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The Odd Pair

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What happens when the two most weird boys are put together for a project? Gerard Way/wiL Francis pairing.First story so i'm sorry if it's poo.Read and Review so you can tell me if I should continue...

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Gerards Perspective

Riiiiinnng! The bell finally rang after counting down the minutes since I first sat down in Maths.
'Class dismissed and remember to hand in coursework next Monday when you come here for second period. It is very important that you do as it counts towards your final grade...' Mr Solomons voice was like an irritating buzzing sound in my head, droning on about shut we have already been told but never take notice of. Next class in the class that makes my school life thankfully liveable: Art. Art is the only lesson where I can truly express myself by putting it into my drawings. Most of the time I draw things that I love, which can range from my favourite comic book characters to anything to do with my obsessions with death and revenge. Drawing is the thing that keeps me sane. It lets me let out things that i've always wanted to do, like horriffically torturing and savagely killing 99.9% of the people in my classes, teachers included, into my drawings. Crazy as it sounds, but it's true. Finally, Mr Solomon finished up his lecture and let us free. I zoomed out of the classroom like I had a rocket up my ass and headed straight for Art block.

Hordes of people were pushing and shoving through the corridors while I tried to make my way through them. I was nearly through the big crowd of people when I collided with someoone and stumbled over. I looked up and my eyes were met with a tall blonde muscly guy, his face twisted into an angry scowl. Tom the Jock.
'Watch out where you're going Gerry!' he shouted once he grabbed me up by my hoodie, spit flying unattractively in my face.
'It's Gerard..' I murmured, not sure if i should have pointed this out at this precise moment in time. But I was sick of people who should know my name by now, unless they were completly retarded, calling me 'Gerry'. I mean, it can't be that fucking hard to learn the name of a guy who has been in their class for the past four years! He finally let go of me and pushed me with quite a bit of force. And he is pretty strong, it must make up for the lack of braincells he has. He then looked at me like I was a smear of dog turd on his expensive footwear. Which, to him, I probably was.
'Whatever loser, but if you dare as even touch me again, you'll be playing a game of ring-a-round the ambulance, you hear me? he threatened me in a don't-fuck-with-me tone. I merely nodded. He gave me one last look of disgust, and stalked off.

When I arrived to Art, I was still there before anyone apart from William. Or wiL, as he spelt on his exercise books, not ever taking notice of the teachers who lecture him about it everytime he gets a new book. wiL was probably the most strange boy I have ever met. Maybe it's because he reminds me of me. He has long-ish black hair, eyes that shifted from brown to green in a certain light and he has a grunge-y clothing style. And, of course, he has tatoos as he is known to people as 'The Tatooed Boy'.He is probably the only other person, apart from me, who people don't know the name of. Every art lesson I would check out what band tee he is wearing, as he wears a different band tee each lesson. Today it is a misfits tee. I must admit, the guy has an impeccable taste in music. When he looked up from the spot he had been staring at, he glanced at me and nodded, like he does every lesson. I gave him a half smile, but he had already looked away. We both stood there in silence as we waited for Mr Walker to arrive. I darted my eyes across the hall, not exactly sure where to look but then I found my eyes set on wiL. He looked a bit tense as he stood there stiffly, one of his tattooed hands gripping tightly onto his messenger bag as his eyes were fixated on a spot on the ground near my feet. He is always very quiet...always in his own world, far away from reality. Another thing we have in common. Apart from drawing, the other I do to keep me sane is daydreaming. It is very much like drawing, in the sense that I can do what I want when I daydream like I can when I draw without anything getting in the way as it's in your own control. Nothing can stop you like right and wrong or the fact that you don't have the physical ability to do certain things in reality. That's what is so good about dreams and drawing. You can make anything happen. It is very therapeutic, better than any shitty counsellor asking you a thousand times 'And how do you feel about that?'. Trust me, I've been there. Mr Walker was then suddenly there in front of me unlocking the classroom door, cheeks red and panting.
'Sorry i'm late everyone, there was an emergency meeting with the head.' He garbled out in between taking in deep gulpfuls of oxygen. I looked behind me and saw the faces of people in my class chatting amongst themselves, not even remembering hearing their arrival. You see what I mean about being in my own world?

wiL's Perspective

Once I sat down in my seat, I lifted my bag onto the table, got out my sketchbook and pencil case and put the bag down under my desk and waited for the lesson to begin. Mr Walker stood up from his desk and looked at each person individually with a look that said 'Be quiet, because I am going to announce something for you to do'. He is the only person I know who could communicate through facial expressions. It's fucking scary. Everyone had quietened down, waiting for him to tell us what ever he has planned.
'Righ class, for the next few weeks I am going to set a project for you to do. I am going to put you with someone that you don't usually talk to and I want you to find out as much about eachother as you can for the first couple of weeks, and then for the last week or so, I want you to draw a portrait that expresses what that other person you are working with is about. You couls show what your partner is interested in by drawing his or her interests or you could show their personality traits through the portrait. For example, if the person is loud and bubbly you could make it colourful and striking. Do whatever you feel to express what that other person is like. Okay here are the pairs...'
Great. Fan-fucking-tastic. Now my favourite subject has become as hideous as every other. Just because the twat known as my teacher feels he has to torture us by most likely putting us with someone who will make the next few weeks a misery. Which, for me, is everyone in this class. Well, Gerard is okay. Hell, he's more than okay but i highly doubt Mr Wanker (my newly found name for him) will put the two top pupils together.
'Quiet everyone, and listen to hear who your partner will be.'
'Sandra Amies and Natasha Ryan'. Squeal.
'Amy Brown and Harry Dennis'. Groan.
'Lucy Crowter and Samantha Jones'. Hiss.
Kayleigh Deeson and Liam Robertson'. Laughter.
'William Francis and Gerard Way'. Silence....WHAT THE FUCK?

Authors Note:
Okay so there you go. I apologise if this is really crappy but if you tell me how I could improve it and give me some tips on where you think i should go from here, feel free i insist. No, really i do.Criticism is welcome, just don't do it in a bitchy way please.I will only continue if you think i should so please review or I won't carry on. Thank you! :]
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