduction, and I started to sing.

"Things are shaping up to be pretty odd. Little deaths in musical beds. So it seems I'm someone I've never met," I sang, moving from stage left to stage right, stretching out my legs as I went.

"You will only hear these elegant crimes, fall on your ears from criminal dimes. They spill unfound from a pretty mouth." I opened my eyes and stared at the crowd, searching for Vicky ans my friends.

"Everybody gets there and everybody gets their, and everybody gets their way. I never said I missed her when everbody kissed her, now I'm the only one to blame." I found her and winked at her, seeing her cuddled right up into the crook of Alex's arm. I gained more confidence seeing the six people closest to me watching me do what I loved most.

"Things have changed for me, and that's okay. I feel the same, I'm on my way, and I say. Things have changed for me, and that's okay. I want to go where everyone goes, I want to know what everyone knows, I want to go where everyone feels the same." I was hitting every note perfectly and precisely, gaining applause from the crowd at certain points.

"I never said I'd leave the city, I never said I'd leave this town. A falling out we won't tiptoe about. Everybody gets there and everybody gets their, and everybody gets their way. I never said I missed her when everybody kissed her, Now I'm the only one to blame." The song was starting to slow down a bit now.

"Things have changed for me, and that's okay. I feel the same, I'm on my way, and I say. Things have changed for me, and that's okay. I feel the same, and I say. Well things have changed for me, come on everybody let's dance and sing. I'm singing it all night long, come on everybody and join along, I'm singing" My backing singers were amazing and worked perfectly in harmony with me.

"Well things have changed for me, come on everyone let's dance and sing. I'm singing it all night long, come on everybody let's sing along."

"Things have changed for me," sang my backing singers.

"And that's okay, I'm on my way and I say...things have changed for me." Everyone broke out into a standing ovation and shouts came froma certain part of the audience.

"Thank you everyone. Now, I'm the final act for tongiht, and I want to call up some friends and a family member whom the school have agreed to let me finish up with," I said, beckoning to Cobra Starship. The took the hint and came onstage, grabbing instruments from the hidden band.

"This is Z's favourite song, and ours too. So are you ready to 'Bring it!'?" Gabe asked the audience, to which they recieved a cheer. We performed it flawlessly, with me singing William's parts and the whole audience singing along at some points. Once we finished, Gabe gave me a hug, which made my heart beat speed up. I turned to the audience to take a final bow, and spotted Pete, who's grin was lighting the whole room. I felt butterflies explode in my stomach.

Wait! What? Don't tell me I'm falling for Pete too! Two crushes at one time...Welcome to my Life.
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