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Elle's night at the blue star brings some suprises.

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"Hey" I said walking into the room. Macon was sitting on my bed. If I had to guess I'd say he'd been sitting there for a good hour.

"What took you so long to get here?" Macon asked me in that low voice of his. I walked to my dresser and sat my gun and things down then I turned to him and answered,

"It was a ways away from here. I told you that before I left. And anyways, Jose called me so, you know I had to follow him." Macon stood up now. I backed up into the dresser. I wasn't scared or anything it was just a natural reaction.

"Jose called you?" Macon asked.

"Yes and yes I used my tracker and no I didn't find him. God, Macon I'm tired can we please not do this now." So I kinda left out the part about the demon that chased me and the other one how killed him Macon didn't need to know that. Yet.

Macon didn't go on about Jose; instead he cocked his head to the side. Typical Macon. He came close to me, practically pinning me between him and the dresser.

"You are tired. Well, that's too bad."

"And why is that?" I asked already knowing the answer. He leaned in towards my ear. His breath was warm and it made me shake. His voice was so low it was almost a whisper.

"Do you really want to know." he answered. I pushed myself up off the dresser so that I was standing up straight. I buried my face into his neck.

"I think," I said, my lips just barely grazing his neck, “that I deserve that much." His body went stiff as I did this. Oh yes, I have control now. I gently kissed the crease between his neck and shoulder and started upward. "You could just tell me, but to be honest, I refer action over words." I kissed my way up until I was face to face with blue eyes. Macon looked down at me with satisfaction.

"I don't know. You’re tired, you might not be able to handle it." he said, his lips only inches from mine. God, those lips! I just want to eat them!

"I think I can." I didn't wait for him to answer instead I gently pressed my lips against his. He didn't pull away but kissed me back. It was simple gentle kiss. No tongue, yet. I felt his hands slip around my waist pulling me closer. His fingers lightly ticking the skin on my lower back. His tongue licked my bottom lip and I opened my mouth for him. His tongue quickly claimed my mouth. His tongue ran over mine and I moaned lightly in his mouth. My hands slide up his arms until they where around his neck. We pulled away briefly for air then went back at. Macon kissed me rougher this time and I let him. His hands gripped hard around my waist and I ran my fingers through that white hair. I let out a small wail when he picked me up and sat me on the dresser. Macon raised his right brow.

"What," I said "You startled me." And we went back to kissing. My legs wrapped themselves around his waist and ran his hands up the back of my shirt. Macon had left my lip sadly and stared kissing down my neck. I reached for his shirt and pulled it over his head. His small bites on my neck tickled. I tighten my legs around his waist when he took a huge chuck out of my neck.His hands moved slowly, patiently up my back and he unhooked my bra. Seconds later he had my shirt off. The cold air in the room instantly made my nipples go hard. Macon eased my bra straps off my shoulder to reveal my lovely twins in all their glory. Instantly his mouth surrounded my breast. Licking, bitting, and pulling. "Ahhh...” I said in satisfaction as I through my head back and tightened my grip on his hips. His mouth was so warm and felt it all the way down to my toes. My womanhood throbbing for that same warm, fullness, passion. Macon's hands founded their way to my butt and in one swift moved I was on the bed, Macon towering over me. His lips came down on mine hard with such hunger and greed. He pushed his hipbone up against mine and I could feel his hard on through his pants. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he pushed against me harder. "Macon..." I breathe in his ear. I ran my hands down his chest to his pants button. But as quickly as my hands go down there so did his and he pulled my arms over my head.

"Macon?" I called but he didn't look up. HIs kissed his way down my neck, in between my breast and down my stomach. I liked my lips and tried to wiggle my hands free. He finally got to my pants button and slowly undid it with his free hand. I threw my hips up so it would be easier for him to pull my pants down. His finger curled around the rim of my panties and slowly pulled them down. He finally came back up to my mouth and kissed me softly.

"Don't move." he whispered and let go of my hands. I was about to sit up and asked what the hell was he doing when I felt it. His tongue right at the center of my passion.

"Ahh, Macon..." I groan and arched my back in pure pleasure.

"Don't move." he breathes inside my core. My hands gripped the sheets as I tried to be obedient. this was touchier and pleasure all in one. My legs ached with the need to wrap themselves around his neck. I bit my lip and held on to those sheets for dear life when he bit my clit.

"Macon..." I called out again and I could fell his smirk against my lips.

"Macon, please..." I pleaded. I’m sure my bottom lip was bleeding by now but I held it. I didn’t' move until I felt the familiar warm course through my core.

"I hate you." I said through pants But Macon just kissed.

"No more games." He said and quickly undid his pants and removed his boxers. I closed my and held on to him tight.

"Macon." I said as my body was filled with that familiar warmth and wholeness.


If there was a day that I despised the sun; it was today. I squinted my eyes even though they were still closed and threw my arm over my eyes. It didn't help. My turned my body hoping to find refuge in the warmth of my Macon's chest but instead found the warmth of the other side of the bed. I slowly opened my eyes to make sure I wasn't just on the edge of the bed but he really wasn't there! I sat up and wrapped the sheet around my naked body. His clothes weren't on the floor. I ran to the bathroom, the sheet dragging behind, and looked in. Still no Macon. I went back to my, put on some clothes and went to the main house. Dante was at the table eating cereal. He smiled big at me when I came. Milk dripping from the corner of his mouth. How could any woman find him attractive? I mean I know him and Macon are identical but God! I sat down and stretched my arms across the table.

"Where’s Ezell?" I yawned.

"He said that he had errands to run again." Dawn took another spoonful of his cereal.

"So...where's Macon?" He smiled even more at me now. I could just throw that cereal in his face.

"Looking for lover boy huh? I would think you'd know." I rolled my eyes at him and walked to the kitchen. I smoothed down my hair as I saw it in the mirror. it was a dead giveaway as to what happened last night. I'm sure that’s why Dawn was smiling. The front door opened and I ran to it but it was just Ezell.

"Oh." I said and walked back to the kitchen.

"Oh?" Ezell said coming into the kitchen. "No 'Good morning, Ezell.' or 'How are you?"

"Our Elleon is having a Macon withdrawal." Dawn joked."

"Shut up Dawn." I said rising from the table and going back to my room. I picked up my clothes off the floor and a paper fell out of my pocket. I picked it up and read it. It was the directions to The Blue Star. I had nearly forgotten I was suppose to go there tonight. I folded the paper up and stuck it under some clothes in my drawer. I washed up, changed my clothes and put note back in my pocket.

"I'm going do some more work, I'll be back later. And Dawn, don't sit around here and do nothing. We are here to work!" I said before walking out of the door. I had to be at the club at seven at my watch read 12:31 so I had to kill time. Just then my stomach growled which, I guess, the way right now is to eat something. Luckily for me there was a McDonalds close to home. I ordered me a Quarter Pounder that didn't quit taste the ones in America but I'm not complaining. I sat outside to eat and gave Macon a call on his cell. Of course the bastard didn't answer so I felt a message. After all that hassle my watch read 2:09. Shit, still time to kill so I got up and decided to go to the Tokyo Bay. It was really pretty out there and it took me a minute to get that so that ought to kill some serious time. I was walking along the walkway when the guy who passed me ever so rudely bumped the hell out me. And to top of that crap he didn't even apologize.

"You could have said excuse me! Dumbass!" I yelled out at him but he kept walking. I checked myself to see if anything was stolen. Nothing, he was just a rude son of a bitch. I looked back in his direction but he was already gone. I couldn't shake this weird feeling I had about that guy, he was just weird. I looked back at my watch and it was 5:14, time to go.


"Hey babe you made it, huh?" Jun said to me.

"I said I would, didn’t I." I replied back. I hadn't told Macon or Dawn what I had planned. Not that wanted to tell Macon anyway cause we go in a fight over the phone about thirty minutes before I got here.

"Elle?"Jun called to me.

"What?" I said.

"You okay, huh? I called you twice times?" For a Japanese guy his English was pretty good.

"Nothing I'm just a little distracted."

"Well you can let go off it now,huh. So umm go get dressed, yeah." he said happily. Dressed?! For what?! Well I got my answer when a tiny little gangster girl outfit thrown at me by this woman who looks like she's been back here all her life.

"Get dress already!" she yelled at me and walked off mumbling something in Japanese. I put it on and I actually looked like myself. I had a gun holster and everything. The shoe I didn't like so much but the skirt and top was hot. Especially with my kind of body. I let my hair down, put on my hat and went to serve. I tried hard to keep track of any guy that looked suspicious but that's kind of hard when men are constantly grabbing your ass! And I still couldn't find this so called Big shot Jun said was coming. To be honest, I couldn't even fid the damn V.I.P it was dim in here, but that was about to change once I heard what Jun was saying.

"We have a new comer tonight and you know what new comers have to do huh?"

"Dance, dance!" all the men chanted and the spot light was on me, literally.

"Uh, no thank you."I said meekly and grabbed the glass next to me.

"Our little Gangster Girl is shy, huh?"Jun said and I glared at him. No way in hell was I getting up there. Then everyone, including the other dancers where cheering me on and some guy picked me up and put me on the stage. I must have called him every curse word in the book but he just laughed.

"Jun, what is this?" I whispered to him. My voice like venom.

"It's business, huh." and with that him and the other dancers left, leaving me on stage to look out at a bunch of horny old men. The music started and I had no choice but to dance. It was easier than I had though. With all the fight I do, holding my own on the poll was nothing. And I must have been doing pretty good cause I heard I lot of cheers and bills flying everywhere. I’d say that's pretty damn good for a girl who still had her clothes on. Just to give them a little something though I threw of my hat. And some guys actually fought over it! I could get used to this. I could hardly see with all the spinning but someone caught my eye. Well, not really someone but their eyes caught mine. No freaking way, it was the demon from the alley! Not exactly like I saw him that day, now he had on a business suite. I looked a little closer and from what I could tell, he was in the V.I.P. He was the Big shot! I looked at him again and he was still watching me not even bothered with the ladies in there with him. Which is the least I could say about the guys who were with him.

My music finally stopped and I was free from the stage. I took my bow but before I went to the back I gave that demon one last look.

"Elle." Jun said walking back there.

"You where good, un. You should you know makes this a you know job, un."

"I think I'll pass." I said looking at my closing my phone. Dawn had just sent me a text on some info on Jose and naturally I didn't want Jun to see.

"Listen, Elle normally this doesn’t happen but um you know our high roller tonight is requesting you in the V.I.P. I mean just you."

"Just me?" I said a little nervous. Bu the again with the info Dawn just gave me this guy might can help. Hopefully he's a good guy. "Okay point the way." I said with as much confidence I could muster.


"Funny, I never pictured you as a businessman." I said as I finished my lap dance. I would have been happier standing in my corner talking to him but I knew Jun was starting to suspect something by the way he looked at me.

"I never pictured you as a stripper." he said back to me as I slide myself down his legs.

"I'm not one," I said coming back up "I'm on business." I straddled his hips so that we where face to face. I grabbed his hands and put them on my waist.

"Look, if we are going to try and make this look like I actually came here to this you are going to have to participate."I said as seriously as I could when looking directly in such beautiful eyes.

"I am obligated to no such thing." he said with no particular expression on his face. I rolled my eyes and leaned back so that I was stretched out on his lap and was surprised to feel his hands move from my waist to the small of my back and pull me up so hard that my face almost hit his.

"What where you doing in that alley?"he demanded from me. He was so close I could feel his breath on my lips. It took me a few minutes to register what he said but finally I got my brain back.

"I should be asking you the same question." I said with narrow eyes. I turned my face from his and started dancing again with small grins but he stopped me as soon as I started.

"As the question." he demanded again. Like hell he was getting an answer out of me.

"You know among other questions unanswered you never told me what you did to that guy or who exactly the hell you are. So before we go investigating me, how about you start answering some damn questions." It was my turn to start demanding things. He didn't say anything but I swear I almost saw a smirk on his face. We stared at each other a while then he finally said,

"My name is Sesshomaru and I killed him. And now it is time you started answering my questions."

"I told you I was on business but maybe you could help me. I'm looking for someone. A man name Jose. He came out here for some business or so I was told. But I just go some new from one of my partners that the guy he's hooked up's name Naraku or something like that." at the mention of that name Sesshomaru seemed to go stiff and he looked almost anger.

"You know him don't you?" I asked and he pushed me off of his lap. He stopped at the doorway and turned to look at me.

"If Naraku is involved, I suggest you get out of it now." and before I could ask why he left.

"Shit!" I said when I couldn't find him. I went to the back, changed my clothes and left. No soon as I walked out of the door he was be hide me. I knew it was him for some reason I could just sense him.

"Trust me." was all Sesshomaru whispered in my ear and he slid something in my jeans pocket before just disappearing. I stood studded for a minute. What the hell was wrong with me? I could a demon of whom I've only met once make me feel so...I can even find a word for it. I reached in my pocket and pulled out the folded piece of paper. It was pretty thick. When I opened it money was inside it a note that said:"You give a good lap dance for someone who is not a stripper." I smiled and gently folded the paper up and put it in my pocket. I was about to walk on when a phone rang. I looked at my phone on my hip then looked in my purse. Sure enough there was a phone in there.


"Elle, it’s a pleasure to finally speak with you." the voice on the other end didn't sound like Jose's. No, it was defiantly not Jose.

"Who is this?" I demanded looking around me. He laughed before answering.

"Forgive my rudeness my name is Naraku. I do believe I am who you are looking for yes?" I didn't answer, I didn't breath, I didn't move. The very person I needed to find Jose was now on the phone with me.

"I'm sure Jose wouldn't approve of us having this little chat." I finally said

"You do not need to worry about that. He doesn’t have a choice but not to mind. But if I were you I would worry about Macon." and he hung up.
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