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Awkward Silences and Pointless Facts

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''Erm, hey i'm William Francis, but call me wil'' And, all the sudden, it was as if all my worries and fears were washed away, like a flip-flop lost through the layers of waves, because it was then...

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Gerards Perspective

''Okay guys, now that you know who your partner is, I'd like you to go and sit with them and just have a chat for this lesson.'' Mr Walker said and sat back down in his seat flicking through some paperwork on his desk. So, i guess I was working with wiL. Which, to be honest, sent a rush of relief through my body like an asprin numbs a raging headache. I mean, everyone in this classroom, apart from wiL, is a complete fucktard and I know that if I was put with anyone else, I would have had to put up with being called 'Gerry' for the next few weeks. That's if I hadn't murdered them in 10 different ways by then. I looked over at wiL, wondering if he was gonna come over to my table or if he expected me to walk over to mine. His face was portraying a mix of emotions. Relief,confusion,shock and...was that nervousness? Nah, it can't be. I mean, i'm Gerard Way, the dude who is possibly even weirder than him! But then again, whenever I look at wiL, he has the oddest facial expressions masking his face. Well, it's only wiL, it's not like he'll bite so i guess i'll stop the tension between us by walking over to him. I got up from my seat, grabbed my bag and sketchbook off the desk, and made my way over to him.

wiLs Perspective

Fuck, he's coming over. Well, at least It'll stop the continuous questions flowing through my head like a bad case of tourettes. Examples of them are;
''Shit, should I go over to him, or wait for him to come to me?''
''His face is kind of scrunched up, he doesn't want to work with me,does he?!?''
''What should I say? Hey how you doing? Nah that's sounds gay..''
''Should I carry on keeping eye contact with him, or should I look away?''
His face looked kinda wary as he approached my desk. Once he was next to the desk he hesitated a little and looked down at me, his feet shifting from side to side like he's not sure if he should sit down in the empty seat or stand where he is. Finally, after an uncomfortable minute of wondering what to say, Gerard finally spoke.
''So, can i sit down in thhe seat?'', finally his hazel eyes colliding with mine. Were his eyes really hazel? 'Cause sometimes they look a light chocolate brown colour yet other times they were the same colour as my neighbours lush lawn in the middle of July. Gerards face then came across as a bit wary, or most probably freaked out from me staring at him for the last 30 seconds. Way to go for a good impression wiL. My mouth then went on auto pilot and I found myself actually managing to say a string of coherent words to him.
''Yeah of course,erm,sorry..'' I managed, as i pulled out the chair for him. He gave me a shaky smile and I quickly looked away, praying to god he hasn't seen the blush that has creeped up my neck. He sat down and set his sketchbook and penicl case down on the desk. It was silent, apart from the ongoing chattering going on between the pupils around us which I couldn't hear above the uncertaintity of my conscience talking to me in my head. Should I start the conversation between us to break the awkward silence? Or maybe he just didn't want to talk to me...
Hell, we're gonna have to talk sometime so i might aswell get it over with like ripping a band aid of a week old cut.I cleared my throat and went for the kill.
''So, i guess we're gonna be working together for the next few weeks..'' As soon as that jumble of words came out my mouth, i winced. Way to point out the obvious, genius! He's gonna think i'm a right dumbass now. But, suprisingly, he just smiled at me, a smile that stopped my breathing and shut up my conscience in my head altogether.
''Yeah, i guess so..'' he agreed, ''Anyways, we may aswell start from the beginning, hi i'm Gerard Way.'' He greeted me, his hand stuck out in front of me ready from me to shake it. I had to laugh at that and returned the favour.
''Erm, hey i'm William Francis, but call me wil'' And, all the sudden, it was as if all my worries and fears were washed away, like a flip-flop lost through the layers of waves, because it was then that I knew that it was going to be fine.

Gerards Perspective

25 minutes later and I had found out more things about William Francis that I had learnt about myself in my whole lifetime. But it still felt like he was holding back on something that he was unwilling to tell me. But it's not like i expected me and wiL to become BFF's in the last 15 minutes. No way. I had explained things about myself to him, yet there is no way i would ever tell him my most personal confessions to him...
So, let me explain things I had found put about wiL Francis, bulliten style:
.His favourite bands are Nirvana,Misfits,Red Hot Chilli Peppers,The Smiths,NOFX, Bad Religion...would explain his never-ending choice of bad tees.
.He lives with his mum who he doesn't really get on with, and his dad walked out on him when he was 3.
.He loves cigarettes along with alcohol. Another thing we have in common.
.He says he's a 'total dork' (his words, not mine) as his some of his favourite things are D&D, Star Wars. Which led to a massive discussion about favourite Star Wars episodes and an arguement at who's the best D&D characters. Which was funny as hell.
.He's currently in a metal band called 'Youth at Risk'.
And a lot more other bits of information that I haven't absorbed yet. To be honest, it was the best conversation I have had in so long that I can't remember. For that amount of time me and wiL were telling eachother pointless facts about eachother, all my worries and shit that I have clogging up my brain that I usually block out with alcohol drained out of me. For 15 minutes, I was Gerard Way, a normal boy having a funny discussion with a normal, maybe a little strange, boy. And it felt really good. We were know sat back in our chairs, digesting all the information we spilled out to eachother, which left a silence. But it wasn't awkward like before. It was a comfortable silence that finished off the conversation perfectly. A few minutes later, Mr Walker stood up from his chair and cleared his throat loud enough that everyone automatically shut up and looked up at him, alert for what he was going to say.
''Okay, so I'm guessing that you have found out an awful lot of stuff about eachother from the amount of talking that has been going on for the last 25 minutes, and i'm hoping that you haven't just been chatting about the latest barbie or action man or whatever it is that you lot talk about'' Everyone was looking at him vacantly.
''I was joking...anyways... for next lesson, which is on Wednesday, I want you to have learnt a lot more about eachother, so much that the your partner is the only thing you see when you go to sleep'' I turned to wiL smirking, when I saw that he was looking at his sketchbook very intently, cheeks turning a slight shade of pink. He's probably just a bit hot, i'm starting to burn up a little bit to thinking about it. Then Mr Walkers voice caught my ear.
'' go round eachothers house, just to see the type of environment that they live in. Explore there room, meet their parents. Also, jot notes down that could help you. Remember, to get that grade A, you're gonna have to know the inside out of the person you are working with. Anyone not understand me?'' He was met to the sound of silence. He breathed out and smiled
''Good, well lesson finishes early today as there is an important meeting for some of the teachers so I'll see you on Wednesday and I expect you to know eachother 10x more than you know eachother now.Class dismissed.''
I turned to wiL who looked over at me and looked as if he was gonna say something but then decided not to as he closed his mouth so suddenly. All the sudden, the awkwardness that went away earlier had come back and I found myself worrying about what I was going to say. And I even felt..could it be embarrassment? I mean, this stupid, it's only wiL Francis, yet I found my heart was banging against my chest harder than ever before. Even more than when I was manhandled by Tom the Jock this morning. Just as I was going over this insanity in my head, Mr Walker walked over to our desk with a confused expression.
'Guys, I said you were dismissed about 5 minutes ago and I need to get the the hall ASAP...why haven't you left yet you two are usually the first ones to be out of this classroom?'' I looked at wiL who had a blank look on his face but I could see his hands were gripping the desk like he was before class. Then half a second later, wiL came out with a totally random, yet curious question.
''Sir, why did you put me and Gerard together?''
Mr Walker then looked at him, looking a bit surprised, but then a knowing smile covered it.
''Because I really think you two doing this project together will have an amazing outcome. You two, I'd say, are probably the most talented young artists I have come across In a long time. And I really hope from this experience, a friendship will occur between the two of you as I think you have a lot more in common than you think.'' And with that, he looked at his watch as his eyebrows furrowed togther and started rushing towards the door.
''Guys, I really need to go now so i guess you could say that I'm kicking you out.'' He smiled as me and wiL put our stuff in our bags and headed out the classroom while Mr Walker held the door open for us. He locked the door and was out of sight before I could even blink. I slowly turned my head towards wiL just as he spoke.

wiLs Perspective

''Just so you know, I don't want you to come round my house.'' I guess you could say i put it bluntly, but it was the truth. It's not that I wanted Gerard in particular to not come round my house, i didn't want \anyone to come round my house. I didn't want him to meet my mother who hates my guts, which I return the favour with interest, and i didn't want him to come into my room which smelled like a cannabis factory and I will not let him explore my room and come across all my fucked up drawings of corpses of the people i hated or my drawings of me bloodily killing each one of them in so many psychotic ways that if anyone saw them, they'd send me to the loony bin in a straightjacket. And I will most deffinetly, even if that meant i'd have to put a bullet in my head, not let him see the drawings I have done of him. All these reasons would cause him to hate me, and I couldn't bear that. So i'm not being a complete and utter douchebag, i'm doing this to protect him from knowing all my shit. My eyes met with gerard's and I might aswell have kicked a fucking puppy and ran it over with a monster truck. He was biting on his bottom lip avoiding my gaze and muttered a ''Kay, if that's what you want..''
''Look Gerard, it's not you, I just don't want anyone to come to my house end of.'' I decided that he might have taken that the wrong way so I sad it in a soft tone. He then asked me the question that I had been mentally begging him to ask.
''Well...if you don't have to if you don't want to...but i figured that you could come over to mine to look around my house?'' It was a question rather than a statement so I answered with a smile and said;
''Sure I'd love to.''

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