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All Is Well.

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Frankie gets busted, and Gee's still having trouble. But as they say, love conquers all...

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I woke up alone in my bedroom. For a minute I panicked, thinking me and Frankie and gotten drunk and fucked the previous night. The second part was true. But where was Frankie? The couch was neat, and clean, and Frankie-free. Then I panicked again. What if he left? What if he hates me? “Shit.” I muttered, climbing out of bed and starting for the stairs, and then stopping, realising I was naked. That’d be a great sight for Mikey. I rubbed my eyes, ran my fingers through my hair and took a deep breath. “Calm down, fucker.” I whispered to myself, walking over to my dresser. And then a peculiar thing happened. I got a craving. It hit me like a sack of fucking bricks. I clamped my eyes shut and felt around for clothes, finding a random pair of briefs, not knowing or caring whether they were due for a wash, and then finding a pair of jeans. I opened my eyes and looked at my hands, which were shaking like crazy. I wrapped them around my shoulders and clutched myself tightly, tapping my foot. “Fuck, Fuck…” I whispered to myself furiously, looking around frantically for a shirt. I quickly spotted a shirt and picked it up and put it on inside-out, and ran up the stairs, tripping twice. “Frankie!” I called, trying to ignore my aching head, and dry mouth. For one night, I had forgot I was a recovering alcoholic, and it was coming back. I ran to the fridge and pulled out the carton of orange juice, and drained the whole thing. My hands were still shaking, so I thought a shower would be the best thing. I walked down the hall, to the bathroom. The door was closed, but not locked, and I opened it and walked straight in, and was horrified by what I saw. “Frankie?” I whispered. He was bent over the toilet with his fingers down his throat. “Frankie… How…” I couldn’t finish my sentence as another craving hit me. Frankie looked up at me with wide eyes and trembling hands and stumbled over a sentence slowly “I…Sick…Gee…Can…” And finished by bowing his head. “Whatever, get out. I need to have a shower.” He nodded and scrambled to the door. I stepped into the shower and stood under the searing hot water, waiting for the dizziness, the anxiety and pain of withdrawal to leave me.

I sat in the hallway, next to the bathroom, where I had been, throwing up, a few short minutes ago. I heard the water running and assumed Gerard was taking a shower. He had walked in just as I had been tickling my tonsils. I was mortified, but Gerard just told me to leave. He didn’t seem that angry… He looked sick or something. So I left, and there I was, in the hallway, biting my nails and feeling sick. I didn’t want to ruin everything I had built with Gerard, especially last night… I didn’t do it often.. Make myself throw up… It’s just, Mama Donna made me eat this huge breakfast and I felt sick. Not fat, or ugly, just sick. Not that Mikey would believe it when he found out. The water jolted to a stop, making me jump up and scurry down to the basement to think of an explanation to offer when Gee came in. I jumped the stair two at a time and sat on the couch, thinking. In a few minutes, Gerard came down, clad only in jeans and a towel around his shoulders. “Hey.” He said coldly. “Hi… Are you okay? You looked upset before…” I offered timidly. “Yeah I’m fine… I woke up funny…. Felt really fucked up.” He replied, drying his hair with the towel. “Gerard, I can explain… I felt really sick, you know what Mama Donna’s like with food…” He said nothing, but nodded. “Are you sure? You can tell me Frankie. I haven’t seen you eat in forever… Mikey was talking…” I looked up “Gerard, you’ve been conscious a big 48 hours, before that I could have been fucking Ray in a fluro BDSM outfit and you wouldn’t have noticed.” As soon as the words left my mouth I clasped a hand over it, shocked. Gerard looked really hurt. “Gerard. I’m really sorry…I-“ He laughed bitterly, cutting me off and saying “No. You know what Frankie? You’re right. You wanna know what was really wrong? I wanted a drink. My body was screaming at me for a fucking drink. That’s why I was upset.” I shrugged “Gerard, you can’t help that. It’s all apart of getting sober. It doesn’t happen overnight, and you can’t feel guilty about a few cravings…. But, you didn’t drink, did you?” He shot a disgusted look at me “Of course I didn’t.” Then his expression softened a bit and he said tenderly “Come here. I’m sorry… I think we can forgive each other and forget about this morning. Hey- We both completely forgot about last night” He added, a grin creeping across his beautiful face. “Oh Gerard I couldn’t forget it in a thousand fucking years.” We hugged each other tightly, and then sat on his bed. “Where’s Mikey?” He asked. “Getting Bob from the airport. Ray went home to see his mom again for a while but he’ll be back around 3.” I said. He hugged me again and pulled me into a long, passionate kiss. “I love you…” he whispered when we parted. He still sounded nervous, or unsure, and I giggled and said “I love you too. But that brings up a question… Are we like, dating?” He looked thoughtful for a second and then said “I actually don’t know. Think the guys and our parents would handle it? I mean, it’s not like we never will, but maybe we should-“ I smiled and said “Take things slow?” He nodded happily “Yeah something like that. So… What are we gonna do till Mikey and Ray get home?” I winked and said “I can think of a few things.” He rolled his eyes and pushed me off the bed “Settle down Frankie… Shit, you’re first gay fuck less than 6 hours ago and you already want more.” I blushed and looked down, but his hand gently pushed my face up by my chin, and he leaned in to kiss me again softly. “Lets go out. Shopping? We can get food and shit and have a mini all-the-guys-at-home party.” I said. He nodded and walked to his dresser, pulling out a random shirt and pulling it over his head. He walked to the foot of the stairs, grinning and cried “Lets make a move, Franklineeee!”

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