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Aisus' Labyrinth

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Aang, Zuko, Jin, and Rou must go against Pemas' Master of Deception: Aisu. While they face Aisu and his Labyrinth; Iroh, Sokka, Tae, Katara, and Toph must figure a way out of prison. Appa and Momo ...

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Rating: PG-13 (For action theme violence)

Author: taker

Authors E-Mail:

Authors Note: First time doing an Avatar Fan Fiction.

Warnings: Scenes of a martial arts nature and action/adventure elements.

Summary: One night while camping out, a trio of men attacks Team Avatar. The man known only as Pema tells Aang to win his game in the course of one night. Can The Avatar defeat Pema at his own games and rescue his friends in only one night?

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Avatar & the Night of Games
Chapter Three: Aisus' Labyrinth
APRIL 27, 2008

"How are you holding in there old man?" Toph faces the direction the old mans voice came from.

"I've been better young lady. How are you?" The man kindly responds with a subtle nod her direction, even though she cannot see it.

"YOU KNOW THE UNCLE OF THE KID WHO IS TRYING TO KILL US?!" Sokka runs towards the cell door trying to get at Toph.

"Zukos' uncle has a name, it's Iroh." Iroh kindly informed Sokka, just let his jaw drop and stare at him.

"One, you never asked if I met him or not. Two, he comforted and talked to me while I was alone. He's a really nice guy. He's really smart too. So calm down you hot head or I'll calm you down!" Toph kicked the floor.

"What's wrong Toph? Did you're Earth Bending work?" Sokkas voice came off sarcastic… as usual.

"No, I just didn't try. But I bet you I can still Earth Bend a cocoon around you!" A cold sweat ran down Tophs face.

"Go ahead try me! Oh great Earth Bending Princess." Sokka chose his words carefully to spur Toph into attacking him.

Toph stomped on the ground as hard as she could. Nothing happened, not even the tiny pebbles on the ground moved. She stomped again…. and again… and again but nothing would happen. She tried to bend the Earth around her but nothing came of it.

"I can't Earth Bend!" Toph cried out.

"Of course you can't. I could have told you that one Toph." Tae shook her head in disappointment.

"What do you mean?" Katara stared shocked at Tae.

"These bracers are made from a mythological metal that when forged and made correctly either as armor or confines, it shuts off the bending abilities of the one who wears these. I over heard Pema talking while I faked being unconscious." Iroh continued to sit in a corner without any fight.

"There has to be a way to get these off." Toph tried slamming the bracers against the bars.

"Good luck. I got a headache from trying that." Tae chimed as she leaned against a wall with Katara.

"Hey, do you want to talk Katara?" Tae stared up at a very high up window to their cell.

"Sure, what do you want to talk about Tae?" Katara stared up with her.

"I know my brother will come for me. But your brother, Sokka, is in the other cell. Do you think anyone will come and save you?" Tae tried to word it carefully, but couldn't.

"My friend Aang will rescue us, I know he will." Katara smiled and hoped that he wouldn't be late.

"I saw that." Tae picked up on Kataras change of tone.

"What did you see?" Katara stared at her fellow prisoner.

"When you mentioned Aangs name, you thought to yourself 'Oh… I hope he comes and rescues me soon!' I hope so too, but with all due respect I hope my brother gets here first." She laid back and from time to time would look over at Toph and see if she was making any progress with those bracers.


"Can I ask you something Iroh?" Sokka tried to be serious.

"Go right ahead Sokka." Iron closed his eyes and sat in a cells corner.

"Why is your nephew such a hot head?" Sokka spoke a short question.

"HA HA! That's a good one; all of us Fire Benders are hot heads after all. But I know what you mean young Water Bender." Iroh stopped mid sentence.

"I'm not a Water Bender, my sister is. I'm a Warrior of the Southern Water Tribes." Sokka got cut off himself.

"A Warrior of the Southern Water Tribes huh? When Zuko arrived in your village, was that the first battle you've ever seen?" Iroh looked sincerely at Sokka.

"Yeah… but now answer my question!" Sokka jumped up, but unknowingly bumped his head against a sleep cot on the wall.

"Well if you excuse the jokes and rumors about us Fire Benders being hot heads. I guess you could say that Zuko is his fathers' son." Iroh looked over concerned for Sokkas well being.

"Don't worry about me. I'm fine… that did hurt though." Sokka held back a few tears that were trying to escape.


Pema and his group of pupils stood around in a circle. Two of his friends dressed in long green cloaks wearing lion masks raised their hands; thick walls began to sprout from the ground. Two of his other pupils dressed in red placed their hands against the walls and covered the walls in vines. Pema had Aisu stand before him and stared him directly into his eyes.

"The Avatar mustn't be killed. I don't care about the others. I need The Avatar to suffer and greatly. Otherwise we cannot complete what we came here to do. Is that understood?" Pema pressed his Obsidian staff against Aisus' armor.

"Yes, the Earth, Water and Fire Bender will have a much harder time facing me but I will spare The Avatar." Aisu bowed his head.

"Good, don't botch this like Ni almost did." Pema tapped his staff, his pupils and he were summoned above looking down at their games.


"Pema told use that only the winner would get the spoils, and I'm not planning to be the loser." Zuko stood up to Jin, face to face.

"Take a shot exiled prince. I'm giving it to you." Jin pushed him back.

"HEY! Calm down!" Aang put his hands between and spread them apart.

"Listen, Avatar Aang is right." Rou fixed his ankle knife sheaths.

"Um… could you please call me Aang and not the Avatar?" Aang switched his eyes between Zuko and Jin.

"Yes Aang. There's more than one way to win any game. It all depends on how you think about it. The last round was elimination and he said by the end of these games, there would be only one winner right? All we have to do is help one another get to the last round." Rou tried to calmly explain his plan

"I don't think so. I'll be dead before I work disgusting and loathsome Fire Bender!" Jin turned to walk away, but stopped as a fire ball flew past his head.

Jin turned to fight Zuko. Aang and Rou once more got in between the two. Zuko tries to push past Rou to get to Jin, and likewise Jin tries to push past Aang to draw Zukos blood. However all four stopped dead in their tracks as they were pulled apart and elevated upwards.


Rou, Jin, Zuko and Aang stood on four different platforms before a giant maze. They were expecting to fight Aisu, and not a maze. Pema stood above on a solo floating metal platform. A crystal ball dangling from his red leather belt could be seen swinging; all four of them couldn't help but notice it looked odd.

"Now it is time for round two! This round you will be going against Aisu, my master of deception. All those who can navigate this course will find that this labyrinth is only the beginning." Pema held onto an evil smirk as the four glared at him.

"There has to be a catch. I know there is one Pema. Tell us!" Zuko shouted out.

"Oh, you caught me Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation. The catch here is that this labyrinth is designed to stall you and prevent you from continuing. That's why there is a one hour time limit! But I want to see this game actually go. I will accept no more questions, so all of you. GO FORTH!" Pema tapped his staff on the ground and the entrance to the labyrinth opened for the Benders.

The Benders only could see each other for a moment before walls they didn't notice before surrounded them. Pema on the other hand floated back over to where he was sitting with his pupils. They all began laughing as they could see Aisu waiting for them at the end of the labyrinth, controlling what was going on in the maze.


"AANG, CAN YOU HEAR ME!" Rou shouted out load but he didn't respond. "Great, this will be very interesting."

Rou stepped onto the dirt ground. Once he stepped on the ground. The walls sealed up behind him and closed off completely. He bent over to grab his knives and kept them in hand and ready. As Rou walk around, he could see walls opening and sealing before him. He marked the corners he came to but somehow he would eventually get lead around in circles back to them.

"Great…. This is going to be harder than I though." Rou crossed his arms looking at the choices he has left to him.

Rou sat down and concentrated for several minutes going into a meditation. As he meditated the maze attempted to close in around him, he didn’t move. The walls moved closer and closer to the point he could feel the walls crushing hm. Aisu at the other end began laughing as one of them allowed himself to be defeated to easily. But Rou opened his eyes and blue light shot through his eyes, the knives he held in his hands glowed with an odd energy, and he slashed through the walls with no trouble. Pema stood up and could see it. His smile turned to a scowl as he had no idea of what’s going on with Rou Umi.

“Hm there’s more to this Water Bender than meets the eye.” Pema looked at him with the most interest.


"No weak Avatar? No sissy Water Bender? Not even a Prince too weak to cease his throne? Awe man this is going to be so easy!" Jin began running from a high starting position.

As he neared the first wall, he stuck his hand out in front to break the earth clay wall down. WHAM! He fell backwards as the wall didn't break. It didn't even move.

"WHAT THE!?" Jin punched the wall, but once again it didn't bend.

"This is going to be a pain." Jin turned left and began running.

Further and further he ran into the maze. The more things got weirder by the moment. As he ran through the maze, he saw that it was intentionally leading him in round about ways to get where he wanted to go. But Jin knew to rescue his sister he must not fail, he had to reach the end of the maze. However at a four way intersection he came to a sudden halt. He looked before him and saw a man dressed in dark red clothing, long black hair with a long black goatee wearing a golden hair dress on top of his head holding in a honor knot. He looked at Jin with a face of fierce detest and hatred.

“Fire Lord Ozai, we finally meet.” Jin summoned small tornado of dust to surround him as he attacked Ozai head on.


Zuko looked around several moments. He knew his uncle wouldn’t come him. He knew is uncle is one of the greatest Fire Nation Generals to ever live, and is easily one of the most powerful men he knew and respected. But Pema and his guardians had defeated the two of them so easily, kidnapped his uncle and told him in his defeat that if he didn’t participate in this game, his uncle would not be among the living. No, Zuko shook his head as he ran around the maze trying to find the exit and came one step closer to freeing his uncle. His guesses were very good as Aisu could not deter him quick enough. However he would stop a moment and see someone he very much despised.

“Hello Zuzu.” A woman looked straight at him and threw lightning at him from her index and middle fingers.

Zuko ducked quickly as he stared at her. Medium black hair, parted in front of her, several strands to the left side of her face and her right, pink lips and skin tone to match his. She wore black boots, pink pants and shirt with a pair of red shorts, gloves and shoulder pads to match her outfit, and finally another royal headdress like his fathers.

“AZULA! What are you doing here?!” Zuko stuck his fist straight out sending a wave of fire at her.


Obeying his master, Aisu made things easier for Aang. He wondered around the maze to find no matter where he went, there was no dead ends. However; deep down inside; Aang knew that he had to find the others if he wanted to get out of Pemas’ Castle or wherever he was and rescue all those he had taken captive.

However he would come to a sudden halt in his path. Before him, stood a very tall woman with brown hair and brown eyes. She wore a long black skirt with matching boots, gloves, a green shirt with a pair of golden fans and a matching headdress and a tassel coming down her right side of the headdress. Her face painted white, black lipstick with black paint over her eye brows and red eye shadow. Her right arm guard with a golden button with “KYO” and her left arm guard with “SHI”. Aangs mind there IS NO DOUBT. The Earth Bender before him IS Avatar Kyoshi.


From his seat, Pema moved his eyes from Rou to Aang. He stared at him standing in middle of a empty hall. He looked to Aisu who only shrugged his shoulders. Aang was stalling, but for what reason? Pemas’ pupils stopped their laughing and chattering in strange tongues and looked at the young Avatar before them. Pemas’ nose twitched. He could smell a familiar perfume in the air, but it could be Kyoshi... could it?


“Hello Aang.” Kyoshi slowly spoke.

“What are you doing here Avatar Kyoshi?” Aang could only star at his previous life in disbelief.

“I’m here to help you. Roku and I heard your prayer, and we want to give you advice.” She took several steps towards him.

“Advice? Why now? I don’t have a lot of time, I have to get through this maze, win three more games, and rescue Katara, Sokka and Toph.” Kyoshi placed one of her massive fingers over his lips.

“While we talk, time is passing very slowly outside us. Roku has told me how to appear before you, and I’m going to tell you everything about Krucifix, this game, and more of my past.” She took her finger away from his lips.

“It starts a LONG time ago...” Aang could only listen while she continued on.


“Master Krucifix, is something wrong?” One of the pupils in green cloaks asked Pema.

“No... just thought I could smell someone... someone very familiar.” Pema leaned back in his bone throne.

“You’re not talking about that Earth Bender are you?” The same green minion takes back.

“Ugh... the very same. I can smell her. That faint perfume, that weird soap, I can smell her. It’s not strong like I’m standing next to her. But I smell her. But I can’t see her. It’s driving me crazy. I didn’t smell her when I was with the Avatar.” Pema tried to calm down.

“We both know she’s long dead. Otherwise perhaps the scorched earth caused you not to smell her?” The minion stared back at the maze and the participants.
“No, she’s technically alive inside Avatar Aang. I doubt she’s able to awaken at will. It’s been too long. She can not hurt me again.” Pema placed his palm on his forehead, memories past flashing before his eyes.

“I have been alive for many thousands of years. Noone has hurt me so. Avatar Kyoshi is dead; Aang will help me with my plan.” Pema leans back, but keeps his hand on his forehead.

“They see their greatest fears, we cannot...” The green cloaked minion murmur as they watched the game.


Momo and Appa finally came through the warp from the Earth Kingdom to... where ever they are. Both looked around at the severely battle damage. Appa and Momo both searched the ground under their feet however not much could be found, only the scents of Earth, Fire, and Water Benders with Aang. Momo tried looking into the pit, however it was deep and dark. Appa looked over too.

“Lets go.” Appa roared at Momo, and both took a short flight to the stands where Pema once spectated from.

He sniffed around finding his scent. With his scent picked up; he growled and could track down Pema. Seeing no way to go up, he would have to find another through the door way concealed by Pemas chair. Although Appa was too large to fit, the door way couldn’t hold back the 10 ton Flying Bison. They both looked ahead at stairway up wards and could see it was going to be a VERY long time to climb up.


Authors Note: Sorry this took so long. Ma bad.
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